July 06, 2010

Running Short, Running Scared?

The BNP has spent the past few days bussing in their big guns from all over the country in an attempt to get Richard Barnbrook elected back on to Barking and Dagenham Council in this Thursday's Goresbrook Ward By-election.

Recently elevated "Returns Officer" Clive Jefferson, has travelled all the way down from Cumbria to stay with Barnbrook and oversee the campaign, this is despite the fact that the renegade Eddy Butler is supposed to be Barnbrook's election agent.

Former Deputy Leader Simon Darby has also arrived, blogging separate desperate interviews with both the candidate and Jefferson making appeals for more members to come to B&D and help get the BNP vote out. They're trying to be upbeat and talking up their chances, but it's quite clear that the BNP in Barking and Dagenham has been decimated by not only the internal split but also their total wipe out in May's elections, Barnbrook would appear to be the only former Councillor shameless enough to show his face in the borough again.

Despite leadership candidate Butler cancelling a meeting on the weekend supposedly to campaign instead for Barnbrook, he was nowhere to be seen on Saturday when the BNP leader Nick Griffin, his arch enemy, made a brief appearance in the borough. The BNP may have been able to deliver more leaflets for the hapless Barnbrook if no less than seven security staff dressed in black suits and sun glasses were not watching Griffin's back and actually delivered some leaflets instead.

The Party continues to obsess about Searchlight's campaigning and while Griffin and his private army of minders played cat and mouse over whether they would actually have to come face to face with Butler and his followers, twenty Hope Not Hate activists leafleted the ward with a reminder of Barnbrook's previous record on the council.

We also managed to dig up the picture above taken of Barnbrook's house the last time he had the stress of an election campaign. They may be stressed about Thursday's election, but history dictates that at least they'll be well refreshed.

Matt Collins at HOPE not hate


Anonymous said...

This incident got minimal coverage.

"Nazi fascination of teenager who used Internet to build 'bombs'

The youngster also had right wing literature from the BNP and the English Defence League, together with Nazi emblems"


Anonymous said...

Belgium Beer, than not very patriot of Piss Head Barnbrook, but then again he will drink anything.

Dave T said...

That's Dickys empties after a heavy lunch.

Anonymous said...

He frightened of having to get a real job. Last time as councillor he was not fit for purpose.

Anonymous said...

Great photo! I bet the owner of Dicky's local 'Oddbins' loves election time! His profits must skyrocket!

Anonymous said...

Which of the very many Bumbrooke residences, none of which seem to be in Barking !!

Old Sailor

T said...

This looks interesting http://www.democracyforum.co.uk/bnp/78558-marmite-gate-closed-locked-bolted.html

K Y Jelley said...

Pornographer Dicky Bumbrook's well and truly gonna be pissed at losing once again, in many senses of the word.

Well done, Searchlight!

Hexapla said...

Wouldn't all those extra rubbish bags and empty cardboard boxes surrounding the wheelie bins be classified as 'side waste' under new government rules and hence put BNP drunk Branbrook in line for a fine????? Something for someone to look into!!!

anarchist said...

...running on empties?