July 01, 2010

BNP operations centre in office leased by Dowson

Nick Griffin, the BNP leader, is hoping to seize back the initiative and regain his members’ confidence by setting up a new campaigns executive.

Headed by Clive Jefferson, the man who replaced Eddy Butler as the party’s national elections officer, it is intended to “coordinate and marshal the entire Party for the purpose of winning elections”.

The new structures are also intended to consolidate the hold of Griffin and his “consultant” Jim Dowson on the party. Paul Golding, another diehard Griffin loyalist, has been put in charge of a new “communications and publicity department” encompassing media and communications, the BNP website, publicity and design. The new department has been “designed and researched by Midas Consultants and Mr Golding”, the party website announ-ced in an attempt to counter the attacks on Jim Dowson, one of whose many businesses is Midas Consultants.

During election campaigns the campaigns executive will “converge on” the BNP’s “operations centre”. A BNP email requesting donations to equip it did not disclose where it was, but Searchlight can reveal its location in Unit 13, Salmon Springs Trading Estate in Stroud.

Three rooms in the unit were leased by Adlorries.com Ltd, one of Dowson’s companies, for three years from spring 2009 at a rent of £5,000 a year. They were to be used as a training centre for the BNP run by Michaela Mackenzie, but have remained empty after the party sacked her from her posts as administration officer and national nominating officer. Like many in the BNP it appears she clashed with Dowson. She has appealed to the employment tribunal, another case that could leave the BNP with a large legal bill.

Mike Howson, a former military trainer and Griffin’s bully boy in the South West, will now run the BNP’s training department there. Howson, the BNP’s ageing national youth officer, took over from Peter Mullins as the BNP’s South West regional organiser and promptly instigated his suspension from the party.

Simon Bennett, the BNP’s former webmaster, claims that Howson was one of those who tried to confront the party leadership over Dowson’s “dodgy dealings and history”, but after they were all “frog-marched to a court style hearing”, Howson folded “like a pack of cards” and is now “a poodle to Jim Dowson”.

Sonia Gable in Searchlight


Anonymous said...

Just what does Dowson get out of all of this? he is putting up the money, he has i understand put up property in NI.

But apart from his crusade against abortion just what does he get out of all of this.

No man is this philanthropic


Anonymous said...

these dopes aren't real are they. the three major parties use strategies like this because there MODERATE. and they have to fight for votes.
the bnp though are what they are and everyone knows what they are.so what the hell good is this going to do them

texta said...

Apparently "Tommy Robinson" has gone into hiding and has done a Nick Griffin, taking off with some of the EDL's party funds...


Follow thy leaders, lol

NewsHound said...



Anonymous said...

I was checking that link out on your comments about the thread about Clive Jefferson. came across this . Ive cut and pasted it below

Thanks Billy. As you say a lot of us went to the BNP because we believed them when they told us they weren't racist, fascists and Nazis. I know the press and the likes of UAF said they were but we had to find out for ourselves. After all we were desperate to save our country. Lets face it we all just assumed the likes of the UAF were just professional politically led protesters ' when your in this is what you are told'.
While on the likes of the UAF. All they do is galvanise support for Griffin. When some one is in your face on the street calling you a racist or a Nazi of course you bite back.Every time the UAF attack him his bank balance goes up through robbing the membership. Griffin needs the UAF to exist.
I never have been a racist. And as you know a lot of BNP members/supporters aren't either they fall for Griffin and Co's lies. "Were just a patriotic party trust me" is the usual reply.
What I do know 'however' is that when I went to a meeting locally I was surprised that the people were not what the press said they were, it appeared to be people just frustrated with the state of there country and frustrated that no one is listening.
It took me a while to join but join I did. I then quickly got made up to Carlisle organiser. I then was made NW secretary. This is when I started to see them for what they really are. When I got on Griffins staff I walked away in disgust. Yes they are all they say they are. But there also as corrupt as mainstream politicians,in fact there worse. Main stream politician fleece the tax payer. BNP Ltd fleece there own as well. they use propaganda to the outside world via the website. But most importantly they use propaganda to there own supporters and members. Distorting facts and figures and hiding behind a veil of secrecy and lies. Propaganda is the largest tool they have. One other famous party in history relied heavily on propaganda I'm sure you all know who I mean.
The BNP are as bad as the Labor party. Only the Labor party call it spin. At least the Labor party is a political party the BNP is more like a cult.
I could go on and in to greater detail of what I saw and found out. That party is behind me now and the future looks promising. I still get the odd piece of propaganda thrown at me by idiots like Jefferson. Whom by the way is now third in command in the BNP. Griffin " a man is judged by the company he keeps" need I say more.
I felt like I should set the record straight and draw a line under it. Because no doubt it will be fetched up in the future. No doubt the BNP'ers on here will start the attack now. But before you do. Ask yourself are you attacking anyone that speaks out against the BNP because the BNP are wonderful or are you just parroting Griffin. And before you do remember Ive heard it all before. The death threats etc. Grow up.
In closing if I had known about the English Democrats 2 years ago I would never have even given the BNP a chance.

Anonymous said...

how many jobs does old Aitken/Jefferson have?