December 22, 2007

BNP still insolvent

The BNP finally published its 2006 accounts days before the fine for their late submission to the Electoral Commission would have doubled to £2,000. They make interesting reading, not only for the figures, and the failure to solve the mystery of the printing equipment, but also for the names of party activists listed in their various roles.

For a start the BNP's nominating officer and campaigns officer throughout the year was none other than Tony "Mad Bomber" Lecomber, despite his claim to have left the BNP 18 months ago after he was found out trying to hire a hit man to murder a leading politician and was sacked as the party's group development officer.

A full list of the party's Advisory Council will prove useful to those BNP members trying to establish the identity of the Searchlight mole that the BNP claims is present in that select group. It is also interesting to compare the list with the names of those who have signed up to Sadie Graham's and Kenny Smith's dissident group.

History is rewritten too. According to the chairman's introduction to the accounts Simon Darby "gave a very good account of himself in difficult circumstances" in a Channel Five studio discussion. In fact Darby was verbally slaughtered by Lord Lester QC. The account of the trial on race hate charges of Nick Griffin, the party leader, and Mark Collett, the BNP's former director of publicity, recently demoted to graphic designer, is also heavily embellished.

Seven "key permanent members of staff" are shown: Nick Griffin, Sadie Graham, John Walker, Dave Hannam, Martin Wingfield, Tina Wingfield and Steve Blake. Some have proved a good deal less than permanent and Hannam's position as assistant treasurer has recently been abolished, although it is unclear whether he has been made redundant.

Membership is stated as 6,281, down from the 6,502 shown in the 2005 accounts and a far cry from the 10,000 figure currently being bandied around by the BNP leadership. At the time of the BNP leadership election the voting figures indicated that the party had 8,604 members but this was widely thought to be an exaggeration.

The treasurer's and audit reports reveal that the party had not yet completed the task of setting up proper internal controls, which it started early in 2005, and so the auditors, Silver & Co of Cannock, had "to rely upon assurances and explanations given us by officers of the party". This is not an unusual let out for small organisations and gives the lie to the claim that the auditors would not sign the accounts until Kenny Smith was sacked for failing to provide receipts for administration expenditure. When asked about this allegation Frank Hogarth, a partner in Silver & Co, refused to comment.

Announcing the accounts on its website the BNP highlighted the increase in income and the surplus for the year. Income from donations and membership fees has indeed gone up, although income from commercial activities is down, something that will no doubt be blamed on the dissidents.

Campaign expenditure is a mere £19,016, almost all on leaflets. Even this tiny figure for a national organisation is an improvement on 2005 when nothing was spent on campaigning leaflets. Presumably party branches have to pay for everything themselves.

Staff costs are down £20,000 to £227,732 of which £145,447 is for employees and £104,764 on "professional fees" – payments outside the compulsory PAYE system of accounting for tax and national insurance contributions on employees' wages. One of the allegations Searchlight made based on the 2005 accounts is that the wages figure was impossibly low for the number of employees declared, suggesting that some employees were paid outside PAYE. The position has hardly improved. The accounts state that the total number of staff has increased from nine in 2005 to 13, which means that the average wage per staff member is still only around £11,000. Remember Ian Dawson, the former group support officer, recently stated that he worked for the party earning £14,400 and this was "probably the lowest full-time wage in the party".

Collett is not listed as a key staff member, although he clearly spends a considerable amount of his time working for the party. Either he is one of those still paid as a self employed person or his remuneration comes in another way. Perhaps some of the BNP's £30,000 of expenditure on commercial printing and reproduction goes his way, or the similar sums spent on producing The Voice of Freedom and Identity. Quite what Collett did as director of publicity is unclear seeing as the party spends so little on leaflets and only £1,410 on "promotional expenditure".

Income from tickets to the BNP's Red White Blue summer festival fell from £15,808 in 2005 to £9,242 but the cost of putting the event on also fell by £4,000. Perhaps BNP members have started getting bored with it. Trafalgar Club income and expenditure is not separately itemised, an example of the lack of transparency about which the dissidents have complained. What does the party have to hide here?

Although the BNP made a surplus of nearly £19,000 compared to a deficit of nearly £95,000 in 2005, it was not enough to take the party out of insolvency. A £35,000 surplus of liabilities over assets was financed partly by running up a debt of nearly £22,000 to the regional accounting unit (party branches and groups), although this was paid off in January 2007 out of the £46,000 cash it had in the bank at 31 December 2006. The amount owed to HM Revenue and Customs for PAYE and value added tax was half the sum at the start of the year, suggesting that HMRC became less tolerant of the BNP's attempts to borrow from the taxpayer.

The largest liability is "subscriptions in advance". This would normally cover the proportion after 31 December 2006 of annual subscriptions to publications paid in the course of the year. In this case it is probably membership subscriptions because it is way too large for subscriptions to Freedom and Identity. That this sum has doubled to £67,548 may be because the BNP made a big effort to get people to pay their 2007 membership fees at the end of 2006 rather than at the beginning of 2007. This would be consistent with the large cash balance at the end of the year, much of which was spent in January 2007 on paying off the party's debt to the branches. In other words, much of 2007's membership income has been spent in 2006.

A note to the accounts takes a swipe at Kenny Smith, though not by name, for failing to provide receipts for £14,000 of funds "transferred to the B N Publications account so as to allow the printing department to funding [sic]". The party first accused him of failing to account for "up to £17,000" and rapidly dropped the "up to". The fact that it is now £14,000 will undoubtedly get overlooked by the Griffin loyalists. And why the B N Publications account should be off balance sheet is unclear, as it would appear to be part of the party's administration.

Another note explains that the Excalibur stock held at the year end has not been included in the accounts. Its omission would depress the commercial (and therefore taxable) profit (though as in 2005 there is no sign that any corporation tax is paid). It is the reason for the omission that is interesting, namely that "the very nature of the stock raises questions as to it's [sic] realisable value". Well we certainly wouldn't buy it.

"Certain party officials are involved and hold positions with 'Great White Records'", the accounts state, revealing that the party buys CDs at commercial rates from the company, owned by Hannam, and resells them. Great White Records also supplied "sound assistance at venues" amounting to £9,618, another means of transferring money to Hannam. As we expected, the accounts do not show the rumoured investment by the party of £50,000 in Great White Records, which is therefore either a myth or another "off balance sheet" transaction.

And finally, there is no solution to the mystery of the BNP's printing equipment. In 2005 the party claimed to have spent variously £75,000 or £70,000 on printing equipment, but the 2005 accounts only showed acquisitions of equipment (of any sort) of £51,671. In June 2007 when Chris Jackson challenged Griffin for the party leadership, some people asked questions about why Collett was always late in producing leaflets for the BNP after the party had spent "£70,000" on printing equipment. The BNP's reply was that the party had bought four high quality digital duplicators, three folding machines and power guillotine for £70,000 but that after the 2005 general election they were "given to the regions" and no longer kept for head office jobs.

Yet neither the 2005 accounts nor the 2006 accounts show any disposal of equipment, which if by means of a gift would have turned the small 2006 surplus into a loss. Was the equipment ever in the accounts? Who owns it now? Was the BNP lying in 2005, in 2007 or both? We think party members have a right to know.

BNP in crisis


iliacus said...

Well, that's saved me writing a second article on the accounts!!!

Excellent summary - just a couple of points worth mentioning:

It took me years to even start to get my head round the concept of depreciation in accounts, and I wonder how realistic a grasp the BNP finance team has ???? But, the current solvency of the BNP is closely linked to its depreciation policy.
Let me explain. According to the Balance Sheet the BNP has Current Assets (i.e. liquidity, cash in hand/at bank) of £46,027. It has liabilities of £139,419 - money it owes basically. One hell of a gap.
But a gap which can be plugged by fixed assets (i.e. things like property, equipment, stock in hand). The party declares fixed assets of £61,353, made up of vehicle(s) £10,412 and equipment £50,941.
End result is a balance sheet deficit of around £35,000 - and as one helpful soul put it on SF, "two more years like 2006 and the party will be solvent again".
But are the fixed assets REALLY worth £61,353? What is the "equipment" valued at £50,941, and is it really worth that.
Because if it IS printing equipment then I've bad news for the BNP (oh, it breaks my heart!), because second-hand printing equipment is incredibly cheap to buy.
And as the stuff depreciates down to zero book value that gap between assets and liabilities can only grow.

Happy Christmas to you all (but not to any right wing trolls)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Plenty of time to fiddle about with that, haven't they?

Anonymous said...

Why no Happy Christmas for us Right Wing Trolls? What ever happened to the Christmas Spirit and Love Thy Enemies and all that? Can't we at least have a Mediocre Christmas? If somebody loved me, it might even stop me from Capitalising Everything I Type!

A Very Happy Christmas to all, Trolls, Lefty Lunatics, even Nicking Nick Griffin, from All At The Engalnd First Party.

Sonia said...

I liked your article too, Iliacus.

You make a good point, if indeed the fixed assets include the printing equipment.

Anonymous said...

Griffin moves in the for the kill:

Anonymous said...

what can you expect with people like simon darby and his crony crooks running things.the west midlands bnp is accounts empty and major figures any industry this would call for heads to roll ? so why is darby allowed to carry on ? because he is the state grass.

A little bird said...

You need to watch out for libel entrapment in some of these comments. If Gable goes for the BNP they're going for you so you're going to get people telling you a load of bollox but a kernel of truth like anon's comment.

A little bird's telling you.

Sonia said...

Sadie Graham has confirmed that she was treated as self-employed for a year so that the BNP could save tax. I hope HM Revenue & Customs are reading this. She has lots of other interesting revelations.

Anonymous said...

Griffin calls that PROOF, does he?

Anyone can create a screenshot to say anything they want it to say.

Are the BNP's members so thick as to fall for this?!

Antifascist said...

'You need to watch out for libel entrapment in some of these comments.'

Very true.

Pinkerton said...

Stormfront is claiming a link between Sadie and you lot.
"The first time I heard about the EIE blog, before it was found out who was behind it, was on the LUAF site."

Anonymous said...

Sadie's Story

My Background

I joined the BNP in 2000, became Regional Organiser for the East Midlands in 2004 and Group Development Officer in 2006. I also became the parties first Parish Councillor in 2005 and was elected as a Borough Councillor in May 2007.

I don’t need to go into the work that I have done within the Party since then as most of you will be well aware of the things that I have organised and improved.

I would like to tell you all that I have not been earning huge amounts of money for this. In fact for a year I have been contracted by the Party as self-employed so that they can save on paying my tax bill. Something I was not happy about at all, but had no choice. I have been in receipt of £1,250 per month, out of which I have to pay my own tax and national insurance. I also received remuneration for direct expenses incurred during my Group Development work. I put 45,000 miles on my hire purchase car whilst driving it on Party business. I have never claimed for any expenses for my home, I pay my own landline phone bill, internet, and all other bills; everything. I had a Party mobile phone but that was it.

When the problems started

I could write an essay on the problems caused by the two individuals that have been the cause and centre of all this, but most of you are well aware of the issues by now.

I do want to say that we tried for nearly two years to raise these issues with Nick Griffin. We finally got to the end of our tether with it and after sending many emails to both Nick Griffin and the Party Manager. Ian Dawson and myself had a meeting with Nick Griffin in May 2007 about changes that were needed internally. Nick Griffin did concede that there were problems with treasury and that something would be done about it. Yet nothing was done.

The problems continued until a further meeting at Nick Griffin’s house with quite a few hand selected people with business skills, who met to discuss making some internal changes. However after this meeting the problems still continued, with no real changes being made, apart from the formation of the toothless Central Management Team and a National Fundraiser being taken on to help with treasury work.

On September 17th, just 2 days after the summer school I received a letter from Nick Griffin which was a written warning for what he describes as stepping outside the boundaries of my job and effectively doing his job. This was a mistake because he simply hadn’t read an email that I had sent to him. He had in fact asked me to phone around and suggest names of potential Deputy Treasurers, when they could start and if we could possibly afford them. I found several people – whom I won’t name here - and I spoke to Micheala Mackenzie on the phone to explain what Nick was looking for. Then just 3 minutes after the conversation I sent an email to Nick Griffin telling him that she would consider it and suggested that he speak with her. Nick never read this email and very oddly gave me a written warning for offering someone a job, which I never did. I was annoyed about this and his jumping to a conclusion without even bothering to speak to me first about it. However, when I posted him a copy of the email that was sent to him along with a very strongly worded letter he quickly retracted it and sent a text saying that I ‘probably’ deserved an apology.

On the 28th September, just after Ian Dawson had resigned, I received another letter from Nick sent via email from Simon Darby’s account which was telling me to back off from complaining about Mark and Treasury. In it he said that Mark was far more competent and skilled than myself and that I was easily replaceable. I was once again taken aback by this and it then became very clear that he was trying to push me out of the Party simply for trying to raise concerns. He said in it that it would be better if those who had a problem with Mark went now along with Ian so that he could replace us all at once. He had also sent a similar email to Kenny Smith. He said that I was hard working and he wanted me to stay but only if I wouldn’t raise issues about Mark.

In the run up to the Annual Conference 2007 I was working and preparing hard for it, including two seminars that Kenny and I were due to give entitled ‘Organisation and Structure’ and ‘Administration and Regional Development’ as agreed with Nick in September. We had prepared departmental flow charts but Mark Collett refused to put them into the Conference Handbooks because we had not put him as a head of a department. Our decision was based on correspondence with people who are part of the publicity machine and asking them whether Mark was their direct line manager and whether they were answerable to him. It was clear from the answers that this was not the case and this is the reason that Mark was not put as a department head but instead put as part of the ideology and policy department headed by Nick. There is not a single official who directly answers to Mark as their direct line manager so he cannot possibly be a departmental head. Mark’s refusal to put the notes of our talks into the handbook resulted in Nick and Mark privately deciding to pull one of our seminars, change the title and scope of the other without either of us knowing until the afternoon before the Conference. They did this on the Monday before the handbook was printed. We were so totally appalled by this and not having any time to prepare our ‘new seminar’ we both decided we could not talk at all. I could not get over how completely outrageous this was when I had organised and worked so hard on getting the itinery and the conference itself prepared. This was just yet another example of Nick bowing down to pressure from Mark at the expense of the efforts of other staff and the party overall.

Theft of Computer

I cannot go into the precise details of the theft of my property by the security department because it is now part of a Police investigation. In any case the full details have already been posted on this blog for all to see. I see from the BNP site that they have posted up a receipt claiming to be for the purchase of my computer. I will be speaking to the police about this and why Nick was claiming initially that the computer I had was from an employee, now sadly deceased, and now suddenly there appears to be a receipt for it!

If the party wanted party property returned then they would have only had to provide an inventory of what was theirs and they would have got it. There is no doubt that security entered my property illegally and used deception to tell a friend of mine that they had spoken to Matt and me and that we had given permission for them to enter my house. This is certainly not the actions of a lawful and legitimate political leadership, which is why the police are taking this so seriously.

I can say that I am absolutely appalled that the Party that I have worked so hard for on both a voluntary and paid basis has treated me in this way. I have never wanted to run this Party, but I was in a position to see the changes that needed to be made to the internal construction of the Party. This is only ever what we were trying to do.

Nick is now touring the country with Mark Collett, Dave Hannam and John Walker setting up meetings to give their stories. It is strange that at the time of writing the Party’s accounts still have not been submitted yet they all find time to drop party work for over a week to do this tour. None of us are being officially invited to these meetings to counter the lies and allegations being made against us so this is why I am writing this statement to put across my side with what I can say is written with 100% honesty, something often not found very often in politics.


Nick Griffin has stated at North West and Leicestershire meetings that steps had to be taken by the Party’s internal intelligence department to prevent further leaks of emails. When asked directly about the bugging of an official’s home and that this contravened the Party’s stance on ID cards and freedom of speech, he did not deny that a bugging device was used. It is likely that he will now change his stance on this given the overwhelming outrage amongst the party membership of this kind of illegal and unwarranted behaviour. This is again a further matter for police investigation. Nick has no evidence that any emails from any of us have been leaked to any organisation at all, this is pure slander.

Unfair Dismissal

I have received no formal written notification that I have either been expelled or sacked from the party or my employment – I learned about my expulsion from the website. The party appear to think that they have reasonable grounds because I have been illegally employed by them for over a year now as Self Employed. They are entirely wrong and according to no less than four solicitors I have a very strong case against the party. Once again this is a last resort but is a serious option unless this is remedied immediately.

Breaking of Privacy Laws

Nick Griffin and the others have without doubt broken very serious Privacy laws by trawling through my computer. They are then claiming to be putting up emails from my computer online, on blogs and reading out emails at meetings which all contravenes various laws. This includes my private and personal ntlworld email address. My computer has been in their hands for over a week now, date settings can be easily changed and anything can be put onto a hard drive that was not there originally. The world of politics has been stunned by the actions of the party in the past week and comments have already been made in Parliament of the hot water that the party is getting itself into by purporting to be posting up things from my computer. It is quite incredible and something that we as Free Speech Nationalists should not condone.

Smears and Lies

I have received emails and texts forwarded to me by supporters that Nick Griffin has been sending out to people. The lies are blatant and do not corroborate each other. To some people he is saying that I am a neo-nazi crank and to others I work for Labour and am a UAF infiltrator. He is telling people that I was wrongly amending bank statements that I distribute to fundholders at each regional council meeting. This is ridiculous, why on earth as an RO would I want to do this, when all I want is accurate and up to date statements for everyone. I would frequently tell Dave Hannam about problems and errors on the accounts, money not being banked or going missing, being overcharged for leaflets etc, yet the corrections were never made despite reminders. I gave up asking anymore and decided just to send out the statements that Dave had said he had amended.

Simon Darby has now stated on Newsnight that we are ‘Neo-Nazis that they have purged from the Party’. This is an outrageous slur. If I was a nazi then why has the press never reported this, why was I elected as a councillor with a huge majority, why has Nick celebrated the work that I have done within the party like organising conferences and training events, and even only at a meeting last Saturday stated that I had done great work for the party? What terrible irreparable damage does this do for a party that has been working so hard – my own efforts included - to shake off this image, when our own Press Officer says something so stupid on national television?


Another lie that is being peddled is that we were trying to set up a coup to oust people from the Advisory Council and replace them with our own, even to disband the AC altogether. This is certainly not the case at all, in fact I strongly support AC meetings and have organised at least three of them. Councillors at the Blackpool Conference voted in Cllr Chris Beverley onto the AC as the Cllr Rep. Chris Jackson was nominated to be the NW Regional Organiser by a majority decision, which has now been overruled by Nick Griffin at the recent NW meeting and instead placed himself in that role. I went on a trip to Sweden with Nick Griffin a few years ago to discuss the Voting member scheme that they have in Sweden with a view to implementing something similar within the BNP. Upon our return I had a meeting with Ian Dawson to discuss measures to implement it. Therefore if I was instrumental in helping to establish the Voting member system then why would I want to dismantle it? In fact, I have been raising concerns to Nick that it has been only part established because Treasury had done nothing with the financial contributions despite this being voted upon at Conference in 2006.

In Conclusion

This past week has literally torn me in two. I have had to deal with friends of ours stealing our property, my home being bugged, I have lost my job, there are traitors trawling through my private and personal emails, posting lies about me over the internet, and the thought of never having my computer returned which has irreplaceable holiday photos, scanned photos of our unborn baby and photos of the day we got engaged.

There is no doubt that the Party has acted illegally. They cannot justify the actions that they have taken because the party was never under threat, neither was Nick Griffins position as leader. The action that we took was simply about preventing further internal damage from the actions and behaviour of Mark Collett and Dave Hannam. Nick’s actions over the past week have amounted to paranoia of inexplicable proportions. He has now damaged his reputation as Party Leader beyond repair. This situation has reached the wider public, Parliament and the National Press. I really cannot understand why he is resorting to these lengths to keep just two members of staff. He has already lost some of his hardest working members of staff and very senior and important regional and local officers. He is claiming that this will all be over within a couple of days but that is simply not happening. The party is now in a crisis that Nick has created. I honestly and sincerely believe that Nick is no longer fit to lead this party. He has shown the desperate lengths that he will go to stifle criticism of his leadership, these are not the actions of a democratic leader with the interests of the party membership as his number one priority.

In the past 24 hours there have been serious and very sinister developments that any party member would find shocking. Unfortunately we are unable to release this information at this time. However, as soon as we are able to it will be reported on this blog.


Sadie Graham

Anonymous said...

"Pinkerton said...
Stormfront is claiming a link between Sadie and you lot.
"The first time I heard about the EIE blog, before it was found out who was behind it, was on the LUAF site."

6:06 PM, December 22, 2007"

The link was first posted on the NWN blog

Antifascist said...

Stormfront is claiming a link between Sadie and you lot.
"The first time I heard about the EIE blog, before it was found out who was behind it, was on the LUAF site."

They can think what they want. The first we heard of the EiE blog was on the BNP site.

Pete Postlethwaites rear innertube said...

"Anonymous said...

Griffin moves in the for the kill:"

Sorry Mr bnp troll, I tend to agree with the others


Plenty of time to fiddle about with that, haven't they?"


Griffin calls that PROOF, does he?

Anyone can create a screenshot to say anything they want it to say.

Are the BNP's members so thick as to fall for this?!"

2 out of 10

Must try harder!

Whilst you are here as spokesman for your party, perhaps you can answer me this, why is Daffy Duck (allegedly Mark Collett) spamming stormftont saying the rebels are down to about four people now, where as in reality new rebels are PUBLICLY joining them all the time?

I'm anti-BNP, but I can read, so I know what's going on, why do you think that actual BNP members, who I would hope are even better informed than me, wouldn't?

It's poor show to lie old boy.

Must say though, I have to thank both you, and the rebels, for delivering us all an early Christmas present.

The man from Del Montes Pineapple chunks... said...

And another question for the BNP trolls on here, if this blog is proscribed, and it's an instant sacking offense to even look at it, to think about it, to dream about it, or to drop your pants and... why do you all spend so much time posting here?

Everybody can spot you a mile off, so it's not like you're kidding anyone.

Clue: Average persons IQ > trolls

Anonymous said...

What I can't understand is why the police haven't seized Graham's computer yet.

Are they taking this seriously or stringing her along.

They might be letting Griffin get on with it, though. Give him enough rope and all that. Just seems strange.

back to anonymous again said...

"Stormfront is claiming a link between Sadie and you lot."

It's not surprising, they've already made the claim once before in that monster thread of there's, and it was shown to be crap, but let them think what they want, it doesn't hurt to have a bit more confusion and disruption.

It would be actually nice if someone could now link Nick Griffin to this blog, then both sides could start screaming traitor at each other, with no justification.

The real mole within the BNP is still happily not even suspected, and I don't see him coming under suspicion for a long time, Nick seems to like him.

Old Sailor said...

Well not being aware of what exact mark and make of digital printing equipment I can not comments on the net asset value.

I can confirm that there is an awful lot of second hand equipment on the market.

BTW were not the "Patritic Party" outsourcing thier bulk printing requiements to eastern europe?

Tiny Tim Cratchit said...

Dear Santa,

If you read this blog, please let the 8,604 members that the BNP boasted about during their leadership election be the total fabrication that many of us believe it to be.

If it's a total fabrication then think of the joy you will bring to so many people, as it will leave Mr Griffin in such an awkward pickle, this time next year, as he will either have to admit the membership figures were faked, during the election, which means in a court case the result can be over turned, and he would lose control of his party, or he'd have to add the extra 2300 members to the accounts that are published next year, and at £30 a throw, for membership of his little nazi party, that would cost him £69,000, out of his own pocket, and with the party already £93,000 in the hole it would be such a delight to see his face, if he had to do that.

So please Mr Claus, make all our dreams come true, apart from Mr Griffins.

Yours in anticipation,

Tim Cratchit

Anonymous said...

I have absolutely no sympathy for Saidie Graham after reading her rambling post - she worked in cahoots with her fellow nutzi, Nick Griffin, until he turned on her (in true nutzi style). She promoted the same race hate message of the BNP as Griffin. And, she will continue to do so, with or without the BNP. It seems Sadie Graham has got a taste of her own BNP medicine and it tastes quite bitter. I somehow don't think that Sadie Graham will be remembering over Christmas the poor Sri Lankan family who lived next door to her, who were driven out by racist thugs after attacks on their home. Sadie Graham’s complaint that many personal memories on the computer stolen from her by her fellow BNP comrades may be lost forever doesn’t cut any ice with me. I guess the memories she risks losing at the hands of her once fellow BNP comrades are nothing like the personal memories lost by that Sri Lankan family when they were driven from their home by racist thugs given succour by the BNP (perhaps these racist scum were BNP members, wouldn't be surprised).

Anonymous said...

"So please Mr Claus, make all our dreams come true, apart from Mr Griffins.

Yours in anticipation,

Tim Cratchit"

If you take those 2300 fabricated members away from Griffins vote, what did Jackson really get?

ruralred said...

We now need to make this list available to all public bodies who would find BNP membership unacceptable.
I,m thinking health care commission, CSCI, We neede names and jobs.
Being an ex member does not mean being an ex fascist.