February 10, 2011

Has Richard Desmond decided to back the English Defence League?

The far-right English Defence League draws many of its supporters from football fans
'Daily Star' front page suggests media mogul wants to bring far-right [group] into mainstream

"Front page", boasted the Facebook page of the right-wing English Defence League yesterday as it triumphantly linked its followers to a headline in Richard Desmond's Daily Star that noted that the anti-Islamic organisation was to become a "political party".

It's a rare thing for the Star to "splash" on politics. And although the coverage referred to the EDL as being a "far-right group", it reported its activities in an uncritical manner and noted that, in a phone poll of readers the previous day, 98 per cent of respondents had "said they agreed with the EDL's policies".

The media website Engage immediately asked "Is the EDL the Daily Star's New Friend?" A day earlier the newspaper had run a story saying that the EDL would "fight for heroes" and claiming that two Muslim councillors had "snubbed" a soldier by not rising to their feet when he was being given a standing ovation for winning a George Cross.

Yesterday's story carried the headline "EDL Chief: Vote Us Into Parliament!" It reported the wish of the group's leader – who uses the pseudonym Tommy Robinson – to appear on the BBC's Question Time.

"The EDL boss said that, unlike bumbling BNP leader Nick Griffin, 51, he would be a surefire hit on the show," the paper said. The article appeared alongside the Star's coverage of upheaval in Egypt, a piece that began: "Thousands of illegal immigrants will flee riot-torn Egypt and flood to Britain."

The paper's report that the EDL was preparing to field MPs was accompanied by Mr Robinson's observation that the group's 74,000 following on Facebook would exceed the online support of the three main political parties by the end of the year.

Among those Facebook followers yesterday, the Daily Star's apparent warmth to the group and a lead editorial headlined "Don't dare ignore EDL", was a source of pride and exhilaration.

Stephen Martin, who uses the slogan "British by Birth, English by the Grace of God", described his morning commute. "TODAY i sat there with my daily star with PRIDE, the pictures and banners were fair, the write up was fair, the Star comment was fair and 98 per cent back us (including everybody sat with me)," he wrote. "We have a voice now, 25p a day, if they have 74,000 new readers, we have a BIGGER voice."

Tom Evans ("English and Fuckin' Proud of It") agreed. "i think everyone should support the daily star and buy it a couple times a week at least lol... they are the only one to stand up for the EDL." He said other EDL followers were thrilled at the "awesome" and "amazing" 98 per cent approval rating from Star readers.

The newspaper's long-standing editor Dawn Neesom is one of Fleet Street's stalwarts. A proud East Londoner and keen kickboxer, she follows West Ham United home and away and prides herself on being in touch with the instincts of the Star's working-class readership.

The EDL draws much of its support from football followers. Sources said it was Ms Neesom's decision to give the group such a high profile, and not that of the paper's owner Mr Desmond.

Ivan Lewis, shadow Culture secretary, said: "Newspapers have a right to cover whatever they want in a democracy within the constraints of the law and their code of practice."



janie jones said...

The EDL are a disgusting front for racism. I would suggest a boycott of Desmonds products but i think that anyone with a brain does that naturally anyway.

Anonymous said...

If the EDL stood in any elections that would signal the end of them. Sections of the white working class support them because they are not a political party. They would end up going down the same road as other groups, they would argue, split and fade away.Do they honestly think that great chunks of the British electorate would turn out en mass to support them. I would bet my last pound that the majority of EDL supporters are not even registered to vote.

Anonymous said...

Some activists feel the need to always state that they are opposed to muslim extremists as well as the EDL (to appease bigots?) The big difference is the muslims are marginal and the EDL's politics are reinforced by the national press day in and day out. Most of my arguments have been with Express reading family members. The EDL didn't form in a vacuum.

And now this from the FT - "Le Pen daughter applauds Cameron on multiculturalism". The actions of Blair and Cameron have done more to boost racists and fascists in this country than anyone.

Anonymous said...

What a truly pathetic response from Ivan Lewis MP. Jack Straw was as bad when he was Home Secretary in refusing to condemn irresponsible and lurid headlines and stories about asylum seekers.

Anonymous said...

There is yet another article on the EDL in today's Star
Oddly, the number of Facebook subscribers to the EDL is stated to be 75,000, a thousand more than yesterday, and the telephone survey is said to be 99% in favour of the EDL, not 98% as the Star reported yesterday. There's a lot of bullshit going on at the Star I reckon. This so-called newspaper isn't fit for wiping your arse on.

fiona c. said...

Immoral pornographer Desmond now has full control over Channel 5, which he could use to push the EDL agenda when they become a political party.

No-doubt nobody will dare take action against him when they will do so.

This is most sickening.

How I wish some private detective could dig up dirt ahout Richard Desmind to put him out of action.

BTW, isn't Desmond Jewish by religion?

I wander if he had relatives in the East End of London when the area was threatened by Oswald Mosley?

Like the Daily Star today, his relatives, if so, would have been threatened by the pro-Mosley anti-Jewish stance of the Daily Mail at the time.

Desmond obviously hasn't read his history books!

Anonymous said...

If the EDL do snything really dreadfully evil, such as murder somebody, and public opinion quickly turns against these neonazi thugs, does this mean Dawn Neesom will lose her job?

Would Desmond save face by giving her the sack?

All it would take was for an act of EDL thuggery to be fatal and she would have motherfuckin blood on her hands.

I'm angry!

sy said...

the daily mail supported Hitler

daily star now supports their violent nazi british nephews the edl.

hope the advertisers leave the paper.

should be a concerted campaign to persuade advertisers not to use the star or express to advertise their products in, along the line of the very successful anti apartheid campaign.

Anonymous said...

"Immoral pornographer Desmond now has full control over Channel 5, which he could use to push the EDL agenda when they become a political party.

No-doubt nobody will dare take action against him when they will do so.

This is most sickening".


This is a serious worry. We all know TV regulators are complete wussies when deaing with racism and bigging up the far right.

How long before Desmond turns Channel 5 into a Nazi Propaganda Channel.

Shame on you Richard Desmond. And all the more shame that you are Jewish!

JD said...

If Cameron regulates television, Channel Five will produce tons of racist documentaries about Asian people to help the EDL get elected.

What a complete utter contemptable hideous little Hitler Desmond is.

Are you sure he's Jewish?

Anonymous said...

Richard Desmond will continue to promote racism against Muslims until devout female followers of Islam shed their religion, and become promiscious porn stars for his Asian Babes magazine.

Anonymous said...

Neesom or whatever her name is could land desmond in hot water if the edl do something really bad.

michie said...

Hope Not Hate / Searchlight need to investigate Desmond to discover what the fuck is happening.

As for the telly, aren't there calls for the Tories to deregulate from one of their subserviant capitalist think tanks to allow extreme rightwing telly - Desmond and Murdoch?

Someone who works in the media should know the score.

Anonymous said...

"If Cameron regulates television"

Deregulates. Cameron will deregulate t.v. so britain can have its own Fox News.

Channel Five could be Europe's first major far right television channel.


Anonymous said...

Desmond obviously hasn't read his history books!

Sums it up to a tee, desmond supporting nutzi soccer thugs.

Anonymous said...

"Do they honestly think that great chunks of the British electorate would turn out en mass to support them"

With the Daily Star and Channel Five telling people to go out and vote EDL, plus a higher profile on the net?

Sadly they could get several MPs with this kind of support.

Anonymous said...

If this person is allowed to conduct Channel 5 in the same way as his 'newspaper' stable, then we are in for pornography, racism, fascism and lies. Never mind the baleful effects on society.

Jen said...

"Richard Desmond will continue to promote racism against Muslims until devout female followers of Islam shed their religion, and become promiscious porn stars for his Asian Babes magazine".


His papers are so far right they already went on record to tell peole to vote UKIP rather than conservative at the last election.

Desmond is a lying scumbag even worse than other media barons such as Murdoch who at least don't pretend ever to be socialist. When he bought the Express and the Daily Star for northern and Shell his pornography holding company, he had claimed he was "new Labour".

Now he's "new neo-Nazi".

Blowing Bubbles said...

West Ham's fortunes have been boosted by its Black players, British and otherwise, throughout its contemporary history and is a beacon in the fight against racism in the game. There is a place for chav queen Dawn Neesom. It's called Millwall.

Fashwatcher said...

This is on the Hope not hate site.

"Dangerous Liaisons

It would appear that the Daily Star is cosying up to the English Defence League again. Yesterday, the newspaper ran a front page story with the headline: English Defence League to become political party. Today it carries a full-page piece on page four claiming the EDL leader is under 24-hour guard after threats to his life. It quoted EDL leader, Stephen Lennon, at length and ended by claiming that 99% of its readers would back the EDL as a political party.

This would be dangerous enough a as simple news article but it appears that the Daily Star is actually creating the story. According to the bemused EDL leadership last night they had never told the newspaper that they were planning to become a political party and that the journalists had either misunderstood or spun the story for their own ends.

Not that the EDL leadership are complaining. They are loving the attention the Daily Star is giving them.

The Daily Star is playing a very dangerous game. It appears to be deliberately inflating the intentions of the EDL with the intention of actually creating the political party they want. By aligning itself with the EDL the Daily Star editor is aligning herself to racists, drug dealers and criminals."

Skaface said...

Perhaps? We should maybe look at this another way. Desmond being Jewish, would have to be crazy not to find the likes of the EDL sick. So Perhaps? his game is to lead them up a path, then let them implode.

Anonymous said...


Two men arrested in Paignton Devon for publishing raically inflammatory material.
There is a branch of the EDL in Torbay on facebook.

Wonder if they read the Daily Star too?
Would not be too surprised

Anonymous said...

"So Perhaps? his game is to lead them up a path, then let them implode"

No way! The Daily Express has for years published stories about asylum seekers which have led to a most definate increase in BNP support, including Africans with aids, Romanian Roma stereotypes, racist diatribes about young black Londoners, etc. etc. etc...

There are a small handful of misguided Jewish, Sihk and mixed-race people in the BNP, popularly known as "poster boys" or "uncle toms".

Richard Desmond's just a racist self-loathing Jewish man who doesn't follow the anti-racist lead given by the UK's main Jewish organsiations such as the Deputues who have linked up with their Muslim counetrparts to help stop racism.

Anonymous said...

-Desmond being Jewish, would have to be crazy not to find the likes of the EDL sick-

Desmond has supported UKIP amd the BNP in the past.

Anonymous said...

Desmond is biggin up the EDL cos he thinks it will sell more papers, as being a porno freak, he doesn't give a shit about the moral consequences of his actions. He's a scumbag capitalist egotist who would disown his own family if it would increase his empire.

Anonymous said...

"Two men arrested in Paignton Devon for publishing raically inflammatory material"

You can bet your life Richard Desmond will never be arrested for printing racist material. One law for everyone else, another for the sodding lawless press.

Even the Sun newspaper when they called black people "animals" back in the dark days of the 80s, didn't face prosecution.

Anonymous said...

-Desmond being Jewish, would have to be crazy not to find the likes of the EDL sick-

Desmond has supported UKIP amd the BNP in the past.

Nuff said. Wouldn't surprise me if Richard Desmond has a Ku Klux Klan pointed hat in his hallway, which he would insist was fancy dress.

Anonymous said...

The vast majority of UK Jewish people are anti-racist. If he is a practising member of a faith community, Desmond is a law onto himself.

Shame on him.

Anonymous said...

Is he going to use channel five as a racist telly channel?

This could be why he is hoping they become a political party aiming at 18-35 year old voters.

It's a worry for antiracists everywhere. At least on the streets they can be kept in-place by Antifa. With free election broadcasts and regular slots on QT and NN, they would become the forth party more popular than the BNP and UKIP combined.

We must not forget the dangers that await if UKIP follow through and become a political party so they cannoe be outlawed and banned.

If serious fascist street violence ensues in Brum, they would be banned like Combat18.

Anonymous said...

Think it was about 2003 when they painted the racist picture of African migrant workers and asylum seekers having AIDS.

I worked in WHSMith at the time and it made me angry to see the Daily Express publishing hate like this day after day.

Anonymous said...

The Express Group newspapers often have freebies included to pick up with the newspaper.

Maybe the Daily Star will start offering free copies of Mein Kampf.

Anonymous said...

As if knowing they would be held accountable for flak for the racist fashist crap they print, a couple of weeks ago, Desmond pulled out of the self-regulation newspaper body, meaning the Daily Express and Daily Star are no-longer accountable to anyone and can do as they please.

Newspapers are beyond all laws and regulations, and most clearly abuse "press freedoms".

Jo said...

Desmond is a fascist sympathiser, regardless of his religious beliefs.

Anonymous said...

"Ivan Lewis, shadow Culture secretary, said: "Newspapers have a right to cover whatever they want in a democracy within the constraints of the law and their code of practice."

Why does every politician shit themselves when asked to criticise rightwing tabloid media?

It's rather like Italians and New Yorkers shaking hands with godfathers out of sheer fear rather than respect.

robbie said...

"The far-right English Defence League draws many of its supporters from football fans"

football HOOLIGANS.

not your average fan.

NewsHound said...



Anonymous said...

So Desmond finally goes down the path of Rothemere, Beaverbrook et al in supporting an openly racist party. The difference being that they were actually newspaper men, Desmond isn't. He's from the same sordid, violent and crime infested background as West Ham's David Sullivan - you know him, owner of the once proud football club that looks set to inherit the Olympic Stadium.

Maybe this EDL flirtation wont last long. Last time the Star stooped so low in morales was when it teamed up with Sullivan's Daily Sport in the late 80s. Then, they had the bright idea of counting down the days to a model's (Natalie Banus) 16th birthday on which she would be posing topless in the Star. This involved taking sexually provocative photographs of a semi naked 15 year old girl in preparation for the big day, with full knowledge and presumably the approval of both Sullivan and then Star owner Lord Stevens. Cant remember the legal term for taking such photographs - think it begins with 'pead..' Anyway, the advertisers fled and the marriage ended.

Of course now that Desmond owns Five, perhaps all advertisers should be made aware of Desmond's support for Nazi thugs. Certainly they should be boycotted.

Anonymous said...

Oddly enough the EDL story was nowhere to be seen in the Scottish edition yesterday. We got another Jordan & Alex splash!

Anonymous said...

If you read the Star articles closely, they go beyond just championing the EDL. The Star appears to be proposing their own policies for the EDL.

The headline in yesterday's paper, "English Defence League to become political party", isn't really borne out by the report below. With regard to plans to stand in elections, the EDL's Stephen Lennon is quoted as saying:

"We aren't ruling it out. I think this country needs a party that's not afraid to say things some would consider unpopular. My hope is still that the Tories will take a tougher stance. We are a single issue group and at the moment we would rather have a dialogue with the other political parties – but that could change."

It looks very much like it's the Star, rather than the EDL's own leadership, that's pushing the idea that the EDL should become a political party.

Check out the previous day's article, headlined "English Defence League: Will fight for hero's", and you find something similar. The article begins:

"The English Defence League (EDL) is planning a huge march after two Muslim councillors snubbed a British war hero given the George Cross. Councillors Salma Yaqoob and Mohammed Ishtiaq caused fury by sitting down as more than 100 other politicians gave L/Cpl Matthew Croucher a standing ovation at a civic event."

But the EDL's initial publicity for their Birmingham demonstration next month made no mention at all of the two councillors and their supposed "snub" of L/Cpl Croucher. It seems to be the Star that is urging the EDL to target Salma Yaqoob and Mohammed Ishtiaq.

When you bear in mind that these councillors have already been threatened with violence, and that the recent EDL protest in Shotton was followed by a major arson attack on the premises of a proposed new Islamic centre, it is difficult to avoid the conclusion that the Star's irresponsible behaviour is putting the physical safety of Salma Yaqoob and Mohammed Ishtiaq at risk.

NewsHound said...



Anonymous said...

There is a place for chav queen Dawn Neesom.

Dawn Neesom (Daily Star editor) is a EDL supporter and is open about the fact in casual conversation. Rumour has it that she convinced Desmond to support the EDL and not the other way around: tale wagging the dog.

Anonymous said...

Its only a matter of time before someone is killed at one of their demos. If that happened it could spark communal violence on a scale never seen before. There will be no turning back. it will lead to civil unrest and the rise of BNP and other groups into positions of power and influence. We are entering uncharted and dangerous times. We have to ask ourselves, why is the BBC and the Star up too

in the know said...

Rumor has it Old Griffo has been seen having a cosy meal with Desmond.

Anonymous said...

If Dawn Neesom is a kickboxer she will almost certianly come into regular contact with Asian, probably Muslim, opponents.

Anonymous said...

One little sidebar to this is that the Daily Mail may run anti-EDL stories. Not for any positive reasons but because it hates the Express (it's main rival) and would oppose the EDL just because Desmond backs them.

Anonymous said...

I think the EDL have let things go to their heads a bit. They got a thousand or so at Luton and suddenly they think they can sweep into parliamemt.Robinson claims he can get 10,000 outside the BBC for Question time, if thats the case why didnt they turn up at luton

Anonymous said...

To put this in perspective, before the "One Million United against the BNP" Facebook page went down (owing to constant hostile flagging by BNP supporters) they'd gone a fair way to achieving their goal, with 730,000 supporters on Facebook. I'm not saying the EDL's (far smaller) level of support on Facebook isn't worrying, but Anti-Fascists would be naive if we think the million people who voted BNP in the Euro 2008 elections have all suddenly become liberals or lefties, and the fact is the EDL havn't been able to mobilise even a small fraction of the support the BNP recently enjoyed.

As for The Daily Star, they started off openly encouraging (if not explicitly supporting) the EDL, then got bombarded with You Tubes showing the EDL's Nazi links, then described the EDL Luton outing as (quote) "thuggish", now they seem to be back promoting the EDL again. It's basic gutter journalism - I don't think the Star support the EDL any more than they "support" Anjem Choudary and Islam4UK, but that didn't stop them giving Islam4UK endless publicity, because the Star couldn't give a shit about the consequences of their own actions for society, as long as these provocations help them sell newspapers


Anonymous said...

Rumor has it Old Griffo has been seen having a cosy meal with Desmond.

Doesn't ring true. Griffin regards Desmond as one of the "elders of Zion"!

Anonymous said...

Roy Greenslade writing in the Guardian says;

"Desmond: I knew nothing about Star's EDL support


Comments (3)

Richard Desmond would like everyone to know that he knew nothing about the Daily Star's decision to champion the English Defence League until he picked up the paper at breakfast on Wednesday morning.

A spokesman for Desmond called to say that the owner of the Star has been away from the office because his girlfriend, Joy Canfield, is expecting a baby.

So, said the spokesman, it came as a surprise to him when he saw the Star's front page story and leading article.

I asked whether he disapproved. No comment. I pointed out that there was still pro-EDL material running in today's paper. No comment either.

But he did point out that, having called The Independent to acquaint them with the news of Desmond's surprise, that paper had graciously changed its online headline.

It previously read, as it does in the print edition: Has Richard Desmond decided to back the English Defence League? Now it has been changed to Has the Daily Star decided to back the English Defence League?"

Porksword said...

Fiona C hit the nail on the head when she said 'is desmond Jewish'. Note jewish flags at EDL demos. The zionists arses are starting to twitch as they know they will be the first ones into the ovens when the muslims take power, along with trade unionists, communists etc. No doubt they will round up the BNP as well which would be ironic. Hence the sudden easy ride the racist EDL are getting