February 24, 2010

"Fumble For The Fatherland" - Boxing's Fascist Fight Night

The sport of legends Muhammad Ali and Amir Khan, is being hijacked this weekend at the world-famous Caesars Nightclub venue at Streatham in South London. This coming Sunday, the 28th February 2010, a team of eight fascist-friendly semi-professional English boxers will supporting the neo-Nazi EDL, entering a boxing ring displaying EDL logo shorts and flags for an official EBC prizefighter contest.

This far right boxing night promoted in conjunction with Mean Machine Promotions, in the nation's capital, is designed to raise the profile of the cowardly racist political organisation whose last rally in England involved storming through a predominantly Asian area of Stoke, smashing up cars, windows and passers-by in what has been described by onlookers as an anti-Muslim pogrom.

Rather than being being a cage-fighting event in a derelect warehouse akin to criminal hoodlums, the EDL's event is being held in one of London's most famous boxing venues, Caesars, advertised as "London's largest and most luxurious nightclub", and is sanctioned by the European Boxing Council (EBC).

Caesars has hosted the likes of Lennox Lewis, Lloyd Honeyghan and Gary Mason, and outside of boxing, has been used to film scenes Footballers Wives (ITV) fight sequences from the movie "Snatch" starring Brad Pitt, chat-show goddess Trisha, Big Brother's Big Mouth (Channel Four), and Most Haunted (Living TV), with their legendary Christmas parties regularly featured on Sky.

Caesars is indeed a celebrity-frequented venue, and not some backstreet dive, all the more shocking when you consider that the BNP have to make do with the less than glorious surroundings of the New Kimberley Hotel for their shenanigans.

On their social networking web pages, self-confessed boxing fan and psychotic fascist thug Liam Pinkham devotes plenty of space to the merits of his "Great White (Supremacist) Hopes" of boxing, aiming to prove to the world that Aryans pack the best punch. Following the EDL's showcase sporting event, Caesars are laying on an "exclusive afterparty" where hardcore neo-Nazis Pinkham and steroidal busom buddy Wigan Mike can chase around siliconised Page Three models all night long, demonstrating the pro-active feminism of the EDL.

Over forty EDL members have already bought tickets. Tickets for the "Fumble For The Fatherland" are being sold on Ebay through the EDL's "merchandise shop" alongside their paramilitary hoodies and assorted nationalist and racist tat at £45 each, as well as other outlets.

(Like their "multiracial nationalist" idol Nick Griffin in the BNP, the EDL seem happy to rip off their own members by charging £5 for postage per ticket).

From Bolton to Sheffield, Cardiff to Brixton, boxing gyms all across the country pride themselves in offering sports and fitness training to young people from under priviledged backgrounds. Go in any inner city gym, and you will see black, Asian and white kids training together with mutual respect and admiration. The ethos of equal competition is one sadly lacking in most other sports, and for that reason, boxing is part of the government's sports development strategy to coincide with the forthcoming 2012 London Olympics.

Despite the EDL's recent setbacks, organised racism and religious hatred is steadily increasing year-in, year-out with the spirit of fervent Islamophobia fostered by politicians, state institutions and the scaremongering tabloid media who worryingly have turned their attentions from hooked-handed foreign bogeymen to British Muslims (the "enemy within"), to shore-up public support for the War On Terror and silence critics of an extremely unpopular and bloody Afgan war with casualties on all sides.

It is the misguided belief fostered by the rightwing newspaper industry and black ops foreign office "leaks" (the whole of the Taliban have Brummie accents) that has created the environment for a resurgence of the British far right exploited by violent neo-Nazi groups such as the EDL.

Egotist and publicity whore of the EDL Trevor Kelway sees mileage in turning media attentions from race riots to ringside aggression. Eight shameless racist boxers will be taking to the ring this Sunday in London for what the EDL leadership see as both a moneymaking opportunity and a cynical PR exercise, a chance to appeal to a wider fan base who might not otherwise warm to their hardcore Hitler loving British Freedom Fighters or the EDL's violently destructive racial football hooliganism.

Whilst a handful of potential boxing starlets of tomorrow fritter away hopes of fame and fortune through mutual association with English fascism, sweating tears of endurance as lackeys for an Islamophobic masterplan, spare a thought for Alan Lake and the EDL's other weathly far right backers who will be sipping extravagantly on champage on ice, playing millionairre war games with people's minds while the cancer of organised racism takes a foothold within the grassroots sporting world.

Since the defeat in the rematch of Max Schmeling by Joe Louis (Schmeling himself refusing to join the Nazi party or sack his American Jewish manager, and hiding two Jewish boys in his apartment during the Kristallnacht pogrom), with the rise of Jewish, black and Asian ring fighters, boxing has had an estranged relationship with fascism, and may seem like an unlikely target for the EDL.

Since the New Millenium, the Lonsdale boxing brand became momentarily popular with the European far right in the Netherlands, Belgium, northern France and Germany, especially because a carefully placed outer jacket leaves the letters NSDA showing; an acronym of Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiter (National Socialist German Worker), and one letter short of NSDAP, the German acronym for the Nazi Party, however the boxing world has generally embraced non-white people and immigrants (including Muslims) into its gymnasiums, alongside the white working class.

One thing's for sure, the undeniable patriotism and steadfast patriotism of Amir Khan who dedicated his victories after 7/7 to the victims of Islamic terror, will be affronted by the poisonous bile and misdeeds of the EDL, who, despite claims of being "only against religious extremism", regularly create disorder, race hatred and chaos in the city centres of England, Wales and Scotland with straight-armed Hitler salutes, banners calling for the banning of mosques, incessant racist chanting, and behind the scenes, plotting deadly large-scale race riots.

During recent invasions into British cities masked paramilitary followers of this violent anti-Islamic far right gang have physically and verbally attacked innocent (non-extremist) Muslims in the street, vandalised Islamic gravestones, and threatened Muslim taxi drivers with death, (hardly the behaviour of a genuine anti-religious extremist group).

Whatever are one's personal thoughts regarding boxing, with the Olympics approaching, it is important that anti-fascists everywhere show our massed opposition to hate-peddling British fascist bootboys infiltrating the corporate sporting world.

You can register your disapproval of the EDL hijacking boxing by contacting the venue direct and asking them to cancel the Prizefighter event (please be polite and courteous in all correspondance!!! Thanks!):


Mr Fred Batt (Owner)
Caesars Nightclub,
156-160 Streatham Hill

Or speak to Club Manager Vickie on 020-8671-3000
Fax: 01306-711660

Mean Machine Promotions



UKF said...

I posted the e-mail addresses on the Indymedia posting that this article is copied from, and I must stress that "info@caesars.uk.com" is the ONLY one of these e-mail addresses that shows up in a Google search.

I also SUGGESTED that "fred@caesars.uk.com" and "vickie@caesars.uk.com" MIGHT work but have not had the opportunity to test this for sure

Socialist Youth said...

Are we holding a demo if this event goes ahead?

Anonymous said...

penrith fundholder ian holt has a blog and also he runs club nights in london so would be good to put pressure on places and bands he uses , can you run this out nationally .
his blog is the demontfort listed on the same page.

Anonymous said...

Let's hope this affront to the sporting world can be stopped.

Does anybody have an email for Ceasars, please?


tone said...

"Like their "multiracial nationalist" idol Nick Griffin in the BNP, the EDL seem happy to rip off their own members by charging £5 for postage per ticket"

No doubt this will appeal greatly to BNP members used to Cyclops's scams, lol

Anonymous said...


These addresses MIGHT work, so send your message to " info@caesars.uk.com" first and then put these addresses in the BCC field -

vickie@caesars.uk.com, fred@caesars.uk.com

Anonymous said...

This event is further proof that the EDL are the fascists' street army. The BNP are the political wing, the EDL the street wing, and while superficially hostile to each other, they essentially work in tandem and for the same ends; to sour race relations and promote conflict.

The EDL see it as beneficial to get close to boxing clubs and the boxing promotion industry's relationship to organised crime.

Wren said...

Looney Lee Barnes is trying to twist science to support his lunatic eugenics theories, trying to say that behaviour is genetic not conditioned, thus lending support to his nazi idols.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

i think we need to ignore the edl for the time being and concentrate on the bnp!!
the edl are not political , we need to concentrate on the real nazi's.
stop wasting precious time and resources before an important election.

Antifascist said...

Thanks for the further info, UKF.

Anonymous said...

"stop wasting precious time and resources before an important election".

Sending an email or making a phone call of complaint doesn't take a minute. For the part-time anti-fascist protestor, this can be done while watching East Enders or Corrie.

The EDL are stoking racial tension just like the National Front did for the BNP to feed off to get votes, which is why they visited Stoke, and had planned to cause a riot in Bradford. For this reason, they must be defeated alongside the BNP.

Many thanks for the email addresses, UKF!

Excellent article, L Unity.

Penn said...

"we need to concentrate on the real nazi's"

Like Wigan Mike, Liam Pinkham and the blessed paramilitary British Freedom Fighters. Hitler lovers to a tee, and full of genocidal intent.

Seems ironic that the EDL see mileage in criticising Blood and Honour while they won't say boo to a goose about their own hardcore nazis in the EDL ranks.

Think about that one......

Pinkham and Mike were arrested on chemical weapons charges. If the Bradford demo had gone ahead, they might have tried to murder people in mosques just like Copeland and him from Batley.

Anonymous said...

On the many EDL facebooks and YouTubes, there were calls for people to come to Bradford to "kill pakis" as they racistly put it.

Only today I came across an EDL organiser called Odinswolf (Yes, fuckin' Odin - How very BNP), who is into Skrewdriver.

Anonymous said...

Crush the EDL and the BNP!

Lawyers said...

yes i read about this on theboxinghistorian.com

Antifascist said...

'Excellent article, L Unity.'

To be fair, we just lifted it from Indymedia.

HG said...

"To be fair, we just lifted it from Indymedia."

In that case, well selected! :)

Anonymous said...

I doin't want to tempt fate but don't you get the feeling that something really bad is going to go off in this country? There is such bitterness and hatred building up on the far-right that everything seems to be dovetailing to a nasty end.

primula said...

Your fascinating story's been picked up by an investigative blog The Sauce who have found that the fight's dodgy Kray Clique promoters the Pyles have a link to the criminal gangster world of London.

Read this Antifascist: -


sal said...

By pretending they were "protesting against Islamic extremism" the supposedly "non-racist" EDL managed to slip under the radar long enough not to be banned as a terror theat.

Now their true intentions have come out, and the arrests of the leaders, hopefully people will see the EDL for the neo-nazi hooligan thugs they are, coming to Bradford to kill Asian people and create the mother of all race riots leaving Bradford in a state of civil war, which is the fantasy of all racial nationalists.

Let's keep British sport nazi free!!!

Anonymous said...

Nice to see some campaigns on here that anybody with a phone and the email can get stuck into.

Thanks a lot. Together we can help fight racism. Also liked the excellent White Rose article.

Anonymous said...


At The Sauce features a picture of Caesars Nightclub. Would be helpful if you could put it above the story Anti-Fascist, as it's a local landmark in the area.

Antifascist said...

'Would be helpful if you could put it above the story Anti-Fascist, as it's a local landmark in the area.'

No sooner said than done. It looks a right shithole though.

Anonymous said...

Thanks :)))

Bob the builder (I kid you not) said...

What a dump!