February 17, 2010

The Wilders/EDL final solution...

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Here's an interesting proposal that you might have missed, apparently from the Dutch Freedom Party's Geert Wilders, he of the golden locks and rabid Islamophobia. Wilders suggests nuking Mecca as a 'rational deterrent to radical Islamists bent on using weapons of mass destruction against America and the west'.

Wilders' rationale for such an action - if there could be said to BE any rationale at all - is that Muslim's would find their faith so shattered by such an event that they would cease to be the problem that he perceives them to be to the future of the known universe.

Personally, it's a long time since I've heard anything quite so patently lunatic, but I would have expected the Muslim world to be galvanised into similarly lunatic responses instantly and possibly endlessly, and frankly, who could blame them?

Naturally, there are supporters of the idea and, on this occasion, it's members of the English Defence League - or at least, members of the EDL's forum. Here are a few responses:
'without getting all philosophical or going into numerous negatives as to why we shouldn't & scaremongering with the typical left-wing 'consequences' speeches........I'm all for it, my own personal studies into terrorism and guerrilla warfare is that the type of people we are up against only understand power, force, brute strength.'

'I'm not making this big speech on we gotta get real tough and nasty but initially in Iraq we we're treated with dubious respect by the locals, but as soon as the majority of the anti-westerner's see with their own two eyes just how soft we we're towards them {from their viewpoint}, the liberty's towards our troops started....'

'unfortunately force is something that some people understand more than others..'

'Nuke em all thats what I say.'

'I can't see the muzzies in this country going quietly into the night if we blew the crap out of that s**thole. But one well placed submarine would make it very difficult to find out who launched it...'

'I say the only way we will find out what will happen is to give it a try!'

'The best way to do this job, would be to pack a Boeing747 with high explosives and fly the plane by remote control right into the middle of mecca during the height of the hajj. I know that there is a flight restriction over mecca, but by the time the alarm was raised it would probably be to late. Remember the twin towers. Just fly it over as a normal shedualed flight. A 747 could carry one hell of a lot of explosives and the just deny any knowlege. Just another airline disaster. The effect would be apsolutly caterstrophic.'
The EDL claims not to be racist but simply opposed to extremism. One wonders then how it can justify allowing posts on its forum that advocate destroying millions of completely innocent members of a faith of which they disapprove, that just happens to be one practised mainly by immigrants and the children of immigrants.

Or perhaps the EDL is just what we've been saying it is all along - a bunch of violent racist nutters.

Thanks to gah gah for the heads-up.


NewsHound said...



Anonymous said...

Most surely this should ensure Wilders is barred from entering the UK, as is Louis Farrakhan.

Come on Mister Home Secretary, pull your finger out and ban the motherf*cking EDL as well!

billy blue said...

The edl ARE hardcore nazis. No two ways about it.

Excellent article!

dotdash said...

Hopefully the EDL's approval of Wilders most sickening and vile genocidal racism will get this street-fighting non-electable neo-Nazi organisation banned under anti-terrorism laws.

Now we know why they make Hitler salutes at their rallies.

No wander the BNP won't offically link up with the EDL (although they do in private), the EDL are more extreme neo-Nazis than the BNP.

Anonymous said...

The EDL are white supremacist terrorists.

Searchlight Fan said...

Hope SEARCHLIGHT are doing more research about the EDL exposing them from the inside, to let the world know how Hitlerlite these scumbag neo-Nazis are!!!

Anonymous said...

Ban the EDL!!!!!!

Tone said...

If Islam4UK were banned for hecking a handful of soldiers in Luton, and planning to do the same in Wootten Bassett, why the hell isn't this enough to get the EDL made illegal also?

Seems like one law for the far right, and another for Islamic extremists.

This sucks!

Smash The EDL said...

The American "free-speechwallahs" of YouTube are allowing plenty of EDL and Wilders fans to repeat their calls for Muslims to be murdered in a nuclear holocaust.

This race-hate video is one of the most hate-filled threads on YouTube.


Fuckin' Google should be ashamed of themselves.

If I had lots of money, I'd buy up YouTube, change the terms of service, and say fuck you to the stupid pro-nqazi American constitution, banning racist comments from YouTube, and importantly the racists themselves and the IP Addresses, passing on details to police forces around the world!

paula said...

Most sickening.

This shows the world that the EDL are indeed nazis.

A recent EDL podcast included racist comments not just against Muslims, also, but against Jewish and Black People. A harcore National Socialist poster on the EDL Forum calls himself "COONS OUT!"

Anti-EDL said...

The anti-Islam English Defence League, which caused violence in Stoke-on-Trent city centre last month, is planning to head to Northern Ireland for the traditional 12 July parades to “kick some Fenian ass” as they quite racistly put it.

pat said...

Jim Dowson is lending his facilities to the Ulster Defence League so it can take part in Loyalist parades to bring more violence to the proceedings against Republican protestors.

Anonymous said...

The thread at the EDL forum has since been deleted - whether this is becuase the EDL bigwigs were genuinely repulsed by it, or simply afraid of backlash, is not clear.

If anyone needs proof that the discussion did indeed take place, simply register at the EDL forum (it's members only) and do a search for "nuke" or "Mecca" - since deleted posts still turn up on the search engine, you can see snippets of Wilder's original post and the replies from his fans.

I've taken some screengrabs - see for yourself:


To be fair, not everyone at the forum agreed with Wilders - but it seems that the majority did.

Antifascist said...

'I've taken some screengrabs'

Excellent - and we've pinched one to illustrate the article, thanks.

Anonymous said...

I wasn't aware that the Netherlands possesses nuclear weapons. Whoever Wilders gets to fight his battles for him might not think it a good idea to nuke so many oil reserves. Pakistan has the bomb however so if Wilders wants to pick a fight with a Muslim country I'd like to see him do so with Pakistan and see what state his hair is in afterwards.

Anonymous said...

"Jim Dowson is lending his facilities to the Ulster Defence League so it can take part in Loyalist parades to bring more violence to the proceedings against Republican protestors."

I didn't realise there was an Ulster Defence League. It's a whole different ball game over there compared to the mainland and a group with a name like the UDL will invite serious trouble from all sections of the community (rival Loyalist and Hardline Republican).

Anonymous said...

Ugghh....I feel like taking a shower after reading that!

Tel said...

Some good articles on here recently.