July 29, 2010

Woe is Nick - accounts late, Collett charges dropped, Decembrists return from the grave

Despite promise after promise that this year it would be different, the BNP has yet again failed to submit an annual statement of accounts to the Electoral Commission, incurring an automatic minimum £500 fine. The party's Regional Accounting Unit has also failed to submit accounts and will be fined a minimum of £100.

In a statement made earlier today (Thursday) by the Electoral Commission, Chief Executive Peter Wardle said:
Most parties and accounting units submitted their accounts on time; one [the SDLP] made what we hope will prove to be a one-off mistake and will face a fine for late submission. But two parties have repeatedly failed to put information about their income and expenditure into the public domain on time.

That is not acceptable, and as well as fining these two parties for late submission, we will be monitoring them closely to try to ensure they meet the same standards of reporting as the others. The sanctions we currently have available to deal with this sort of non-compliance are limited, but we look forward to Parliament giving final approval to a wider range of sanctions, before the end of this year.
Joining the BNP in the doghouse is the tiny Christian Party.

Should the BNP fail to submit its accounts within the next three months the fines levied on the party will double, as they did last year when the party played fast and loose with the EC's patience (and its own members' subscriptions and donations).

Ever since the spotlight fell firmly on the BNP's finances post-general election, Nick Griffin has been going out of his way to give an impression that all is well and that this year the accounts, now - allegedly - under the management of a professional accountant, would be submitted as required. Griffin must have been aware for some time that this would not be the case.

Cynics dissecting the series of self-serving treatises put out by Griffin post-election, forecast that the BNP accounts would again be late, since Griffin continually harped on about the complexity of the party's financial operations and the difficulties inherent in keeping them in order, and seemed to be laying down an advance trail of plausible excuses.

This may also explain why a clearly uncomfortable David Hannam, the party's national treasurer, has been pushed to the fore in the past week, being chivvied, we strongly suspect, into making a video for the BNP website and issuing a statement on behalf of his treasury department which promises much but clarifies little. The emailed version is "From Chairman Nick Griffin", and while we don't suppose he did more than outline what he expected the statement to contain, it's also difficult to believe that Hannam's is the only hand involved.

Nick Griffin having conveniently departed the country for a holiday, explanations for the lateness of the BNP's accounts will be sought from Hannam, who may be wondering if he hasn't been set up for a fall.

(For a fuller examination of this matter, see Sonia Gable's HNH/Searchlight article, republished here.)

In the meantime...

Humberside Police have dropped charges against sacked BNP publicity director Mark Collett (above, with Griffin), according to a post on leadership challenger Eddy Butler's blog. Collett was arrested on April 1st after Griffin had contacted the police claiming to have received death threats. A police statement made after Collett was bailed said: "This investigation was initiated as a result of a complaint by a member of the British National Party and inquiries are ongoing."

Clearly, no, or insufficient, evidence existed upon which a charge could be sustained.

At the time Nick Griffin sent out a hysterical email linking Collett not only with the utterance of alleged death threats but with financial impropriety and of being part of a "palace coup" about to be staged against his leadership. Despite claiming that he was unable to discuss the matter due to rules of "sub judice" (which was untrue), Griffin (ignoring sub judice as it suited him) instigated a widely ridiculed "inquiry" that was held on Easter Monday (April 5th), in which twelve dupes were sent off to "authenticate" a highly edited recording of the "death threats". Naturally, they gave the required answer.

Along with Collett, Eddy Butler and Emma Colgate were dismissed from their posts, and it is now apparent that the entire saga relates not to "death threats", the misappropriation of BNP monies on Collet's part or to "palace coups" but to allegations of serious financial wrong-doing at the top of the BNP, of which the trio had become aware.

News of Collett's arrest was deliberately leaked to the media from within the BNP just as the party's general and local election campaign was set to launch. How much damage was done to the BNP's vote as a result, and how much it was responsible for the loss of so many BNP councillors is difficult to tell, since we believe the BNP was always on course for a hiding at the ballot box.

It is self-evident to all but the most blind and sycophantic of Griffinites that the dodgy "death threat" episode, played out in the press and on television, was an enormous own goal on the part of the leadership, far more damaging than the fleeting loss of the party's website just before polling day. People may go to political websites in their hundreds, but they read newspapers and watch television in their millions.

With the charges dropped and any loyalties he might have held for Nick Griffin shattered, Mark Collett may well end his prolonged silence on the affair, an eventuality that on the surface can only benefit Eddy Butler. Butler is closer to Collett than he cares to admit, and thus far the Nazi Boy has been a peripheral, almost invisible figure, with very good reason. Collett is so widely reviled within the BNP that any open association between him and Butler would seriously damage Butler's leadership campaign. His open involvement in the campaign would almost certainly kill it. Collett, then, is of limited use to Butler, no matter how innocent he may be of the charges levelled against him by Griffin - though he may yet damage Griffin to the favour of Butler in an apparently independent "off stage" role.

The weight on Griffin's mind has been added to by news that the final part of the case he instigated (and has so far roundly lost) against the December Rebels will be heard at the High Court in Newcastle on November 29th.

Kenny Smith, one of the leading Decembrists, has reactivated the derelict Enough Is Enough website to announce that "Judgement Day is coming!"

Remarking that Griffin and Simon Darby "have tried every trick in the book, and indeed continue to invent new ways of delaying proceedings, to prevent the case they instigated at the Party's expense coming to trial", Smith gleefully adds:
Sadly for them, but happily for those who want to see justice done and the truth finally revealed in full, the trial has been fixed to start on Monday the 29th November 2010 at Newcastle High Court.

Kenny, Nicholla, Steve and Ian are all looking forward to their days in court and finally being able to expose Griffin and his cabal for what they are!
The Decembrists, somewhat pre-empted as Griffinite bugging of their private conversations led to the exposure of their intentions, launched the last serious attempt at unseating Nick Griffin, but the campaign soon floundered through indecision and the want of firm leadership. Then as now, Griffin began expelling or suspending individual Decembrists on eminently challengable grounds. At the time we observed that just one challenge to Griffin's worthless writs of expulsion would stop him in his tracks and galvanise support for the rebels as hesitant individual members lost their fear of the Leader's edicts. It is a lesson Eddy Butler's supporters have failed to learn, as they allow themselves to be picked off one by one.

Griffin's smothering tactics worked at the time but disguised the extent of latent discontent within the party. Seemingly united for the Euro election campaign, the cracks soon began to show as the false foundations on which the Euro success had been built were exposed by ever worsening votes which reflected the BNP's true electoral position, and by Griffin's inept approach to the EHRC case. The awful Question Time appearance, the dislodging of PPCs in favour of party "names", the wild allegations against Collett, thuggish behaviour towards journalists and others, the needless courting of Unilever litigation, the general and local election rout have all done for Griffin what the Decembrists never could.

He did it all himself. And if he really were a leader of vision, the genius of strategy he is so frequently claimed to be, then he would have known that cutting off the Decembrist head while smothering Decembrist sentiment would leave hundreds within the BNP to brood and bide their time.

That they have done, for what else is Eddy Butler's campaign but the second coming of the Decembrists, with new leadership, bigger and badder than ever?


Anonymous said...

"now - allegedly - under the management of a professional accountant"

Can you really see Griffin allowing a professional, chartered accountant within a country mile of the BNP's accounts ?!

"Er, Mr. Griffin we have an issue here...the cheque for 55,254.23 made out to CASH, what EXACTLY was that for?"

Anonymous said...

I don't think the sobriquet "little Hitler" has ever been more approriate.

Anonymous said...

What makes you think the Decembrist have been in a grave. I know that Kenny Smith has been a key player in getting Eddy Butler to visit Scotland and has been active in Cartwright's skinhead shite B&H music scene for years, as has his Doc Marten wearing wife Nicholla. Spindly Ian Dawson has been campaigning on behalf of BNP candidates in North Yorks this year and last year and Steve Blake has been editing the website of some bogus "charity" Steadfast First Trust since he was booted by Griffin. These fash dont just go away they always find somewhere else to peddle their lies and racist filth. The other two (Single and Sadie Graham) have gone to ground and with good reason. Having published the BNP membership list in 2008 there are a lot of angry fash who want to kick the crap out of Single but the guy is a headcase and one source says they have police protection such as an emergency alarm the cops give out to vulnerable witnesses and grasses.

La Di Da Gunner Graham said...

"This may also explain why a clearly uncomfortable David Hannam, the party's national treasurer, has been pushed to the fore in the past week, being chivvied..."

Shouldn't that be "being chavvied"?

Anonymous said...

Do like the reference to return from the grave, when you consider the job Butler is doing on Griffin at the moment, perhaps he should be renamed Van Helsing?


Anonymous said...

Another new video has popped up on Butlers site, M Barnbrook interviewing M Mackenzie very interesting


ex-bnp 2009 said...

I just want to see that fat repugnant slim-bag unemployed and unemployable. I no longer have interest in any political groups or party's.

The piece of shit Gri££in has trod on everyone regardless to their political stance, that have not served him, including friends of mine.
The Decembrists may not have dislodged him, but they certainly lit the fuse that will lead to his demise.

The Champagne is cooling in the fridge.
If you're reading this Gri££in - Fuck you!

Anonymous said...

"Another new video has popped up on Butlers site, M Barnbrook interviewing M Mackenzie very interesting"


Don't like any of these people (especially Ms. Mackenzie who's a 10 year BNP veteran) and she's a fool to trust Griffin in the first place but there's a classic line when she says that she got a letter "stating that I had failed my probationary period, which was strange because I'd been working for the Party for 17 months at that point".

I can't see her getting a penny from Griffin.

Anonymous said...

Wasting Police time ?????

Old Sailor

unplugged from the matrix said...

mackenzie still not been paid


Adrian said...

Who first called them Decembrists? Pretty sure it was on Lancs U, pretty sure it was Denise. Not important, just out of interest.

Anonymous said...

Collett was with Butler at last night's meeting in South Tyneside

Anonymous said...

Report of South Tyneside meeting up on BDF. Cracking reading!!!

John P said...

Clive Jefferson's electoral nous continues with last nights by-election result from Wolverhampton where they picked up a mighty 6.6%. They got 11.7% of the vote in May.

John P said...

Report of South Tyneside meeting up on BDF. Cracking reading!!!

It is, if it's all true pretty damaging.

"Clive was asked how much money the party had, he said we are skint, that is despite what we we are told from the leadership.

People got up and said they were sick of people being a hero for the party one day, and traitors the next. Clive was then asked who would be next to be sacked, and accused of being a Searchlight spy etc?
In the most unbelievable thing to come out of Clive's mouth that night, he said he expected it to be him!"

John P said...

From Butlers blog:-

"Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of my visit was the appearance of Clive Jefferson who was very eager to have an off the record heart to heart with me. I am always easy for people to talk to and will always have frank discussions with anyone who honestly wants to talk about how we may be able to extricate the party from the dreadful situation that it’s in.

Clive kept me talking there so long that I was late getting over the Pennines to Tyneside where I was booked to address a local meeting. Clive unexpectedly followed me and addressed the audience after I had given my speech.

Clive complained that usually no one from ‘his side’ was there at meetings I addressed to put ‘the other side’. I have no objection to this, particularly if Clive is ‘the other sides’ spokesperson. By the end of the night the entire meeting was virtually unanimously in favour of a leadership challenge"

Anonymous said...

re comments from John P. Its a little strange that Butler did not say exactly why they had dismissed him?

And just what is Jefferson up to, do you think he has finally woken up and realised that the bnp are bankrupt?


John P said...

And just what is Jefferson up to, do you think he has finally woken up and realised that the bnp are bankrupt?

It really doesn't make any sense does it? The actions of Collett over the next couple of weeks are going to be worth watching I imagine.

Anonymous said...

"...And just what is Jefferson up to"

Griffin and Harrington have decided to try another tact. Calling Butler "Bitler" and the people around him "Searchlight" is only pissing the other side off and gaining them momentum. Jefferson's been instructed to do a 180 and start "palling" up to the other side so as to disarm them, superficially agreeing with them so they will, if not, drop their challenge, they will water it down sufficiently and take their foot off the gas, so to speak. Remember we are talking about Griffin who has been through as this before and is skilled at seeing off internal opposition.

Griffin still thinks he will emerge victorious (I think he will as well, just), wants Butler, Mike Barnbrook, Edmonds et al to stay in the party and then can pick them off selectively in a year or so's time.