February 11, 2010

BNP's Lie Lorry zooms around Lancaster...

The BNP's Clive 'Am I drooling again?' Jefferson
A couple of days ago, Lancaster was treated to an extremely brief glimpse of the BNP's Lie Lorry as it zoomed around the city centre and back off to the motorway at high speed.

In the very short time it was passing through, an alert was sent out to supporters, though this had hardly been sent when we received confirmed information that the lorry, complete with the BNP's Chief North-Western Dimwit Clive Jefferson in the shotgun seat, was speeding away from Lancaster. Frankly, if it hadn't been for the excrutiatingly loud music and Thicky Jefferson's squawking through the sound system, no-one would have noticed the visit at all.

Naturally, the BNP and Jefferson in particular, can't bear to tell the truth about anything, and this day out for the lads was no exception. On his peculiar Cumbrian Patriot blog, he has this to say;
'The people of Longtown all came out of their houses and shops and lined the main street applauding us...'
Jefferson has posted a video on his blog - made on the day - and it at once struck me as bizarre that he didn't include this inspiring event for us all to watch. But maybe that's because it didn't happen and Jefferson is just bullshitting as usual.

Here he is trying to take a sideswipe at Lancaster anti-fascists;
'Another highpoint was Lancaster, its really interesting to see the effect music such as Rule Britannia and the colours Red, White and Blue have on the small zealot communist element of Lancaster. Some of the scruffy louts where actually jumping up and down shaking their fists at the Truth Truck...'
Er, no, they weren't. Nobody saw it for long enough to shake their fists. And as far as I know, there isn't a 'small zealot communist element' in Lancaster. There are a lot of people who hate the BNP and all it stands for though, and if Jefferson and his fascist chums had the balls to come here and stop for a while, they'd find out that the number of anti-fascists here has grown considerably since their last (short and expensive) visit. There is, needless to say, no video of anyone jumping anywhere or shaking anything.

We all know the BNP is riddled with thugs whose only talent lies in intimidation, and Jefferson proves this very nicely by standing outside the offices of the Cumbrian Newsgroup HQ, raving like a mad drunk, or as he puts it;
'we stopped outside the Cumbrian Newsgroup headquarters and I couldn't resist getting on the tannoy and having a little bit of fun with the editor - Neil -the zealot - Hogekinson, the anti-BNP Editor of the News & Star.'
Perhaps the editor of the News and Star could get his own Tannoy and respond by asking (at top volume) why Jefferson is driving around in a hired lorry that was meant to have been paid for outright by donations from the BNP's members. And then he could ask where the donations actually went. Then maybe he could ask Jefferson how long he's been paid by the party and how much - and precisely when he stopped claiming benefits. And what his views are on drug dealers...

If I were Thicky Jefferson, I'd spend a bit more time tucked away quietly indoors and a lot less time shouting my mouth off and telling porkies.


Kev Scott loves The Jam said...

See what you mean by thick!!

From his blog:
Its about time we ran a "don't bye (sic) the News & Star" campaign

Thick enough to be wallowing on Gri$$ins pig farm methinks!

Anonymous said...

Is Clive Jefferson practising his swivel-eyed Griffin look in that picture? He's nearly got it.

Nicola Griffin said...

"'The people of Longtown all came out of their houses and shops and lined the main street applauding us...'"

Yeah, course they did.

Fucking idiot.

Anonymous said...

"And what his views are on drug dealers..."

Yes indeed.

Red Star Bellingham said...

Just because Jefferson buys his steroids from a drug dealer, doesn't mean he has to like him...

Anonymous said...

Clive Jefferson ,what can you say?
Maybe this will agitate the Local paper to expose his drug dealing etc ,,surprised they aint allready

gri££in's good eye said...

Jefferson is a waffling idiot who makes no sense whatsoever. He has driven more people out of the BNP than anyone else I know with his perfectly irritating half-brained interference and loud mouth. He has done more to lose the BNP members and activists than Searchlight. Keep up the good work you fat pig.

Anonymous said...

wonder if the police would do him for breaking traffic laws . blocking the road outside the news and star office .
driving the wrong way by the civic centre .
causing a nuisance.
he really is a thick fat old cripple.

Anonymous said...

"And what his views are on drug dealers..."

Not another "do as I say, not as I do" blatant hypocrite in the BNP?

Aren't the BNP all for hanging drug-dealers?

bill said...

Jefferson is doing his best Dicky Bumbrook dildo-up-arse impression.

Any chance he's into that sort of thing?

james said...

Looks like a right weirdo, exactly as the BNP are meant to look.

Brilliant photo to be used in all propaganda to show how down right peculiar the BNP are.

British people don't (normally) vote for weirdos, whatever party they are for!

Anonymous said...

"The BNP's Truth Truck"

That should read "Jim Dowson's Truth Truck (leased by the BNP)"

Anonymous said...

I saw the stupid truck this afternoon in Heywood, Gt Manchester. It was being driven a la Mr Bean, nearly hitting a bus as it swerved onto the wrong side of the road at high speed.

It was like something out of Some Mother's Do Have 'Em.

Bloody lunatics.