July 02, 2010

Croydon BNP member Charlotte Lewis investigated for race crime

Detectives are investigating BNP member, Charlotte Lewis, for racist comments she made on her Facebook page. The former animal rights campaigner and BNP election candidate for Carshalton and Wallington, advocated the murder of illegal immigrants in the wake of the recent Cumbrian massacre.

Right-wing activist Charlotte Lewis, from Thornton Heath, wrote on her Facebook page that mass-murderer Derrick Bird should have come to London and slaughtered illegal immigrants rather than his "fellow British people".

Miss Lewis was reported to the police after someone reading the comments decided she had gone too far in her racist rhetoric.

Detectives have logged the complaint as a crime and are now deciding whether or not they can prosecute her for inciting racial hatred. A spokesman for the Metropolitan Police said: “We can confirm the MPS are investigating a complaint that has been made to them regarding alleged comments made. Detectives from Croydon CID are dealing but no arrests have been made.

Her tirade is the latest in a string of hate-filled rants and calls for violence against "pakis" through her Facebook page. The latest post reads: "Ok, so I may well get in to trouble for saying this - but I've got to get it off my chest. I wish that Derrick Bird could have come down to London & shot dead some illegal immigrants, rather than killing his fellow British people.

"If that offends you then tough; it's my opinion and I'm entitled to it."

Her comments refer to taxi driver Derrick Bird, who went on a killing spree in west Cumbria on June 2, shooting dead 12 people and injuring 11 others.

Her latest Facebook rant was highlighted by website Hope Not Hate, Searchlight's campaign to counter racism and fascism in elections and beyond. Gerry Gable from Searchlight said: "I think anybody advocating the murder of illegal immigrants should be prosecuted. People may view Charlotte Lewis as being a bit potty, but the overwhelming interest in firearms of the BNP tells a much more serious story."

Croydon Guardian


Workingman said...

* note to self: dont look at LU page at teatime whilst they are posting photos like this.

Almost as stomach churningly horrible as her words.

Dave T said...

Fucking bloody hell!!!

There's no hiding her venom, is there.

Anonymous said...

Lets hope that this ugly, racist bitch is prosecuted and sent to prison. She was recently sacked as the Croydon branch organiser and London Regional treasurer of her horrible little Fascist party.

Anonymous said...

OH PLEASE can we have a warning when you are going to put up a photo like that, Ive just had my dinner.


I need therapy now said...


Anonymous said...

About time this person had her collar felt. She's been sailing close to the wind legally for some time. This woman is clearly unstable and although it's not excuse for her racist comments I reckon she may have some kind of personality disorder. If it comes to trial it is likely the Defence will claim diminished responsibility.

Anonymous said...

Put her in jail sowing mailbags, it will be the first days work she has done in her life!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

It may be politically incorrect but that is one female who would look better in a Burka.

Old Sailor

Anonymous said...

From animal extremist to bnp extremist in one fell swoop!

Anonymous said...

The Bum says, Worra Cracker!