February 08, 2011

Church debates BNP ban for clergy

The synod supported the proposal two years ago
The Church of England is to debate draft legislation banning clergy from joining or supporting the British National Party.

The law would make it "unbecoming" or "inappropriate" for clergy to be members of parties whose race equality policies were at odds with the Church. The ban was backed two years ago by the General Synod, the Church's national assembly. Reverend Robert West, a BNP member from Lincolnshire, said he did not believe the ban would be legal.

It was proposed by a lay synod member who works for the police. In 2009 the Synod voted overwhelmingly in favour of the measures proposed by Vasantha Gnanadoss. At the time she said a membership ban would send a clear message against racial prejudice to the public at large.

The Church meeting, in London, will also be addressed by the Archbishop of York Dr John Sentamu and will debate new proposals for the setting of fees for weddings and funerals.

The BNP campaigns for the voluntary repatriation of immigrants but says it is not racist. It described the vote in 2009 as a "vindictive" move against a legitimate political party.



Anonymous said...

Should also be an EDL ban!

Anonymous said...

Griffin could be in hot water?

"he is still owed £15,000 for leaflets and bulletins – thereby challenging the party's legal pronouncement that it has no outstanding general election debts"