July 13, 2010

EDL updates

'Tommy Robinson' goes into hiding

The English Defence League has been forced to issue a statement to its supporters denying rumours that its leader has vanished.

"Tommy Robinson is still our leader he has not gone into hiding and has not left us," the statement reads. "Just because you don't see Tommy posting on facebook all the time does not mean he is not busy."

Of course, the EDL is telling porkies again. Robinson, real name Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, has gone to ground following his expose as a former BNP member who has served prison time for a violent assault on an off-duty police officer.

Despite some initial bravado after his true identity emerged, Yaxley-Lennon is now a little bit nervous. He was initially named as Stephen Yaxley and he obviously hoped that this was enough to keep his fascist past and criminal conviction hidden. However, it wasn't long before Searchlight researchers discovered his full name and his past unravelled. Since then Yaxley-Lennon is trembling.

His disappearance isn't the only problem affecting the EDL. There is growing disquiet over decision-making and poor communication between the un-elected leadership and the activists.

The EDL statement gives an upbeat message about regional reorganisation and a forthcoming policy and activity document but the truth is different. Divisions are beginning to emerge and rivals are circling.

Nick Lowles at HOPE not hate

English Defence League is urged to scrap plans for a "costly" demonstration in Dudley on July 17

A controversial anti-Muslim group has refused to scrap plans for another demonstration in Dudley that could cost the borough £150,000. Traders in the town centre could also be hit hard by the rally staged by the English Defence League on July 17.

Council leaders have branded the demo ‘pointless’ as plans by Dudley Muslim Association for a new mosque in Hall Street had now been jettisoned. The Association is now seeking to extend its building in Castle Hill following discussions with council officers.

Coun Anne Millward, Conservative group leader and leader of the council, said: “The EDL’s unnecessary visits, which often result in major disruption, violence and public disorder, cost the taxpayer and local communities thousands of pounds. When they visited in April it also caused a significant loss of trade to local businesses. We are opposed to this proposed event and call on the organisers to cancel this pointless waste of taxpayers’ money.”

Labour group leader Coun David Sparks said: “This demonstration should be banned. The fact that Dudley has not got the power to stop it going ahead reinforces my view that the law should be changed so the Government can step in and stop this madness.”

Council bosses promised to work closely with the police to reassure and support local communities and businesses before and after the protest, which police have decided will take place on Stafford Street car park.

EDL spokesman Steve Simmons said: “The council says the new mosque has been sidelined but until there’s a definite written result, we’ll just carry on.”

Charles Hanmer, chairman of traders’ group Dudley Town Centre Partnership, said some shops could close during the demonstration. “We don’t want the EDL and we haven’t invited them to Dudley,” he said.

Birmingham Mail


Anonymous said...

If the EDL start to run candidates at future elections like the BNP, hopefully Lancaster Unity and Hope Not Hate will warn voters about their true nature.

Anonymous said...

"There is growing disquiet over decision-making and poor communication between the un-elected leadership and the activists".

The EDl make Nick Gri££in seem democratic, and that's no mean feat!

Anonymous said...

Yaxley-Lennon is as paranoid as Griffin (who beleives he is about to suffer a JFK-style assassination at any second). I suppose being in the far-right makes you paranoid. All those nutty conspiracy theories are bound to affect one's psyche.

Denise said...

Opinions please...

So many automated spams are coming in lately it might be necessary to activate one of the authentication options temporarily, possibly the one requiring you to type out some barely legible word.

Any objections to this happening if the spamming worsens?

Anonymous said...

"There is growing disquiet over decision-making and poor communication between the un-elected leadership and the activists"

Some in the EDL want to follow the logic of their football hooligan roots and become a closed, secretive gang who don't cooperate with the cops, avoid the internet and adopt unannounced "hit squad" tactics. The mass of the EDL will be essentially cut adrift.

Anonymous said...

"Any objections to this happening if the spamming worsens?"

No objections if it helps you out.

John P said...

Do it if it makes the job easier.

Anonymous said...

Automated spam or Looney Lee Barnes ?

Whatever is needfull.

Old Sailor

Anonymous said...

Yaxley-Lennon is a bigger twat than Cyclops Griffin himself.

Hope the EDL don't start putting candidates in elections, with big-money racist Alan Lake sponsoring them.

Anonymous said...

Let the spams in, Denise.

Yaxley Lennon obviously has a small penis in desperate need of some fake viagra.

Anonymous said...

do it,the far right must be getting worried. the more frightened they are the more they spam sites exposing them.

Redneckspy said...

I have been playing with the edl trolls on twitter but hey dont seem to know as much about their beloved leadership and their rich nazi backer as the average LU reader. They have gone now, their mum called em downstairs for dinner.

Anonymous said...

no objections


Anonymous said...

It appears Griffin is travelling to Japan with the disgraced school teacher Adam Walker.

'European and Japanese far right to hold Tokyo congress'


Anonymous said...

I'd like the police to now explain how they can justify putting on the payroll an organisation led by someone who's been down for attacking a copper.

AndyMinion (BatsMan) said...

Automated spams? If that's the case, Denise, then I, , have no objection at all.

I, , have no objection at all.

I, , have no objection at all.

I, , have no objection at all.

Denise said...


Ha ha ha.

It's not so bad tonight, but if anybody wants genuine Windows 7 (Mongolian version), cheap but genuine North Korean Nikes, or is possessed of an urge to sleep with a desperate housewife in your hometown TONIGHT, I have all the information at my fingertips.

Anonymous said...

Does anybody know Snowy from Dudley's real name, the arrogant fascist twat?

Perhaps Searchlight can discover his real identity!

Donut Dunka said...

The EDL have made the decision to use Bebo to connect, and slip under the radar, linking up with Ulster Unionist terrorists.



Look how the EDL supporters put up Combat18 Videos on their fucking Bebo profiles?

Also they post videos by shite power band "Whitelaw".

Surely this is against Bebo terms of service.

Anonymous said...

'European and Japanese far right to hold Tokyo congress'

Not surprised. I was in Fukuoka in southern Japan a few years back and I strayed into the middle of a far-right demo there. It comprised about ten loudspeaker trucks, festooned with rising sun flags booming out anti-Chinese and anti-Korean racist propaganda. Their occupants were handing out leaflets denying the infamous Nanjing massacre of 1937. Japanese fascists regard themselves as some kind of Asian 'master race' and they and the BNP will make good bedfellows.

Anonymous said...

"....or is possessed of an urge to sleep with a desperate housewife in your hometown TONIGHT"

Martin 'Swinger' Reynolds of the BNP security would be interested in that!

Kirklees Unity said...

Snowy's real name is John Shaw and he is from Knaresborough,North Yorkshire.

Anonymous said...

It would be safe to say as an Ex-(OMG did I really do that) BNP member, introducing such a system would not only reduce spam, but provide hours of entertainment as BNP "spammers" scratch their heads googling what (something like) "zxyayn" means.

anti-racist said...

The neo-nazi EDL are boasting on Facebook how they are hijacking an online poll to ban the burkha: -



It's sick how the British far right use sites like facebook and stormfront to distort public vox pops