December 01, 2007

Plan B: How to tone up the white race

The white nationalist world is filled with any manner of oddball schemes, but a recent advertisement in the race science publication American Renaissance for “saving” the white race through the use of “Positive Subliminal Audio Programming” has got to take the cake for kookiest.

Alexander Thiele of the Legion of Joan of Arc blog proposes that for white nationalists to “safeguard [their] ethnic genetic interests,” they must counter destructive PC propaganda, which he calls negative subliminal audio programming, that whites are subjected to every day. That programming supposedly interferes with whites’ ability to understand that their true interests are in saving the white race — not hanging out with people of color.

Thiele came to this understanding of how whites went wrong after reading a 2006 article by anti-Semitic theorist Kevin MacDonald, a psychology professor at California State Long Beach, in the white supremacist journal, The Occidental Quarterly. The article argued that although “ethnic tendencies are automatic,” the mass media and our multicultural society’s “cultural programming” is somehow interfering with these natural processes — and thus stopping white nationalism from taking off. (For more on Kevin MacDonald’s anti-Semitic body of work, see here.)

So what does Alexander propose that whites should do? Lucky for white nationalists, Thiele says he has already created a way to bring “self programmed positive subliminal audio into our people’s daily routines.” He created a “subliminal, hypnotic guided meditation called Destiny and another piece, a pure subliminal called Winning.” The audiotapes are composed of tones that supposedly stimulate the frontal cortex and “synchronize both hemispheres of the brain which unifies and protects the mind from the enemies [sic] negative subliminal assault.”

Worried that Thiele’s Aryan tones might not work? Just listen to this American Renaissance conference-goer’s testimonial: “My wife and I had not been doing very well. We were edgy, finding fault with each other and talking about a divorce. … So I did what you suggested; put the CD on the home stereo and let it repeat on track one for a month. After two weeks things smoothed out a little. … After a year we made a good deal on a better house. I have some very interesting new job offers which I have not acted on yet because I want to do it right. My level of political activity has increased considerably. My wife and I have not spoken about divorce since before listening to the CD.”


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