February 01, 2010

BNP refuses to condemn insult to Queen

The Green Arrow, a BNP supporting blog, has launched a revolting tirade against the Queen, calling her a “traitor”. The BNP have refused to condemn the site. Their toleration of the likes of the Green Arrow shows how there is nothing even remotely patriotic about the BNP.

The GA, which is run by Paul Morris, said that the 84-year old monarch is a “liar and a traitor to her people”.

This is not the first time that the GA has insulted Queen Elizabeth. In January 2010 he wrote:
“The time has come my friends to now talk of treason and sedition. Treason already committed by our own Queen and Sedition that should now be committed by all True British Patriots.

The Queen has already committed five acts of treason by signing EU treaties that have finally abolished Our Nation. She will go down in history as the only monarch to ever have broken her Coronation Oath. We owe her no allegiance and now have an actual patriotic duty to remove and replace her.”
On the Queen’s Christmas message he said his first reaction was to:
“… switch to Anglo Saxon mode and write “”F**k you and your descendants you treasonous bitch”
He went on to urge British citizens to commit sedition:
“She is no Monarch of England or the UK, she is a craven coward who has betrayed Our Trust … The Queen has committed Treason, we must now commit Sedition as Our Patriotic Duty. Long Live the British National Party”
One could be forgiven for thinking that the GA is a lunatic and on the outer fringes of the BNP. However, in December 2008 he was invited as a “welcome guest” of Bridgend BNP. Morris’s blog is extremely popular amongst BNP internet users and has been used as a intermediary by sympathisers such as Bill Murray, former secretary of the Welsh BNP and Director of Soldiers off the Street, in their quarrels with anti-BNP campaigners over their links to the extremist party.

When contacted by Nothing British this morning, the BNP explicitly refused to condemn the GA’s un-patriotic and crude remarks about the Queen. A BNP press officer bizarrely told NB that it was us who were instead “low-life” and “un-patriotic”.

The BNP claim to be patriotic and wrap themselves up in the flag and the Armed Forces. But when the rabble rousing Anjem Choudhury screams for Shariah law and says that the Queen should wear a burka, the BNP and the GA shout out treason and say we have been betrayed by the Establishment for allowing him to say such things. The BNP have one system of values when condemning Choudhury but apply another one for themselves.

Nothing British


Simon said...

I would have thought the Queen, despite having a little German blood in her, would be the very epitome of Britishness

But hey what do I know?

Anonymous said...

Fascists have always had an anti-monarchist streak but not for any progressive reason. Fascists want all State power concentrated in their hands and even a nominal head-of-State like a Queen or King could be future a rallying point for opposition forces. During the Salo Republic, Mussolini said that his great mistake was not deposing the Italian King in the 1920's as it was the King who deposed him in 1943.

Anonymous said...

I don't like monarchs or fascists, but funny to see the BNP's fake patriotism exposed. I guess enough BNP supporters will be stuffed shirt conservative traditionalist monarchists to be offended by der Grüne Pfeil and his silly blog. Good to expose the contradictions.

I quite like Diderots saying from the French Revolution in 'La Bouche de fer' in 1791: "Humankind will never be free until the last king is strangled with the entrails of the last priest".

Of course, over the years ""Humankind will never be free until the last king is strangled with the entrails of the last fascist"...


Anonymous said...

Only Edward VIII would meet the BNP's idea of Britishness. Even the Queen Mother would have been too liberal. As for the Queen, she married a Greek. And as far as Diana's concerned, getting rogered by a Muslim, well don't get me started.

Raymond said...

Prince Philip has too has Greek blood which according to Kemps "research" might have been polluted by non-white Ottomans over the years. I'm sure the BNP members can provide us with unpolluted "master race stock"

comradematt said...

A little?

Anonymous said...

God Denise you write with such passion I think I love you.xxx

george said...

So much for the BNP's sham patriotism which is all about white supremacisy and nothing about patriotism.

Well done the Nothing British Blohg for exposing this latest piece of BNP bullshit!

I take it all those BNP members blogs that are called ...

so-and-so.patriot etc

will stop calling themselves patriots cos they are bloody liars the whole soddin' man jack of them!

Anonymous said...

The British Nazi Party - patriotism my fuckin' arse!!!!!!

Ian from Brockley said...

You just have to look at his use of capitals to know he's a looney. I bet he writes in bright coloured ink with lots and lots of underlines.

Anonymous said...

I am not a supporter of the monarchy - I feel it has no place in a democracy. However, I strongly disagree with what the BNP supporters have to say. The Queen is not a traitor and has broken no oaths.