February 04, 2010

Poll: 'Peter Griffin' heads British party

A British poll suggests one-third of adults in the country confuse the leader of the British National Party with the protagonist from TV's "Family Guy."

Money saving Web site MyVoucherCodes.com said its survey of 1,498 people found one-third of respondents identified a picture of party leader Nick Griffin with the name of animated TV character Peter Griffin, The Daily Telegraph reported Thursday.

The Web site said Prime Minister Gordon Brown was the most recognized politician, with 81 percent of respondents matching his name to his face, but his recognition rate fell short of the 84 percent claimed by cage fighter Alex Reid.

"The fact that Katia Ivanova, who is famous for having slept with a Rolling Stone, is better known than (Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice) Jack Straw and (Home Secretary) Alan Johnson put together is indicative of the fact that the public are heavily influenced by the media," said Mark Pearson, managing director of the Web site. "It isn't for us to judge whether or not this is right or wrong, but put forward the facts: one of which being that a third of people think that Peter Griffin is the leader of the BNP."



Joe Chapman said...

That's interesting because I've seen another article which claims David Cameron is the most recognised!

Anonymous said...

I've never heard of Alex Reid so I'm obviously out of touch with public opinion but it would be easy to confuse the two Griffins given that both give us all a good laugh, are a bit too lardy for their own good (no complaints there) and aren't really human.

Anonymous said...

Didn't a survey a couple of years ago reveal that 12% of under 25's thought Hitler was a fictional villain?

I sometimes wonder whether the public don't deserve the screwing they get!

Anonymous said...

Who's the guy on the right? I nearly mistook him for a pile of dog turds.

Anonymous said...

I recall one back in the 1970s where something like 40% of the people asked thought that Ian Paisley was the leader of the IRA.

Dute said...

"Who's the guy on the right? I nearly mistook him for a pile of dog turds."

Silly of you. He's actually a pile of pig-shit.

Sputnik said...

This video sums it up. Lol


Anonymous said...

they should do one who was the biggest crook of all time ? raffles,al capone,nick leeson,ned kelly,bonny or clyde or nick griffin ? my money would be on griffin.