February 18, 2010

The BNP's PPC for Alyn and Deeside speaks out on membership rule changes

John Walker, of Crossways, Mancot, said he understood why their policy had to be changed and would welcome those from ethnic minorities who wished to join, but said there is no other party that represents and is solely for the ‘indigenous population of Great Britain’.

The 47-year-old said it was action by a ‘Labour-sponsored government quango’ which is trying to ‘bankrupt the party’ which forced them to change admission criteria. He added: “They haven’t taken a similar action against the National Front for having an all-white membership.”

The father of two said: “It is a shame that we couldn’t afford to fight it in the courts.”

Mr Walker is no stranger to politics. He ran in the European elections in 2004, ran for Westminster for Wrexham in 2005 and has also ran for Cardiff Central for the Welsh Assembly. Most recently he has worked as a European parliamentary assistant to BNP leader and MEP Nick Griffin and MEP Andrew Brons and as a press officer for the BNP.

Mr Walker, who currently sits on Hawarden Community Council, said although immigration was a big issue his other policies were important. He said: “I think people are concerned about inappropriate planning projects. They want to see development on brownfield sites rather than greenfield and they want to see more affordable homes for local young people. They are also concerned about health policy. We are losing links with the specialist hospitals over the border. Patients are being transferred further away for medical treatment rather than using the hospitals and facilities which are on our doorstep.”

But Alyn and Deeside’s current Labour MP Mark Tami said: “It’s an amazing comment for him to make, particularly as he’s the BNP’s national press officer, and it just shows the two-faced nature of the BNP. On one hand we’ve got Nick Griffin saying it’s something the party should have done a long time ago, and on the other we have Mr Walker saying they’re only paying lip service to the law and they don’t believe in it at all.”

Flintshire Chronicle


Anonymous said...

Do you remember the BBC's 'Inside the BNP' doc of 5 years ago? Mark Collett was filmed at a meeting in a rented room above a pub (do the BNP hold meetings anywhere else?!) stating, "Let's show ethnics the door in 2004".

Can you imagine an ethnic BNP member clapping that?!

Shergar said...

Mister Horse Porn (John Walker) should know who is really is "‘bankrupting the party’