October 02, 2009

Blood and Honour: Johnson pressed to act

The Blood and Honour logo complete with stylised swastika
Shadow security minister Baroness Neville-Jones has called on home secretary Alan Johnson to proscribe the extreme right wing group Blood & Honour

Only last week the group was reported to the police for distributing racially offensive CDs. Now the baroness has written to Mr Johnson, complaining that as well as the CDs, the group has a “field manual” that talked of “die-hard Nazis” are still “have an option (of action) through leaderless resistance and direct action ... to stalk the worst enemies of our race. They expect no support and assistance but they deserve acknowledgement and understanding’.”

Baroness Neville-Jones asked Mr Johnson for his assessment of the group’s activities and contended that they were breaking the Public order Act of 1986 and the Terrorism Acts of 2000 and 2006, which specified that “the encouragement of terrorism and the dissemination of terrorist publications are offences, On the face of it, there appears to be a very strong case for the proscription of Blood & Honour”.

She reminded Mr Johnson that the government’s PREVENT strategy had been updated earlier this year to include all forms of extremism, including that of the extreme right.

Jewish Chronicle

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shirley said...

Yes indeed. They should also ban the EDL Casuals while they are at it.

Is it true they have put back their violent fascist march in Manchester until later in the afternoon on the tenth?

Anonymous said...

'Bout time "Bloody Dishonour" are banned!!!

Paul said...

Why can't the fascist EDL also be banned as they are violent, racist, make Hitler saltues, cause city centre punch-ups and act with leaderless resistance?

Funny how Griffo speaks out against the EDL Casuals while not banning BNP members who both belong to the BNP and the EDL?

Griffo must be a bit desperate in not taking decisive action against British neo-Nazis who have feet in both camps.

I reckon he knows the BNP is on the state of collapse, as is his dreams of "ballot-box fascism". This is why the racist skirmishing footsoldiers of the BNP want to get established in a new "national front" (the EDL Casuals).

The EDL won't ever bother to compete in council elections, as this method of organised fascism has merely resulted in a party of wasters who can't be arsed in attending council meetings.

The stark truth is, most council meetings do not involve the BNP's fixation - race and religion, so they know they are at sea, and are as much use to ordinary political debates as a holed condom.

When the BNP agrees to let in non-whites to the party, most of the active members who still like fighting will leave the BNP to join the new "party".

peewee said...

Supposedly anyone can join the EDL, but only the odd one or two "Uncle Toms" would dare belong to a bunch of brainless white football hooligans.

Anonymous said...

Baroness Neville-Jones, please take action also against the EDL.

We don't want riots in Manchester and Leeds. Thanks:

Georgos said...

I'm not into conspiracy theories, but I seriously wander if the The EDL Casuals are being allowed to operate with impunity by the government because the EDL Casuals are destroying the BNP by leaching it of its younger and more enthusiastically racist members?

No wonder Cyclops is fuming, and talking about Z.O.G. once again.

If allowing the EDL to gain momentum is a deliberate government policy, that is a stupid and dangerous tactic for them to persue, and who is to say the EDL will be far more worrying than the BNP are, in the long-run.

I bet the government haven't considered that one!

It's wrong to play governmental chess games with the UK far right piting one group against the other when it is minorities such as black and Asian people suffer on the streets who will suffer.

Anonymous said...

If Blood and Honour is banned, its members will join the EDL which will mean no-more tokenistic burning of swastikas.

Anonymous said...

Interesting to see how the BNP's Eastern Region Secretary, Dave Strickson, is covering the same story.


Anonymous said...

Blood and Dishonour is purely a money making scheme and banning it will stop a nice tax free income for its organisers.

Instead of banning it get the tax man on their cases.

Jamie The Antifascist said...

bout bloody-time!

bout bloody time these lords and barronesses get off their arses too, lol