July 18, 2010

Daddy's little drummer girl

This is Jennifer Matthys, daughter of the British National Party leader Nick Griffin, who is allegedly being groomed to take over from her father when he quits as chairman, dressed in the uniform of an Ulster loyalist "Kick The Pope Band".

Jennifer, who lives in the province so that she can work at the BNP's cash, sorry call centre, was doing more than "playing dress-up" for the cameras. The 24-year-old marched on 12 July along with thousands of others in parades celebrating Protestant ascendency that yearly lead to violent clashes across Northern Ireland between the Catholic and Protestant communities. Many Catholics object to the parades by the Protestant-only Orange Order on the grounds that they are sectarian.

Jennifer, on the far left of the picture, posed seemingly unaware that Searchlight has known for over a year that she is heavily involved in the Goldspring Young Defenders flute band, something that seems at odds with the BNP's supposedly non-sectarian all-embracing love of all things Christian.

Jennifer took the risk of being photographed as she thought she would be safe in the small loyalist village of Ballygowan, despite the fact that many members of the band object to the involvement of both her and family members of Jim Dowson, Nick Griffin's consigliere, who runs the BNP's Belfast call centre and has helped Griffin bring the BNP to its state of insolvency.

In recent years the BNP has attempted to make inroads into the Anglo-Irish community in Britain, partly by distancing itself from its past association with loyalist paramilitaries. In the north west in particular, the party has some high profile Irish members and has even taken to depicting the Irish tricolour on some of its banners.

The truth is, for the diehard BNP, old habits die very, very hard.

We are not identifying Dowson's daughters because of their ages.

Searchlight / HOPE not Hate
by Matthew Collins


Anonymous said...

Ugly nasty person go away and take your smile ball dad with you!!!!

irishtony said...

What is the difference between an apple and an orange??

Have you ever heard of an apple bastard?

Sorry but it's a great joke

let all the Irish communities and Irish diaspora see this( Not the joke) and I can assure you the BNP will lose even more credibility if that is possible!

Anonymous said...

...And to think that people of Irish backgrounds join and vote for the BNP.

The BNP support the sectarian divide among white people in Ulster. Then again the far-right in Britain have never truly regarded Irish people as "white". It was common in the National Front to refer to Irish openly as "Bog Wogs" and that twisted mentally still exists in the BNP.

Anonymous said...

I briefly was a member of the NF in the early 1980's. I have an Irish surname beginning O' and I distinctly remember being advised upon joining to adopt a psuedonym. The reason was that many in the branch hated the Irish and regarded them as little better than Asians, Jews and Afro-Carribeans. The NF would say that their hatred was limited soley to the IRA but I know from experience it went a lot wider. Needless to say I didn't stick around.

Anonymous said...

[Correction] Only on Friday the BNP website was proclaiming: "The British National Party’s runaway success story with regards to fundraising has terrified the establishment"

On that basis the BNP membership should hardly miss a paltry 170 grand.

Anonymous said...

So, any Protestant who doesn't cower under the heel of the Pope is a bigot?

Anonymous said...

"high profile Irish members and has even taken to depicting the Irish tricolour on some of its banners"

Wasn't that a cock-up on the part of Liverpool branch? They had never heard of the Cross of St. Partick (the unionist flag for the whole of Ireland). The tricolour was quickly taken off of the banner once the error was pointed out to them by irate BNP from the rest of the country.

Anonymous said...

Goldspring Young Defenders. Sounds like a womble (UDA) band to me.

iliacus said...

I once visited a town on the day of an Orange Order March.

It was horrible.

Theological nuances were not to the fore.

They were a bunch of bigoted, drunken yobs.

Bit like the BNP really!

Anonymous said...

Another of 'Daddy's Little Drummer Boys' is Lee Barnes who, despite being the LEGAL DIRECTOR of the BNP, has published an article on his awful blog inciting people to vandalise and commit criminal damage against property.

Because the Exchange shopping Centre in Rochdale are installing Muslim-freindly toilets he has taken it on himslef to ask people to damage the toilets.


15th July 2010.

Readers may wish to compalin to the Exchange Shopping Centre in Rochdale and register a complaint with the police for incitement of criminal damage.

Contact the Centre Manager Lorenzo O'Reilly


Rochdale Exchange Shopping Centre, Newgate, Rochdale, OL16 1BA Telephone: 01706 655726 Facsimile: 01706 639449

Anonymous said...

looks like a bloke.

anarchist said...

If you visit the Ireland section of Stormfront, you'll find that the Irish Nazis spend a lot of time complaining about how British Nazis are bigotedly pro-Protestant. They don't seem to notice the problems with complaining about bigotry in fascism.

Anonymous said...

Does this post mean that we Catholics are now ok and will no longer be the butt of "paedo-priest" jibes or accusations of homophobia due to our adoption policy?

Or are we just a useful stick to use against your opponants?

Perhaps a compromise? Irish RC's ok.
English...maybe (unless anti-abortion)

Poles, Hungarians....not really, anti-semitic.

We RC's are not stupid. We know when we are being flanneled