February 10, 2011

Councillors dismay over leaflet drop by 'scaremongering' BNP

Councillors in Gorseinon have reacted with dismay following news the British National Party have leafleted homes in the area. According to the party's website, two leafleting teams delivered leaflets to "almost every house in Gorseinon" in preparation for the Assembly elections, which take place in March.

Town councillor Jim Dunkley said he could not believe the party had tried to drum up support in the area, and he said they would not be welcome.

Mr Dunkley said: "I just cannot believe it. I am one of 16 town councillors who all live in the community and we deal with the day-to-day problems of the area, and an organisation like the British National Party is here just to stir up problems. What solutions do they have to deal with the problems of Gorseinon? I do not see any place for a party like the BNP in this community. Their party is based on scaremongering and paranoia. This place is a better place without the BNP. We are a tolerant community here and there will be no place for them."

Mr Dunkley also said the best way of dealing with a party like the BNP was to question their views.

"The only way to expose them is to challenge their beliefs," he added. "If they are confident they could have any support base in Gorseinon, I would welcome a public debate with them. I am confident if I sat down with them I would win the argument hands down.

Mr Dunkley's views were shared by fellow town councillor Janet Curtice. Her home was leafleted by the party.

"My house was leafleted and my husband ripped it up. It is a concern as apparently a group has been set up in the area, too," she said. "These people are paranoid. We are all concerned about a large number of issues but we can all work together."

A spokesman for the British National Party said: "This is part and parcel of living in a democracy. We are working towards the National Assembly elections where we feel we can do well in both North and South Wales. There will definitely be a candidate in the Swansea area."

This is South Wales

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Hope not Hate should at least mention the successful UAF demonstration on the day.