February 27, 2010

Neo-Nazi skinheads jailed in Russia for racist killings

A court in Moscow has sentenced nine members of a neo-Nazi skinhead gang to prison terms of up to 23 years.

The gang members, most in their late teens, were found guilty of a string of brutal and very public murders. The skinheads targeted people of Central Asian origin and posted videos of their attacks on the Internet.

Russia has seen a surge of racially-motivated attacks in recent years. In 2009 alone, neo-Nazis are believed to have killed more than 70 people. The nine neo-Nazis called themselves "The White Wolves". They sought out Central Asian migrants, and attacked them in Moscow's back streets. They clubbed some of their victims to death with wooden planks and killed others by repeatedly stabbing them with knives and screwdrivers.

In one case, a glazier from Kyrgyzstan was stabbed 73 times, as the gang members shouted "Russia for the Russians!" and filmed the murder on their mobile phones. The jury heard the gang was responsible for at least 11 killings, possibly even more.

And so - after five months of deliberations - came the prison terms: Twenty-three years for the gang leader and up to nine years for the others - the maximum prison term allowed in Russia for underage criminals. Human rights activists have welcomed the sentencing. They admit that the police are now cracking down on skinhead gangs. But even so, last year alone, dozens were killed, and hundreds injured simply for not looking Slavic, and for speaking with a foreign accent.



Joe Public said...

A posting from Theres nothing British about the BNP.
Thank god someone has stated the obvious. The left would rather that a voice like the BNP was no longer heard in there Britain. They would prefer to scream racist, fascist[when it is these individuals who are fascist].They would prefer to not hear the truth that perhaps all immigration is not good for this country, that perhaps not all foreighners are warm community minded individuals. There may be some bad ones to, as there is white indigenous Brits.Thats why we need a strong immigration policy.
The last thing this country needs is the BNP [in its present form]in power. Some nationalist policys ‘yes.
The trouble here is on one side you have the far left who have this utopian world veiw that;if you just let everyone roam the planet freely and settle where ever, it will all level itself out. Thats nonsense. I dont see a massive surge of humanity wanting to settle in the middle east or sub-saharan Africa.They wish to come here for a better life,us realists know we can not accomodate the worlds hungry and frightened. There has to be another way.
The press need to expose the Hierarchy of UAF,searchlight etc as to what there political motives are,as much as they need to expose Griffin and his cronies.
The left and right feed of each other, it galvanises there supporters.
Loads of BNP members,supporters,voters are good decent people who are sick of what is happening to there country. Also lots of anti-BNP will be good decent people who are afraid of what there country could become under the likes of Griffin. They are both guilty of dark propoganda to get there point over.
You want to destroy Griffin, put him under the spotlight [not like question time]. Like wise you wish to see what the left are so scared of and why they so much hate the BNP. Again put them under the spotlight.
What this country needs is a civic nationalist party who does not look at the colour of someones skin does not have holocaust deniers or ex-NF in its ranks and who realises this is the 21st century and works with that.
And above all else an honest party who does not rely on using propoganda a party that has Churchill as an icon becaus of what he stood for, not because of the propoganda effect.

Anonymous said...

Interesting comments...


Joe Public said...

Thankyou for that link anonymous. That just about sums things up. Hes British,,end of story.
Mind you he is a tory,not sure about that,,deport him to Chelsea where his own kind are from.
[I realy hope that lame attempt at humour was obvious]