December 18, 2007

BNP reported to police and EC over illegal activities and financial irregularities

BNP reported to Police and Electoral Commission over illegal activities and financial irregularities

The British National Party was today reported to the Electoral Commission and Police over possible financial irregularities. Labour MP Jon Cruddas used an adjournment debate in the House of Commons to make a number of charges regarding alleged illegal activity and financial irregularities in the internal operations of the BNP.

“Last week I wrote to the police to request an investigation into claims of illegal spying within the BNP,” he told the Commons. “Today I have been given a 20 page dossier entitled ‘Financial Irregularities in the British National Party: An Investigation by Searchlight Information Services’ which I am in turn sending to both the police and the Electoral Commission.”

He went on to outline a serious of allegations against the BNP. He said:
  • The BNP’s 2006 accounts have still not been submitted to the Electoral Commission, more than five months (so far) after the due date.
  • The BNP failed to report a donation of £5,315 in the period 1 July 2007 to 30 September 2007 in contravention of the Political Parties, Elections and Referendum Act 2000.
  • BNP financial records were shredded at the home of the party’s former national treasurer in 2004.
  • The BNP has solicited donations from overseas to an organisation by the name of Civil Liberty, which Searchlight considers is merely a front organisation set up to circumvent the prohibition on donations to political parties from individuals who are not registered to vote in the UK.
  • The BNP attempted to earn insurance commission by means of an insurance entity that was not authorised by the Financial Services Authority and there were serious doubts whether the activity was exempt from the requirement for authorisation.
  • There is evidence that the BNP financed its insolvent position in 2006 by a failure to pay sums owed to HM Revenue and Customs in respect of Pay As You Earn (PAYE) and value added tax (VAT).
  • There are allegations that the BNP has paid workers in cash to avoid tax and national insurance contributions and to enable them to claim state benefits.
  • The BNP claims to have spent at least £70,000 on printing equipment in 2005, but no such expenditure is shown in the accounts.
Cruddas also used his speech to reiterate his belief that the BNP leadership has acted illegally in the split. He said: “That the BNP have posted on their website a recording and transcript of a private conversation between the two people who were later sacked,” he said. “It is the belief of the people concerned that their house, phone or computer has been bugged.

“On Saturday 8 December members of BNP security, under instructions of [the] BNP leader Nick Griffin, entered the house of Sadie Graham in the East Midlands by deception. Property belonging to Sadie Graham, including her personal computer bought for her by her father, was removed without consent. This is nothing less than burglary.”

He went on to say that this computer was later examined by the BNP, emails opened and read and the contents then posted on the Internet, which he insisted was a clear breach of the Data Protection Act.

As the content of one email was referred to by Nick Griffin on the party website Cruddas concluded: “This clearly proves that the BNP leader has been privy to a criminal act.”

Cruddas ended by saying: “In conclusion what is being uncovered in the internal workings of the British National Party appears to be illegal in terms of data protection, bugging, theft and the operation of the Political Parties, Elections and Referendums Act 2000. This is not the behaviour of a mature political party and I would like to see the police and the Electoral Commission investigate these charges. The fact that this is being orchestrated by the leader of a political party is most shocking. The BNP leadership and Nick Griffin in particular, are showing us its true colours.”

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Anonymous said...

BNP financial records were shredded at the home of the party’s former national treasurer in 2004.

%hat wasn't the last time that happened.

biz said...

Just like clockwork - an attempted deragatory article about John Cruddass. Notice how they haven't mentioned why they have article about him in there. Also notice how the article about the "splinter group" is now buried in the archives. What's the matter Nick??? You're not trying to stifle debate are you?? After all, you're one of the "free speech two" aren't you??

Another poster said...

"Just like clockwork - an attempted deragatory article about John Cruddass."

Poor old Nick. An attempted pre-emptive strike on Jon cruddas just fizzles out like a damp squib.

It's about time Nick Griffin realised the truth - he's fucked.

Denise G said...

Maybe a one-man band, but:

Happy boy Nick said...

Scumfront, posted by Silkworm (Hannam):

When my local branch stood in local elections we got our leaflets from collett, this will never happen again.

He is simply skimming cash from leaflets to pocket himself! He said we could only get 2,000 leaflets per candidate due to the print run, this was an excuse to boost his profits. 2 candidates were just paper candidates, and we wanted to compare votes by just having BNP on ballot paper etc

Next time we will use local printer...

Anonymous said...

i thought i just heard moles in the garden but to my surprise it was simon darby digging himself in deeper,saying that cruddas is a crook aswell.

Anonymous said...

Errr... If Silkworm IS Hannam that means Hannam & Collett must have fallen out.

So much for "loyalty" and so much for the "rebels'" protest being over.

If Collet and Hannam are split, it strenghtens the "rebels" cause?


ADS said...

£10 just donated to LUAF (check your Paypal account).

Stirling work here by Ketlan and DG, a close and admired friend, well worth supporting.


Anonymous said...

Marvellous, you go for it Jon, good old Dagenham boy, even if we had to adopt you.

biz said...

Notice how thier new article doesn't mention the week they've had - it's kinda like Basil Fawlty 'Don't mention the war! I only mentioned it once but I think I got away with it'

john p said...

Is Silkworm really Hannam? I know on the covert blog they said he was silkworm88 on VNN but is it the same person.
If it is looks like they have had a bit of a fallout

Anonymous said...

Lee Barnes (non-BNP member, asshole extaordinaire) has kicked me off the BNP forum.

Mustn't ask awkward questions, must we, Asshole?

Thought I'd post this here because you spend so much time reading and trolling on LUAF.

Anonymous said...

There won't be a next time, Hannam. The BNP are fucking fucked, with all the members hardworking efforts for nothing.

It's not a political party. It's just a criminal cartel, which will very shortly go into the annals of history as an absolute shittip.

Revenge Is Sweet said...

Hope the police also investigate Blackpool.

If any dissidents have info on this, walk into your nearest police station, and give sworn testimonies about what happened with the teenage girls (if in-fact anything happened).

Griffin, Darby, Hannam and Collett have pissed you about one too many times to be loyal.

Now is the time to hammer the bastards, to ensure your sackings are avenged.

Anonymous said...

"Next time we will use local printer..."

You eventually get expelled from the party for doing that.

Deighton and Green Arrow Suck Cock said...

You've heard of fiddling while Rome burns......

Certain no-life internet trolls are still busy fucking up news stories about the bnp they find on google.

While their hallowed leaders are preparing for porridge, freakshows like Green Arrow and his certinous mate George Deighton have been haunting the St Albans & Harpenden Review, feeling they are safe to tell the lies they like online, even though the websites they have posted on, are UK-based.

Read the comments for the following article, and see how Green Arrow has claimed the UAF have "used violence against their opponents".

This is surely a libellous post, and hopefully Lancaster UAF will seek the opportunity to silence Britain's number one internet troll, and prosecute the idiot for libel.

The other post is from another sickfuck, George Deighton, a shrivelled old wanker who makes racist and inflamatory statements about Islam.

George Deighton is a friend of nick griffin, and like nick griffin, a former member of the national front. I can imagine a man like this wanks himself to sleep wearing a Ku Klux Klan hood.

I wonder how long Green Arrow and charmless Deighton will continue to plague internet land with their racism and lies.

Anonymous said...

George Deighton sounds sinister.

little E said...

The owner of the fields the BNP used for RWB 2007 has added his name to eie blogspot and is reported to have said the BNP may not be able to use it for RWB 2008.

Did someone say the "protest" was petering out? On the contrary it seems to be gaining momentum and if RWB2008 doesnt go ahead how will this be explained to the members who some are complacanetly saying wont have a clue that the protest is even taking place.

Maybe they can use land at Welshpool? They have a claim to it

Denise knows who I am said...

From EiE

"What we want

Our requests for change are both fair and reasonable and will ensure a robust, secure future for our rapidly growing party.

1. The five sacked personnel to be reinstated and the nullification of the resignations tendered by dozens of local, regional and national office holders.

2. The removal of David Hannam and Mark Collett from their positions.

3. Nick Griffin to remain as political leader of the Party.

4. The creation of a formal management system separating external political matters from internal management issues, enshrined in a redrafted constitution.

5. To make further progress on the implementation of the Voting Member structure, together with the retention of the Advisory Council."

It appears like the rebels are pushing back a little harder now.

What started as demands for the removal of DH and MC now appears to include demands for Griffin to lose some of his powers, specifically non-political ones.

biz said...

not really on this thread - but quite clearly showing the opportunistic attitude of the BNP:

"Our government can also find money to pay immigrants to go home - but if you a British born Englishman, Scotsman, Welshman, or Ulsterman, need help you will find yourself a long way down the queue!"

Isn't that exactly what the BNP have proposed should they get into power? Seriously, they really are fucking cretins!!

Anonymous said...

Will Griffin convert to Islam when he's banged up behind bars :)

NOAH'S NARK said...

Still no mention on the BBC News website, despite of the issue bring brought up in parliament. The un-newsworythiness of such a major story must be critically questioned.

Still believe Griffin's NOT a state nark?

Daddyorchips? said...

Croatia or Jail?

old SAilor said...

Ah! Costs of leaflets !!

Well this Old Sailor has frequently acted as an election agent, and run and costed printing of leaflets on many an occasion over the last 20 years, so it follows I have some idea as to the costs, in both ink, plates, and paper. And the time taken, and the rate of production.

Hamman takes his "gofers" for granted.

If you are using true multi colour (such as offset litho (Full Colour)) then the major cost is up front on the making of the plates. And the set up of the press.

The cost of an additional thousand is the cost of the ink and paper, and folding and packing only.

To print an additional run of 1000 only with offset litho and fold. Say -

1000 A4 90 gm paper say £5.00, ink etc say double paper cost + £10.00

Thus raw end on cost for overrun £10.00 /Thousand.

I would repectfully suggest if any Nutzie Branch was being charged more than a penny a copy for additional print runs then I would suggest that they are being defrauded.

The alledged spending of £70K on print equipment suggests that the BNP print unit has gone for max colour offset lithos, and the plate makers.

This is the same quality of printer that can forge currancy - a matter Nutzies have been involved in the past, providing the quality of paper used matches the B of E press output in East London.

Well form yer own oppinion - but any Nutzie who has doubts on the matter is welcome to put the costs he/she/it has been quoted on this thread and I will be very happy to disect the cost quoted.

I can tell the differnce on a file prepared for litho. RISO. or OKI. printers.

Old Sailor

Anonymous said...

3. Nick Griffin to remain as political leader of the Party.

You're fucking joking, right? The corruption goes to the top. Griffo's a political dead duck.

Antifascist said...


'£10 just donated to LUAF (check your Paypal account).'

I noticed and I've just emailed you. Thank you for that. Much appreciated.

'Stirling work here by Ketlan and DG, a close and admired friend, well worth supporting.'

And the comment is appreciated too. :-)

Sanctuary said...

What a tangled web this is all becoming. Old Sailor is of course quite correct on the printing side. And, that even assumes that you want to go the more traditional route of plating and so on. With today’s colour technology, you can print direct at an even lower cost.

But, there are more points to raise here. If Collett’s ‘company‘ is allegedly providing such printing services at the levels suggested, I’m sure they’re charging and paying VAT. Since most of the BNP’s fringe operations, Excalibur and so on, seem to be ‘outsourced’, similar considerations would apply. Either way, I’m sure there’s a full and complete paper trail of invoices, VAT returns, etc!

Someone a little while back suggested that Party funds had been used to help finance an extension on Griffin’s private home. Griffin suggested that this was fine as it then provided a place to hold meetings! Expenditures for such purposes are, of course, not allowed.

Seems to me, even in the field of finance, these people are pretty inept. I can imagine there are just a few issues outstanding for the auditors.

So, what chance has Cruddas got of pushing forward with the police? This is a harder one. Whilst there is plenty of rumour and innuendo on the Internet and enough apparent evidence to get the police interested, ultimately they’ll need the cooperation of people within the BNP. Same goes with the alleged break-ins and thefts. Unless Sadie and co press charges, the matter won’t proceed.

Finally, back to the Party themselves. As I said before, still a lot of whinging but nothing of substance. The 5 so-called demands are quite pathetic. You can only make demands if you have leverage. These people are showing time and time again, they have none. The classic give away is ‘Griffin to stay as political leader’! What a crock. Of course Griffin now knows he can face this lot down. They’re absolutely powerless to force anything. The reports of their various regional meetings are similarly revealing. Even here, in areas apparently pledging full support to Sadie and Kenny, Griffin simply strolls in, faces them down and moves on wholly unscathed. This is some rebellion, folks. Oh, I forgot; they might lose the use of a field for RWB next year. Now, that’ll bring the house down, won’t it?

Anonymous said...

"Well form yer own oppinion - but any Nutzie who has doubts on the matter is welcome to put the costs he/she/it has been quoted on this thread and I will be very happy to disect the cost quoted.

I can tell the differnce on a file prepared for litho. RISO. or OKI. printers.

Old Sailor"

60,000 double sided A5 Black & White quoted by BNP at £895. How much should it be?

Old Sailor said...

Election pamphlets etc, and "Newsletters" are not rated for VAT purposes.

Could it be that BNP's printing services are a VAT scam designed to allow extract VAt in the form of a carusel fraud ?

Sanctuary is correct when hge points out that using direct input machines such as Risographs and OKI the cost becomes even cheaper.

In fact in the last General Election I was able to produce virtually the whole of the constituencies leaflet and poster requirements for about £390 pounds, and get it oked by the returning officer, the electoral commision and HQ. (Sorry We could not produce the "estate agent boards", and stickers.)

So, boys and girls, where did your money go ? - Where you stung for non existant VAT as well?

Answers on a post card please to H M Revenue and Customs, Southend on Sea, Essex !

Old Sailor said...

"60,000 double sided A5 Black & White quoted by BNP at £895. How much should it be?"

Costs - actual

30,000 A4 Equivalent = 60 reams
@ 1.60 ream = £96.00 (80gsm)
Ink for RISO, masters etc Three tubes @ £35 = £105.00
Masters, electricity etc £2
Cutting A4 to 2XA5 (I use a band saw)Say £5.00

Cost of materials etc. say £207.00.

As most quality Risographs will fit into spare bedrooms or garden sheds no rental for premises.

Asumne labour given for free. ( Or use one of yer knuckle draggers as a machine minder) and allow him time to draw his dole.

Even if you double the cost to try and set up a depreciation fund to replace the machine eventually, that still comes out at about £400.

A better comparison would be a quote from "instant" print. I would expect about £600. possibly less if we supplied own artwork as a PDF or Doc file. No VAT as political leaflet / Newsletter.

Ah you say, no labour costs.

Well using a Riso MZ series printer I would (including stopages) expect to print 30,000 double sided A4 in about 8 hours.

Most of the labour would be filling and emptying trays every 1 or 2 thousand and clearing the occasional jam.

Cutting on a bandsaw say 1000 a minute, and at that speed you keep your fingers.

At £895/Thou A5 B & W ex of VAT somebody is making money.

Old Sailor said...

Dear Anon - Or as a Private E-mail suggests London Area Nutzie requests.

Thanks to the moderators at LUAF this Old Sailor was given the oportunity to disect a BNP quote for 60K B & W 80gsm A5 leaflet.

I think I have demonsteated that the real cost is far less than the £895.00 quoted.

Perhaps the Anon who requested the disection could have the courtesy to respond - And also confirm that the BNP were not using this as a VAT Fraud.