February 25, 2011

Just Imagine: A BNP Government...

Close your eyes (when you've finished reading this, if you don't mind-otherwise it's all a bit self-defeating) and imagine that the BNP actually get to form a government.

Look: I know it's a stretch, and would involve the biggest electoral earthquake in history (alongside a degree of mass hysteria unseen since Orson Welles thought people might see the joke if he pretended “The War of the Worlds” was real), but they keep banging on about how marvellous it'd be, so let's take them at their word and look at how things might turn out...

Of course, there's the initial problem of the Prime Minister: Griffin isn't exactly what you'd call a “Team Player”. In fact, he conducts himself most of the time like some debauched medieval duke; lying on a chaise longue with a bacon roll and dispensing largesse to his chosen few while casting others into the outer darkness on a whim, because they didn't bow low enough when they entered the throne room.

But let's just pretend he can keep the old megalomania in its box long enough to appoint a Cabinet.

First problem right there.

From where, exactly? Given that one of the prerequisites for Cabinet Minister has traditionally been a certain level of political acumen, intelligence and polish (yes-even from the likes of Michael Gove and John Prescott, though it sticks in the craw to admit...), and that the current reality of the upper echelons of the BNP is an ongoing cage-fight of lickspittles, criminals and semi-literate bootboys whose recent education would probably stretch about as far as reading “Bravo Two Zero” (if there was an edition with pictures), it's a stretch...

Ex-Nazi and convicted criminal Andrew Brons for Home Secretary, anyone? How about white supremacist suspected terrorist Arthur Kemp for the Foreign Office? He is foreign, after all...

(In fact, the Holy Grail of a leading BNP personality without embarrassing baggage will, I'm guessing, continue to elude the Master Race. Clive Jefferson? Highly suspect past activities and a functioning moron who, if he ever could learn to walk and chew gum at the same time would probably forget how to breathe. Patrick Harrington? The red tops would think all their birthdays had come at once. “Reverend” Robert West? Sad little fraud. Etc, etc, etc...)

Anyway. Let's say they're in power with a working majority and it's time to get down to work.

First things first: Immigration.

New Immigration ends immediately, and the Government set about deporting “all the two million plus who are here illegally”.

Given that the “two million plus” figure is from a Party that has a pretty casual relationship with figures, this seems unlikely – but let's give them the benefit of the doubt.

Call me naïve, but I'd guess that tracking down a couple of million people who don't want to be found, establishing their nationalities beyond the doubt of international law and arranging their deportation takes care of pretty much the entire State infrastructure for a few years.

Then, of course, we have the damage to relations with the rest of the world. No more immigration from India? Africa? America? Australia? Europe?

We aren't exactly going to be popular. Think of Britain as the bloke who grabs the mic' at Manumission and announces that he's putting the Birdy Song on.

Oh, and that reminds me: Europe.

We're pulling out.

This policy alone, taken in conjunction with our new stance on Immigration, pretty well guarantees the largest population influx into Britain ever seen.

It's estimated that more than four and a half million Brits live abroad. One and a half million in Europe.

Given that we're no longer a part of the European Club, let's say that a million are no longer eligible for settlement rights, and are asked to return to Blighty.

A substantial majority of the Returnees are going to be retired. and/or elderly. Fancy your chances of a hip replacement in the next six months now?

Add this to possibly another million or so turfed out of other countries and you've got something that amounts to a refugee issue of Third World proportions.

Although it might still be worth it just to hear BNP types droning on about “Bleedin' white Brits – comin' over 'ere takin' our houses an' jobs...”

(Oh, and my Son also points out that, under their immigration policy, Premiership Football would be dead boring...)

Having successfully alienated Britain from the rest of the World, Prime Minister Griffin can get on with the serious business of improving the quality of life at Home. Something he's admittedly rather good at. Well, improving his quality of life at his home, anyway.

The NHS. Simple: “Replace 100,000 NHS Bureaucrats with Doctors, Nurses and Dentists”. Obviously, we don't need to worry our pretty little heads about the implications for unemployment and the problems of recruiting these extra medical staff (we can't get them from abroad, remember...) but I've no doubt that Health Secretary Clive Jefferson will already have those pesky little details ironed out.

Law and Order: The reintroduction of both Corporal and Capital punishment is sure to be a vote winner with BNP voters. Until they get it wrong and start making mistakes, that is.

In fact, looking at their skimpy Manifesto entry on the subject, it's difficult to see what they have against the wilder fringes of Sharia law.

But there's more! A BNP Government will affect every aspect of the National Scene!

Education (back to the 1950's, basically), the Environment (back to 1950's sci-fi, largely), Housing, Defence and Industry will all benefit from that special BNP magic.

In their woeful “proving we're not just a single-issue party” attempt at a manifesto, there are other areas they fail to address entirely.

Transport: With Griffin's working knowledge of the mysteries of complex leasing arrangements surrounding vehicles, I'm sure making the trains run on time will be a doddle.

The Arts & Culture: No mention at all. I'd guess that Eric Pickles would be remembered as a model of generosity and civic philanthropy compared to the barbarians of Griffin's cabinet. (Although self-styled Artist, Filmmaker, Essayist and – in his own fetid imagination - all-round towering Knowledgenarian Jonathan Bowden would certainly make an – er - “entertaining” Minister...)

There are other “policies” that have been discussed in recent years that don't make their Manifesto, but would, no doubt, be called into play once in power to add to the general wellbeing of the Nation.

Like the wizard notion of putting pregnant teenagers under lock and key (in “uniforms”...) in special “homes” under the watchful eye of stern “matrons”. No-one's been allocated the responsibility of taking care of that one yet, but we're expecting Minister Patrick Harrington to volunteer at any moment.

Or the bold, radical initiative to solve the housing shortage at a stroke, employing the simple resource of thousands of second-hand caravans and hundreds of acres of wasteland.

Ideas? The exciting new BNP Government have certainly got 'em!

And as Britain recedes from the world scene and enters a new Golden Age of intolerance, poverty, oppression and ignorance, we can thank the Heavens that...

...thankfully, it'll never happen.


NewsHound said...



The Jam hate Kev Scott said...

Looks like the bnp effort in the North East will be minimal this year, according to a comment on Butler's blog this evening.
Accurately describing the Griffin support as being restricted to County Durham (i.e. the Wankers and their groupies Molloy, Palmer, Kirsty and the bairn) the anonymous author, probably Booth, and I'll bet my first class return to Nottingham fare on it, is justifiably pessimistic about this May's candidate numbers on Tyneside.
Indeed, given the tittle-tattle from last Tuesday's Newcastle meeting we should not be suprised if Ken chucks his lot in with the English Democrats and Scotty dons an EDL Gateshead (Intellectuals, We Don't Dirty Our Hands) Division hoodie

Barbara said...

Hey, Andy, don't forget that under a BNP government all women would be sent back home from the workforce, thus solving the unemployment problem at one master stroke.
And the BNP know how to deal with all the inevitably infuriated women - something to do with force-feeding chocolate cake.

Anonymous said...

"Like the wizard notion of putting pregnant teenagers under lock and key (in “uniforms”...) in special “homes” under the watchful eye of stern “matrons”. No-one's been allocated the responsibility of taking care of that one yet, but we're expecting Minister Patrick Harrington to volunteer at any moment."

More likely to be creepy pervert David Hannam, I would have thought.

Anonymous said...

A BNP government would cause a Zimbabwe-style economic collapse and food crisis within days. In fact the economic collapse bit pretty instantly...
Followed very soon by Britain looking like Libya, although I imagine we'd see Griffin fleeing the country with as many money-filled suitcases as he could carry rather than react with Gadaffi-like defiance.

Anonymous said...

Ooh, Dave Hannam as Chancellor!!! Shit!

Anonymous said...

As a British expat the fear of the UK leaving the EU is definitely a cloud that hangs over my head, and the threat is a far more realistic posibility than a BNP government with the likes of UKIP and the dark(er) side of the nasty party both advocating a withdrawl from the Europe.

Personally I would seek amnesty, asylum or just remain on this side of the water as an illegal, which wouldn't be too big a step considering I'm already an economic migrant. Thankfully it won't come to pass, just like a BNP govenrnment!

Anonymous said...

As a British expat the fear of the UK leaving the EU is definitely a cloud that hangs over my head

Can't see that happening. The British Establishment has too much invested in the European project to consider leaving it. The EU is a key part of Globalisation and the global Elites wouldn't sanction a major economy such as the UK splitting from it.

Remember that Thatcher was ditched after the 'No, No, No' anti-European outburst in Parliament. That was no coincidence.