February 08, 2011

Calls for Cameron to ban EDL as they announce Birmingham protest

The English Defence League (EDL) has announced a demonstration in the city next month – prompting a city councillor to call on the Prime Minister to ban the group.

Coun Tariq Khan (Lib Dem, Washwood Heath) said Mr Cameron should target all forms of extremism including the EDL.

Following a protest in Luton on Saturday, the group announced on its Facebook page a demonstration in Birmingham on March 19. Its last demo in the city in August 2009 erupted into violence as members clashed with those from anti-fascist groups.

Coun Khan said the police, local authorities and the government should put a stop to the movement once and for all for the sake of community cohesion. He said: “The authorities need to put their foot down and say enough is enough. They (the EDL) are a bunch of trouble makers who have nothing better to do.’’

Mr Cameron caused controversy on Saturday when he criticised state multiculturalism and signalled a tough stance on Islamic extremism. Coun Kan said: ‘‘David Cameron said it’s time to clamp down on Islamic extremism. I say, clamp down on the EDL. Let’s have some consistency.’’

Mr Cameron’s comments came as the EDL held a major demonstration in Luton, prompting accusations that he was playing into the hands of the far-right by targetting Islamic extremists.

Birmingham Mail


Brum resident said...

THIS MUST BE STOPPED! And didn't they say last time they caused mayhem in town they would not be doing likewise here again? Look in the news archives.

Anonymous said...

March 19? Isn't the third biggest St Patricks Day Parade in the world taking place in Digbeth that weekend? The EDL want trouble alright.

Anonymous said...

Some of the EDL demos were a wash-out and a waste of time, but not Birmingham.

Birmingham was fruitful in terms of proving violent fights for the football thug elements of the fascist group.

They want action which is why they are going back to the scene of on of their more memorable battles.

brenda biggins said...

Its as bad as the USA allowing the Klan to march.

Indeed the fascist EDL should be banned, but they won't be, as they serve a useful purpose for David Cameron to keep British troops dying in Afganistan.

Investigative Antifacism Needed said...

The Daily Star is continuing to do the cheerleading for the EDL, writing a disgusting article justifying the EDL's return to their scene of their riot in Birmingham just because two Labour MPs might not have behaved in a responsibloe way.


Richard Desmond most clearly has blood on his hands by supporting this bunch of violent fascist thugs, which is all the more shameful as he is said to be of a Jewish background, a community which suffered similar attacks from Mosley and his fascist thugs.

If all the Jews who died in the Holocaust had a voice, they would all speak in utter condemnation of the font of rabble-rousing racism that is Richard Desmond.

Somebody MUST investigate why Desmond is championing the EDL. Is it because he is friends with elements of the American Tea Party movement, or does he personally know Kelway, Lake, and co.

Or is it Roberta Moore, who although claiming to lead the EDL's Jewish division, recently admitted she is not prcticing Jewish at all, but a Pagan worshiper (possibly an Odinist???)

I would bet every penny of my life insurance that pornographer Richard Desmond has friends who support the EDL, and have personally asked him to do his utmost to get the Daily Star, a football-mad newspaper to big them up at every juncture.

It's nothing to do with "Zionism" as anti-semites would like to pretend. It's instead everythig to do with Anglo-American politics at its shadiest.

Maybe it's a personal favour Desmond is paying back during his many years in the dirty and seedy porno trade, to get his mags on the shelves of American retailers when many Amerians are evangelists who oppose pornography.


Anonymous said...

All forms of extremisim? So who decides who´s extreme enough to be banned? Would you trust Cameron to make that decision? Banning political organisations because you consider them extreme is an act of extremism itself. The EDL today, UAF tomorrow, etc. First they came...

Anonymous said...

Maybe Richard Desmond thinks that he will be supported by moving jobs from London to Luton if he does what he thinks Lutoners do (be racist), even though Luton resoundingly rejected the fascists of the EDL: -


NewsHound said...




Anonymous said...

Video - UAF stop English Defence League at train station Luton 2011: Sikhs against Guramit Singh


Anonymous said...


The Media, especially print media, are untouchable in Britain. Any government knows that you cross them at your peril. Newspaper owners have a ready-made propaganda outlet to pump out a constant diatribe against you.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 10:38am

The EDL will never be banned by the British State. I can only think of one occasion when a far-right group has been banned and that was the BUF in May 1940, when the country was facing invasion. Even groups like Combat 18 were never banned. Calling for one for the EDL is pointless.