February 28, 2010

National Front lose their flag and are chased out of Ripley

Derby Midlands National Front called a 'day of action' in towns across Derbyshire today. Only five 'warriors' of the 'master race' bothered to turn up in Ripley, only to have their union jack and literature taken off them by antifascists. They were then chased out of town.

Hoping to create a bit of a stir, these fascist scum said they would be selling papers in Heanor, Ripley and Ilkeston. They didn't even bother showing up in Heanor and were then spotted in Ripley town centre. Antifascists marched up to the hapless fuckwits and, without any struggle, they gave up their flag and large stacks of racist literature. The tiny crew then had to leg it out of town followed by taunts and abuse. They made a brief trip to Ilkeston later on but had turned tail and run home before we caught up with them.

The National Front were hoping that this would be a great boost for them but instead it has been a dismal (and very funny) failure. These fascists will be resisted wherever they raise their ugly Aryan heads.

Antifascists at Indymedia


Denny said...

That would be a union flag, unless they had a boat with them too. :)

BB said...

Well done to the Ripley anti-fascists!

Anonymous said...

The NF have a habit of losing their flags. At the big demos in the 70's like Lewisham and Wood Green a large number of their branches lost their banners to anti-fascists.

They really should take better care of them.

Jamie The Antifascist said...

Poor big belly eddy :)

UK Fightback said...

Absolutely flippin' fantastic, well done our lads