July 28, 2010

EDL - a shocking truth

A message from Nick Lowles at HOPE not hate:

Day by day the violent and racist English Defence League are becoming more dangerous. This shocking video exposes the truth behind this self professed "peaceful" group. Watch this video and then share it with everyone you know:

The EDL exists for one simple reason: they want to spread fear and hatred throughout the UK - and it's only going to get worse.

In a few weeks the EDL will be invading Bradford for what they're calling "The Big One." Once again they plan on attacking the Muslim population.

We've been down this route before - the riots in Bradford in Oldham were sparked by small groups of violent racists attacking the local community.

We simply can't let that happen again. I'll be in touch about Hope not Hate's plans to combat the EDL in the next few days - but for the moment please watch this video, share it with your friends and get as many of them as possible to sign up to our campaign.


We've really got our backs against the wall on this one - we're all going to need to take ownership of this issue.

Please email a link to this post to everyone you know.

Best wishes,


HOPE not hate

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Anonymous said...

Well done Hope Not Hate - Let's hope the politicans wake up before it's too late.