December 14, 2007

Leaflets criticising schools full of errors

The British National Party has been accused of hypocrisy for attacking the standards of British education in a leaflet littered with spelling mistakes.

Scores of leaflets, aiming to pick up support for the far-right party in south Essex, were handed out to households in Hockley and Hullbridge. The party writes in the leaflet it wants "a return to traditional methods of education, with stronger discipline in the classroom and an end to trendy teaching methods which have failed our children so badly".

However, the point of the letter came a little unstuck, as it was littered with misspellings - including references to the "Conservetive party", "social servicies" and the "envoironment".

When the letter fell on the door of one retired teacher, he was so incensed he wrote to the party about its hypocrisy. The teacher, who asked not to be named, wrote: "I have corrected the numerous spelling and grammar mistakes I found in the leaflet you posted through my letter box. I am surprised you criticised the trendy teaching methods' of today when the traditional' methods obviously failed you so miserably. Yours faithfully, an elderly member of the teaching profession."

Mark Francois, MP for Rochford and Rayleigh, said the issue highlighted the "ugly" approach of the party. He added: "By the sound of it, the BNP's literary skills are about as rough as its politics. A number of my constituents are rightly concerned about immigration and David Cameron recently made a major speech, arguing controls should be tightened. This is the democratic way to approach this important issue, rather than the ugly message which is peddled by the BNP."

The BNP was contacted for comment, but did not respond.

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It's Art Not Porn said...

Wander if the leaflets were written by Griffin lackey (and gay porno movie buff) Barnbrook, the mayoral canidate who can't spell, yet would like to be in charge of all schools in the london area.

Marianne said...

Clearly one of Mark Collett's leaflets.

Snuffy said...

Maybe Collett designed the leaflet and Barnbrook did the typesetting and spellcheck.

oneofgriffin'sporkers said...

U leev Marc and Dicki a-loan

Ther dwin there besst

Voat BNP - four beter edicah, edikaysh, eddykay . . . skools