February 05, 2011

Apple removes Nazi songs from iTunes

An outlawed Nazi marching song that weaselled its way onto iTunes called ‘Horst wessel lied’, has been removed from Apples iTunes.

The song was named after a Nazi party activist killed in 1930, and it was originally titled ‘Die fahne hoch’, which means ‘the flag up high’. The removal of the song coincided with the Holocaust memorial day. German media revealed that Apple was breaking German law by allowing Nazi anthems to be downloaded.

Amazon have also removed the song, along with all other tracks by Neo-Nazi bands.

Apple however have remained silent as to whether or not they have removed all other popular Nazi-era songs. Although a blacklisted track called ‘protection squad’ was removed by Apple for being dangerous to youths. Apple removed tracks which they class as overly sexual last year, however they seemed to remain unaware of ultra-nationalist songs being downloaded on iTunes.

Horst wessel lied is believed to be the unofficial anthem of the Nazis, and was banned by Germany at the end of World War II. Some lyrics in the song include, “Soon will fly Hitler flags over every street; slavery will last only a short time longer”


Thanks to NewsHound for the heads-up

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