February 10, 2011

EDL men arrested on suspicion of publishing anti-Muslim videos online

Props to the EDL for making the press’ job easier. Today, they happily filled in the blanks with regard to the arrest last night of two men on suspicion of publishing hateful material on the Internet. The EDL’s astonishingly ill-advised Media Department gladly informed us that the arrested men were EDL members.

The Devon News article is reproduced below:

Police arrested two men yesterday for allegedly publishing a catalogue of vile and racially inflammatory material on the internet.

One of the men, from Paignton, is thought to be responsible for a series of anti-Muslims videos. He was one of two men arrested by Devon and Cornwall police on suspicion of publishing racially inflammatory material at 8.30am yesterday. He and a 41-year-old unnamed male, also from Paignton, were yesterday bailed by Police until May

Material was confiscated from an address in South Devon and a banner was removed from the boot of a car.

One neighbour, who did not wish to be named, said: ‘‘I saw five uniformed officers outside this morning and one female officer in plain clothes. I don’t know the man in question very well myself, he lives alone and keeps himself to himself a lot of the time.’‘

A police spokesman said: ‘‘We have investigated a number of incidents across the internet after they were brought to our attention last year. ‘We have yet to analyse what has been seized and will then be in a better to look at what, if any, offences have been committed.’‘

This is Devon

Full article from One Million United


Anonymous said...

I have no doubt that the man from Paignton in none other than Arthur Disbury:


Also, the EDL are organising a protest in Exeter this weekend:


Anonymous said...


Just because YOU have 'no doubt', doesn't mean what you say can't possibly be libellous.