February 20, 2010

'National Front' attack on home

An Indian couple living in the Waterside area of the city have been targeted in a late night racist attack.

The couple, who asked not to be named, awoke to find ‘NF’ and ‘Out’ daubed on their front door, black paint poured over their car and three of its tyres slashed. The incident took place in the early hours of Tuesday morning. Speaking about the attack the householder also revealed that, on occasions, the family car has had stones thrown at it as they drove through the estate.

On the latest incident, she said: “My husband awoke to find the ‘NF Out’ sign painted on the kitchen window to the front of out home. When he went outside to investigate, he saw they had also slashed three tyres on the car. I’m very scared as my husband and I work opposite shifts. I can’t even walk home from work on my own anymore. I just don’t feel safe here anymore. We are already looking into moving out of the area.”

The woman, who moved to the area 18 months ago, was full of praise for her neighbours following the attack.

“The neighbours helped us remove the paint and clean the windows and the PSNI have been very helpful following the attack” she said. “The crime prevention officer was very kind to us. To be honest, the neighbours have been good to us and the car is perfect now.”

Police confirmed they were investigating damage caused to the house and car. A spokeperson said: “The incident is being treated as racially motivated and police would appeal for anyone who was in the area and saw suspicious activity to contact Strand Road police station.”

The telephone number to call with any information is 0845 600 8000. Alternatively information can be passed on anonymously through the 'Crimestoppers' charity on freephone 0800555111.

Londonderry Sentinel


sal said...

BBC Look North were giving plenty of sickening pro-fascist coverage on last night's broadcast, speaking to people who were switching from the BNP to the NF (also Chris Beverley), allowing them to defend their views of racism, using licence-fee money to big-up neo-Nazis.

Auntie Fash said...

The NF must be watched now they are poised to take over from the BNP.

Cyclops had his chips, but sadly British Fascism has just switched its allegiance from one party to another.

Anonymous said...

"The NF must be watched now they are poised to take over from the BNP"

This isn't entirely unfanciful. Griffin conciously copied the French National Front of Jean Marie Le Pen from 1999. After Le Pen's high point in the Presidential run-off versus Chirac, the French NF (which always admitted ethnic members) is now near collapse. Griffin and the BNP may go the same way after May and the NF will step into the breech with a more violent and street-orientated approach.