July 28, 2010

The Internet: Just Made for Irritating the Far Right

More internet - based mischief.

“Razorcuts” are a Salford – based punk/skinhead band. They've set up an account on Midge Ure's excellent Tunited Community Music service (logline: “Make Love Share Music”), and have proudly announced that “10p of every download goes to support patriotic organisations in the UK”.

Hmm... “patriotic organisations in the UK”. Could they mean the National Trust? Or maybe English Heritage? Perhaps they're talking about the Royal British Legion? And who could begrudge anyone donating to these outfits? Even my own local – as trendy lefty an enterprise as you could imagine – has a fundraiser every November for the Normandy Veteran's Association and the RBL.

But no. Predictably enough, and duly explained by a helpful post on one of the Nazi Forum sites, they have “offered to donate 10p to the British National Party for every tune downloaded from this site! So let's all get on there and download some great tunes and help get our country back! TELL EVERYONE YOU KNOW!”

Tell everyone you know?

No problem, chum! I started by telling Tunited.

They weren't happy.

In fact, I got the feeling from the Managing Director who replied almost immediately that Razorcuts had better start looking for a new outlet.

Hey ho! Little victories...

(By the way: Hodson & Minion (“Bringing Silent Film Entertainment to the Quality Since the Twentieth Century”) are presenting An Evening With Buster Keaton and a screening of “Steamboat Bill Jr” at the Quad Cinema in Derby on Thursday September 9th. We'll give 30p to Love Music Hate Racism (a Patriotic Organisation, in my book)for everyone who turns up.)


Unreadable squiggle said...

Brilliant. Keep up the good work!

Midgeuuurrr said...

Nice work, i have emailed the website and many of the other artists on tunited to spread the word.