July 03, 2010

Bilious Nasty Pathetic

Axed BNP webmaster Simon Bennett claims that supporters of leader Nick Griffin are behind a "hate mail" campaign that targetted every residential and business address in his home town of Camelford.

"Make no mistake about it," said Bennett on his website. "This sick hate campaign will have been approved by Nick Griffin."

Bennett claims that he was made aware of the campaign this morning (Friday) when Devon and Cornwall Police called him. Bennett says:

"They were alerting me to a hate mail campaign that had been conducted against me that had targeted every single residential and business address in my home town of Camelford and the surrounding areas. The police informed me that they had been inundated with complaints from local residents that know myself and my family very well, and that these people were absolutely horrified that someone could do such a wicked and evil thing to us."

The hate mail, which appears to have been posted in East London, consists of a two-sided flyer purporting to be the work of an unknown group calling itself the "Southwest Awareness Group", and makes "allegations" against Bennett of theft, drug use, forgery, blackmail and extortion - allegations made against Bennett on a smear blog set up by supporters of beleaguered BNP leader Nick Griffin. The flyer (below - click for larger) also includes Bennett's full address, where he lives with his partner and young children, aged eight and ten

Interestingly, the BNP claims to be in possession of exactly the same kind of software package that would be necessary to mass-mailshot residents and businesses in a particular area, and - unsurprisingly - Bennett's friends have not been slow to make the connection.

If Bennett's claims are true, and if this hate mail campaign is the responsibility of Nick Griffin's supporters, then the consequences for the racist party will be dire. The use the Royal Mail in this way is a serious criminal offence in the simple matter of one individual sending such mail to another individual, but there is no precedent that we know of in which a political party has hate-mailed an entire town in pursuit of an almost gangster-style vendetta against an individual.

Apart from the BNP leadership, Bennett has earned the visceral hatred of internet joke and Griffin sycophant Paul Morris (aka Green Arrow) and West Wales deputy BNP organiser Roger Phillips, who made death threats against Bristol anti-fascist Mark Watson in December of last year.

The green, Green Grass of Nantyglo

Morris, who is not a BNP member, suffers a disorder which causes him to believe that BNP leader Nick Griffin keeps a special place in his heart for Wales' best known sycophant. In fact, Griffin's opinion of the windy keyboard warrior veers between contempt and utter contempt.

"Warsash", as he likes to be known in his increasingly empty Paltalk chat room, blew an online fuse shortly after Simon Darby announced "his" decision to stand down from the post of BNP deputy leader. Hearing that a number of people had signed leadership challenger Eddy Butler's nomination papers at a meeting of Crawley BNP on Wednesday evening, "Warsash" Morris promised to publish the name of every BNP member signing the papers. In the past, of course, Morris supported and encouraged Lee Barnes, who threatened to publish the names and addresses of BNP members less than 100% loyal to Nick Griffin - which in part prompted us to publish Morris's address and led to a prolonged bout of self-pitying whining on the part of the lager-boiling hero.

Morris has made no secret that he believes any BNP member signing Butler's nomination forms should be purged from the party, and is supported by Vernon Atkinson (aka Vernon SE), who encouraged pro-Griffin members to email details of what was said at BNP branch meetings, together with the names of pro-Butler members, for non-member Morris's use.

Atkinson attended the Crawley meeting but walked out when the anti-Griffin sentiments expressed proved too much for him to bear.

Second only to Morris in his sycophancy, Atkinson is a former member of UKIP and stood as a BNP south eastern regional candidate in the 2004 Euro elections. In May, standing in Crawley's Furnace Green ward, Atkinson - who for some reason is noted for putting BNP logos on kites (go figure) - achieved a dreadful 228 votes (7.4%), yet managed not to connect his awful vote with Griffin's awful leadership.

We feel certain that Atkinson's open endorsement of the leaking of internal BNP matters and members' names to an outside agency (Morris) will result in Atkinson's swift suspension.

It will, won't it?

Having penned a fawning tribute to Simon Darby, Morris sat back while his little army of Griffin cultists weighed in with their tributes. Atkinson was soon off the mark (BNP spelling and grammar preserved): "Simon is also an iconic nationalist who will be written as a legend in the nationalist books of history of the savours of the British peoples."

And so was East Goscote (Charnwood) BNP Councillor and apostrophe enthusiast Cathy Duffy: "I cried my eye's out when I read of Simon's resignation, and can't stop now even, but I pray to God that Nick gets re-elected and Simon will come back as his deputy. If anyone is to take over this party, as might just happen, I so prayed that it was Simon. I so despair at what Eddy Butler and his crew have done to split this party, and as an elected Councillor representing the party, I don't know what the hell to do now if he should win when I do not/ can not support him and his lot! What on earth does he think he can do in ONE year and who has HE got lined up as the next leader as he say's that he will only take the position for one year only?????????? This whole thing has really upset me to say the least, and that these so called 'Nationalist's' could do this to our party is totally beyond my comprehension."

"Warsash" Morris's band of sycophants then charged over to Simon Darby's blog for a thoroughly enjoyable mass prostration at the feet of the ex-deputy leader.

Nick Griffin could, of course, rein in the out of control Morris. We have often wondered why, since Morris's activities have always diverted highly desirable funds away from the BNP proper, he has never done so to date. That Morris is openly collecting data on BNP members gives him every reason he could ever need to proscribe the ridiculous Warsash before Morris can do any more to harm the good name and reputation of the BNP.

He will, won't he?


Kev Scott loves The Jam said...

Typical nutzies.... as in the great Western super mare leaflet giggle.... they made another typo... surely with all of those accusations the name and address should have been Jim Dowson c/o BNP Central

Kev Scott loves The Jam said...

and...excellent article.... as always!

Cheers Denise

Anonymous said...

Where did you get Cathy Duffy information lol?

Anonymous said...

Yet adain they spend more time, effort and money on internal vendettas than they do on political campaigning.

Who IS directing this party??

Anonymous said...

I hope the police really are interested in this and it's not just Bennett blagging.

If this is right one of the major newspapers is going to pick it up.

Anonymous said...

My name is cathy duffy and I i'm better than everyone else. I'm so upset I love Nick Griffin he is he best thing since Hovis

Anonymous said...

This is a type of thing Griffin's close pal Pat Harrington would do, he has be smearing his fellow fascist for years. This is one strange Nazi screwball who has also smeared anti-Racists and others. One just wonders who is pulling his strings?

Anonymous said...

This is hilarious, watching the BNP implode.

Anonymous said...


Don't get your hopes up about the press picking up on this.

They pick up on what the expendable little members are doing (Charlotte Lewis) but never go for the big BNP stories, the ones that could blow it to atoms.

Strange but true.

Barbara said...

When thieves and scoundrels fall out, observers can learn a lot. After looking at recent Griffin Watch, Bennett, Butler, anti-Bennett and anti-Butler sites I feel completely vindicated for being anti-BNP.
I knew they were bad, but never this seedy, desperate, unprincipled, malicious, sad and pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Duffer keeps on going on about how she is an elected councillor she got elected in a ward with 300 votes and no Labour candidate.

Anonymous said...

There's a lesson to us all....join the BNP, rise through the ranks and bad things happen to you.

Once their fortunes start to wain then they turn in on themselves....happens to all extreme parties (left and right) and certainly happened to the NF after the '79 election.

Anonymous said...

"This is a type of thing Griffin's close pal Pat Harrington would do"

Certainly, Harrington's been Griffin's errand boy for years.

Anonymous said...

"If this is right one of the major newspapers is going to pick it up."

The major newspapers have lost interest in the BNP after the election. I know somebody who works at the Express and she told me that the Editorial Board were expecting great things of the BNP at the election (at least one MP and control of B&D council) and they were perplexed that it didn't happen. The Papers (and BBC) receive massive amounts of pro-BNP emails and letters and they are under the impression that BNP support in the country is a hell of a lot larger than it actually is so they are confused when the party doesn't quite live up to expectations.

Cutting a long story short, the major news outlets have lost interest in the BNP for the time being and this may actually suit Griffin and Co. as they can engage in factionalism in relative peace until the next election cycle.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anon

You could be onto something here re: Harrington.

This SouthWest Awareness Group (the front group that's targetting Bennett) has a Harrington ring about it. In the 80's Harrington was part of an NF offshoot called the South London Action Group (SLAG) that took part in similar activities.

Names sound similar?

Anonymous said...

I'm picking up from other blogs that 6,000 of these letters were sent out to addresss in Bennett's home town with an outer East London post mark on them, this could be the work of another Griffin pal, namely Tony Lecomber?