July 23, 2010

BNP boss Nick Griffin to open office in Burnley

BNP leader Nick Griffin has set up a base in Burnley.

The highly-controversial politician officially opened his "Euro office" on Saturday in Yorke Street where he will spend time in his role as a Member of the European Parliament for the North-West.

Mr Griffin believes Burnley holds a "special place" in the party's history and it is thought he will hold surgeries at the address in the coming months.

Burnley MP Gordon Birtwistle said democracy meant Mr Griffin was entitled to set up stall in the town. "The office has been there for a number of years and it has done nothing in the past. I would suggest it won't be doing much in future either.

"Nick Griffin is one of our MEPs and a pretty insignificant one at the moment as he doesn't seem to be doing a lot. However, if he wants to come and sort the problems any Burnley people are having with the European Parliament then so be it. I hope he does hold surgeries there and helps deliver what the people of Burnley want," he said.

"The office is important as it will bring local people closer to their MEP," said Mr Griffin, who was dramatically refused entry to the Queen's Garden Party at Buckingham Palace yesterday where Mayor of Burnley Coun. Tony Lambert and his wife, Brenda, were guests.

"Burnley has a special place in the history of the British National Party as it was here we made our political breakthrough when winning three seats on Burnley Council in 2002."

Mr Griffin was elected to Brussels last year even though the BNP polled fewer votes in the region than it had in 2004 – winning a seat through the system of proportional representation used in the European elections. He promised then he would be opening an office in Burnley in the near future.

The BNP has used an office within the Yorke Street building since 2002 but recently moved to two new offices within the same complex.

Leader of the Burnley BNP party Coun. Sharon Wilkinson said: "When Nick first got elected as MEP he said he was going to set up an office in Burnley and he's kept his word. It will be funded with Nick's European funding. We will be getting some of the Euro staff here as well which means we will be able to help more local people with their problems."

Burnley Express


Anonymous said...

Ironic that the town that made the breakthrough no longer have the people who made the breakthrough Steve Smith and Simon Bennett. In usual Griffin style they were a threat (in his mind) and eventually left and Burnley another strong area in 2003 had 8 councillors now have 2 councillors. One of the Griffins early reverse midas touch episodes in a BNP stronghold.

Rah said...


Anonymous said...

After failing miserably to get elected as MP for Barking he's suddenly interested in the North-West again!

Anonymous said...

Burnley is finished for the fascists, Griffin is trying desperately to get support back there by opening this office, we must campaign like hell in the run up to local elections held there next May, let's create another Barking for them.

Sputnik said...

The fat imbecile just does not give up, he is getting so desperate that he is trying anything and everything. He has long deserted Burnley, he will have little or no effect there. He is simply using it as a salary base from the EU.

Anonymous said...

BNP vote in Basildon ward by-election yesterday plummets since May!


Results in May of this year


John P said...

The BNP got 16% in that ward in 2008.
That shows just how far they have fallen backwards and it falls in line with pretty much every BNP election result over the last couple of years.
The Euro results were an aberration due to the expenses scandal and the voting system used.

Burnleyman said...

I think its great news, i cant wait to go to one of his surgeries. . anyone want to come with :)

Anonymous said...

Have spent an interesting half an hour or so this morning watching the 5 videos of Butlers performance at the Dagenham meeting.

Now and then the voice of Lawerence Rustem pipes up, I think we can all agree he is backing Butler. But, Griffin has some mileage to catch up on, I dont think the publicity he got after the failed attempt at the Queens garden party has done him any good at all, especially as some of the national press have pushed the point that Andrew Brons was allowed to attend.

This seems to play into Butlers hands that Griffin is now a costly liability and a joke.


Anonymous said...

LOL@BurnleyMan ... We should run a charabang for the two hours,one day a year Griffin will hold a surgery on for his NW constituents..

irishtony said...

The good people of Burnley must be breathless with anticipation!!
How exciting to have such an enigmatic, popular and heroic politician on their very own doorstep!!!

Or perhaps no one will notice that an odious overweight, racist, useless wannabe politician has a small office over a small shop in a small street.

Give him hell Burnley man.

Anonymous said...

Chris Vanns the Burnley BNP Organiser runs the new offices for Gri££in in Burnley. He always wanted to be on the payroll!

Anonymous said...

Michael Barnbrook will not be leader in the next BNP election, but he will be standing right next to whoever is chosen. No more fraud with members money, and no more baggage. And this will be a massive problem for politicians.

Anonymous said...


The electorate's problems with the BNP have nothing to do with the financial impropriety at the top. The reporting on such has been practically nil, except in the left and far right blogosphere.

Also, who is Michael Barnbrook? Is he related to Richard?

Anonymous said...

Also, who is Michael Barnbrook? Is he related to Richard?

A retired Chief Inspector who has had 9 MPs over for expences fraud? But then you know that don't you? Anoying isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Thought Vanns was replaced not long after taking over from Shappcott and replaced with Councillor Sharon Wilkinson.

Anonymous said...

Also, who is Michael Barnbrook? Is he related to Richard?

No, are you related to an unintellegent work shy moron?

Anonymous said...

Michael Barnbrook?

No relation but he is their celebrated 'MPs expense fraud-buster'.

Which roughly translates as 'I let other people do all of the investigative legwork and then I write to the DPP to ask them to prosecute and try and take all of the credit'.

Funny how he's so good at busting MPs and hasn't spotted the massive amount of mis-use of members' money right under his nose.

Landale said...

I see the funds are rushing into BNP towers NOT! The EHRC appeal seems to have been stuck at just under £4500 for days :-)

Anonymous said...

Griffin destroyied burnley years ago

Anonymous said...

A retired Chief Inspector who has had 9 MPs over for expences fraud? But then you know that don't you? Anoying isn't it?

6:17 PM, July 25, 2010

So many errors...so little time.

1. He was an inspector not a Chief Inspector
2. Expenses
3. Annoying
4. And no he hasn't 'had 9 MPs' -all he did was write to the DPP which must have taken...ooh, 5-10 minutes each letter?

Anonymous said...

Yes, it is "White Vanns Man" who runs his Burnley post-box / mail dropping-off point for him!

Anonymous said...

Anyone have any idea how Griffin is funding the office in Burnley? its just that I watched the video on Jefferson blog, became very interested when the neanderthal stated that the office next door would be for BNP party use printing design etc for leaflets and I would assume meetings.

If that were the case Griffin could not pay for all of that out of Euro money as same rules apply as for MPs, I would also stab a guess that the property itself has not come to cheaply as its right next door to the Town Hall.