July 19, 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen, the race is underway.

The runners and riders for the BNP Leadership Challenge Cup 2010 are as follows:-

Derek Adams

Unlike Mr. Butler I don't seek to be a disposable chairman or a stalking horse for undeclared and shadowy third parties. I seek election for a full-term. I love this Party and despise those who seek to sow dissent and demoralise our activists. They have provided propaganda for our enemies to throw at our candidates on the doorstep. Real grievances must be dealt with by people with true hearts, not those whose main purpose is to seek position or jobs.

Our vote increased at the General Election and we have more enquiries and a larger membership than ever. But some people still think it’s time for a change. If you feel that change is indeed needed, then nominate me, a clean-hands candidate who will be a fresh face but who, unlike Mr. Butler, has not sought to advance my candidacy by working with supporters who spread lies and black propaganda.

Richard Barnbrook

Famed as ‘the man in the beige suit’, dyslexic and partial to the occasional drink, I know my limitations! But I have never wavered from the strength of my convictions and I’ve always spoken direct from the heart.

Nick has achieved miracles in modernising the Party; Eddy has electioneering, strategic experience, - but the Party is divided. There’s a real desire for change but we also need time to take stock, and plan how to move forward together with renewed energy. If we act in haste we risk losing all we have built.

Our success and unity is more important than the ambitions of any individual. I offer integrity, impartiality and lack of self-interest that will command the loyalty and solidarity of all the membership. I will act as a caretaker leader till elections and end the strife caused by this destructive, divisive and bitter campaign. Choose stability and unity.

Eddy Butler:

I believe we need a complete re-launch in order to survive as a Party.

I seek a year’s term as Chairman in order to bring in the necessary changes and hold free elections next year than will result in a fresh face.

I will bring in measures to ensure financial transparency to restore confidence in the Party’s finances.

I will bring in constitutional changes to make the Party more democratically accountable and have a separation of powers between the political Chairman and the administration.

I would bring all functions such as the call centre back to the mainland and close the Belfast office.

I would terminate the contract of our fundraising consultant and we would become self sufficient.

I would ensure that our resources are focussed on the front line and not wasted on bureaucracy.

I would ensure that the Party stays together with no recriminations after this leadership election.

Nick Griffin MEP:

Our tremendous record speaks for itself, which is why our enemies try every trick in their grubby book to smear me and key members of my winning team.

To break contracts, sack our young team in the highly popular and successful call centre, and go back to amateurism, would be organisational and financial suicide. The experience and technology we’ve acquired must be used to modernise our election-fighting machine, not thrown away out of spite and personal ambition.

We’ve spent time and money modernising our central administration, now we’re going to professionalise our regional and local organisation.

In ten years, our activists and I have turned this party from a bad political joke into a major factor in British politics. There is still much to be done, and it is best done under proven, principled and visionary leadership, without futile, time-wasting elections. We’ve come this far, let us go forward together!

Your referee for this winner takes all contest will be Mr Andrew Brons.

Andrew Brons MEP has consented to be the scrutineer of the nomination papers and the address on the ballot papers to return them, at an address submitted by himself.

It is vital that this process is seen to be fair and totally impartial and that the appointment of Mr Brons as official scrutineer is beyond any doubt the fairest way to proceed in this matter.

Mr Brons has also worked with the election department in drawing up the procedures and guidelines to the nomination process and as scrutineer he has declared them fair to all potential challengers.


Confused said...

What is this? A BNP ad?

Landale said...

For some reason I thought that nominations had to be in between 20/7 to 10/8?

But as ever with them you can never tell.

I'm supprised they haven't announced the result already ;-)

Anonymous said...

Any additional form on the outsiders. BTW what has happened to the National "Organiser" ?

Old Sailor

Redneckspy said...

Mr Brons as referee. . completely impartial apart from being one of Griffos friends from the old days in the NF and his right hand man in europe.

Anonymous said...

This is for nominations not votes.

anarchist said...

"without futile, time-wasting elections."

Anonymous said...

Griffin - "In ten years, our activists and I have turned this party from a bad political joke into a major factor in British politics."

He forgot to add "and back again".

John P said...

Confused said...

What is this? A BNP ad?

6:37 AM, July 19, 2010

Definitely not an Ad but we do know from past experience that newspapers and other media read this site along with the others like Kirklees and Norfolk Unity.

Another reason I posted it is because these things have a habit of being changed on the BNPs website which can throw a slightly different emphasis on the subject matter which is what has happened here.

In the very last paragraph it states "Mr Brons has also worked with the election department in drawing up the procedures and guidelines to the nomination process and as scrutineer he has declared them fair to all potential challengers."

On the BNPs website that has been changed to this "Mr Brons has agreed to count the nominations for each candidate and report them to the party"

There is a big difference in the two statements and I think Brons is trying to avoid going to court because that is where this is going to end up.

Anonymous said...

Those statements are amazing really. I can't believe there is another party which would allow one candidate to write his statement after one of the others purely to rubbish it.

Or would allow one candidate to state that another is "a stalking horse for undeclared and shadowy third parties." - that's almost libelous.

Good fun this ain't it?