October 01, 2009

BNP exploits plight of former soldiers

The decorated SAS veteran Andy McNab has condemned the British National Party after it tried to associate itself with his heroism by auctioning two signed copies of his books to raise money for Help for Heroes, a charity that helps wounded soldiers.

“I was sick to the stomach,” stated McNab, whose works include Bravo Two Zero, when he was told about the BNP stunt. “I served with men of all colours and from many nationalities. They were all equal to me. That’s what the army teaches you. Nick Griffin thinks differently…I’ve asked for my books back. Because I don’t want anything to help the BNP promote their poisonous politics of segregation and hatred.”

This is not the BNP’s only attempt recently to link itself to armed forces charities. The Huddersfield branch of the Royal British Legion (RBL) recently accepted money raised by a BNP supporter, seemingly in contravention of its own strictly non-political stance.

The RBL had originally refused to accept the money from Rachel Firth, who spent 24 hours in a cardboard box to highlight the plight of ex-service personnel forced to sleep rough after leaving the Armed Forces. Firth said she would divide the money equally between the RBL and the BNP.
The rejection angered Robert Walker, a BNP member who organises the Poppy Appeal for the charity in Golcar. He tried to pile on the pressure by stating that he had already agreed to accept the money and that the Golcar branch was happy with this.

The laudably robust stance of the RBL soon softened, however, and within days of the row hitting the pages of the Huddersfield Examiner the RBL had agreed to accept the cash on the grounds that the donation was not made on a political basis and that Firth “is an individual raising funds for her favoured causes and wants to split those funds between the causes. We have no problem with this.”

The BNP has also targeted FEBA – a military term meaning “Forward Edge of Battle Area” – a financially hard-up veterans’ charity based in Lanarkshire.

FEBA, which does not receive government funding and relies on donations, was approached by BNP activists in Glasgow, who offered to raise £50,000 to help keep a drop-in centre open. Tommy Moffat, FEBA’s founder and a former Queen’s Own Highlander, said he rejected the offer but told the press that he may now have no alternative but to accept the money if the charity is to continue operating, after a number of grants allegedly promised by the Ministry of Defence failed to materialise. The MOD denied his claim, saying it had only offered FEBA a team of experts to help the charity obtain grants.

Gary Raikes, the BNP’s Scotland organiser, met Moffat at the charity’s Glasgow drop-in centre and immediately posted photographs of the two men shaking hands on the BNP website to boast about how the BNP was coming to the aid of veterans. Moffat conceded he had already accepted £3,000 to help with the rent as well as a delivery of radiators from the Scottish BNP activist Walter Hamilton, though he denied he knew Hamilton was a BNP activist at the time.

“It was only later that he told us he worked for the BNP,” Moffat said, “What were we supposed to do? We had nothing. We were sitting with no heating and it was freezing.” The story on the BNP website appeared to imply that it was Moffat who contacted the BNP for assistance, however.

Trying to recruit serving soldiers and ex-servicemen has played a growing part in BNP strategy in recent years, signalled by the heavy promotion in 2007 and early 2008 of its front group the Association of British Ex-Service Personnel (ABEX), now defunct again. Of greater importance has been its use of the predicament of ex-servicemen for political purposes that has seen the party target areas such as Catterick for its propaganda drives. More recently BNP activists in Wales have tried to gain mileage out of the plight of vulnerable veterans by campaigning under the name “Soldiers Off Our Streets”.

Griffin’s public attitude to Britain’s armed forces has changed since a few years ago. During the 1990s an article appeared in The Rune, an antisemitic magazine Griffin edited, praising the Waffen-SS as “no worse” than any other army. The Waffen-SS were of course condemned as part of a “criminal organisation” at the Nuremberg Trials. Griffin, however, believed the Waffen-SS was praiseworthy for its “courage and sacrifices”.

Hope not hate


BeeLine said...

Andy McNab's right - men of all colours, religions and backgrounds serve in the British Army. I'm sure he'll reflect this in a future book, hopefully one that takes a swipe at people like Gri££in trying to inject hatred into the armed forces, what with donating money under false pretences to the Royal British Legion.

BlueTack said...

The BNP also exploits underage kids - When's the next visit to the New Kimberley Hotel, so Paedo Boy Collette can "get his swerve on" with a schoolgirl, the depraved kiddy fiddler!

It was funny how Paedo Boy never ended up on Nonce Watch after the renowned Blackpool incident.

The British far right lunatic fringe seem to be only concerned with exposing nonces who don't share their political beliefs, which shows the brainless hypocrisy of arseholes like Watty Watmough.

Witches Way said...

I still can't believe that not only did BBC Radio One's Newsbeat interview the BBC with a piss-weak script that allowed the two nazis to sprout their propaganda until the cows come home, they chose of all people Mark "Peedoboy" Collett, who most people know, tried to sleep with two fourteen year old girls at the BNP's party conference.

Why the merry fuck would a BBC producer allow a suspected paedophile onto a "news programme" listened to by 8 to 15 year olds?

Questions must be asked at the fascist-friendly BBC.

I fear Question Time will be stage-managed by Dumbleby, to make sure that the BNP are not put under the microscope.

Dumbass Dumbleby will say something like "Can we not engage in childish personal attacks, and answer the audience question please".

Cyclops will reply "thank you. We get this all the time, when overpaid politicians censor the truth......"

Sadly I see it coming, how Gri££in will be protected and mollycoddled throughout Question Time by the powers that be!

Maybe it's Edgar Gri££in's influence, pulling a few strings. Whatever the reason, the BBC has firm instructions to ensure the BNP becomes part and parcel of the British Establishment.

Conspiracy Theorist said...

Having PeadoBoy speak on live radio is indeed bloody shameful!

The government, MI5 and special branch - people of importance see a need for the BNP to remain in politics, but I still do not understand why.

C) MI5/MI6?

Strangely enough, the EDL are also becoming friends of the British Establishment, to perhaps ensure both the sreetfighters and the bullshitters are accomodated as part of the Establishment.

You need only look as far as Berlusconi's Italy to see a similar acceptance of the far right despite their overt racism and violence.

Maybe theres another reason - state-sponsored white nationalism keeps socialists and anarchists preoccupied, and their energies spent rather than taking on topics such as the class divide, the NHS, and falling wages in the public sector.

I wouldn't put it beyond the establishment.

Gri££in's got a fucking cheek criticising the EDL Casuals as being state/"ZOG"/neocons when his own party are now supported strongly by our national broadcaster.

Anonymous said...

Edgar Griffin?

Is that Nicholarse Griffin's dad?

DGD said...

Oh and Cyclops will interrupt at every juncture to ensure nobody will be able to get a word in edgeways. He'll have planned everything in advance, and will be self-programmed to lapse into a tirade about multiculturalism, communism, Gordon Brown and David Cameron, to shout down any criticism, until David Dumbleby decides to keep the panel strictly focussed on the remit of audience questions and nothing much else.

With or withoutb the help of DEumbleby, hyprocrite Gri££in, now a friend of the state, will switch to "Martyr Mode" at every opportunity, and will come out of Question Time smelling sweetly if roses.

Stage-managed Question Time's a win-win situation for Griffin. That's the problem.

No way will he be put on the spot, plus if any of the other panel of guests lose their cool, Gri££in will have won, and through television, will get new members to part with their life-savings to swell up his fat EuroGravyTrain wallet to pocket-busting proportions, the greedy theiving bastard!

This will almost certainly happen, folks!

EeeAww said...

Indeed - If anyone dares to mention Gri££in's anti-Semitism in relation to that piece he wrote about the BNP, this will be declared out of bounds by Dimbleby, leaving Cyclop's opponents with serious egg on their faces.

Points awarded to Gri££in.

Gri££in will get off lightly, as Question Time is stage-managed to give controversial panelists an easy ride.

AndyMinion (BatsMan) said...

Gri££in's constant harping on about the War, and the commonly – held notion among the Nazzers that it was solely the preserve of White soldiers who fought Hitler, makes me sick.

He should go to a little village cemetary in Normandy (Noyers Bocage, I think...) and visit the grave of an Indian typhoon pilot shot down there in '44.

He could visit Dachau (unlikely, I guess...) and see the grave of Princess Noor Inayat Khan – murdered there as a spy with the SOE.

He might try remembering that more than 20 VC's were awarded to Indian soldiers, or that almost 90,000 died for him.

He could even try remembering that more than a quarter of the Free French forces were made up of North African soldiers (catch the movie “Indegenes” released here as “Days of Glory”)...

Indian soldiers fought throughout the War, from El Alamein to Monte Cassino and the Far East.

And that's without mentioning other Black soldiers. Or the numbers who died in WW1.

The man really is beneath contempt.

Ex said...

If Dumbleby DOES INTERVENE, he will undoubtedly censure anti-BNP sentiment.

Griffin will thus be the winner.

If the guests are too scared of Dumbleby to speak their minds about Griffin and the BNP, because they are scared of Dumbleby, Griffin will also be the winner.

Whatever happens, there will be only two winners, Nick Gri££in and the BNP.

toad hall toad said...

I'm glad we've been reminded of the Waffen SS quote.

I'm going to start calling them the UBNP (the UnBritish National Party)

FOOTYFAN said...

I have just found out some excellent news which will affect EDL turn-out on Saturday the 10th of October.


The England versus Ukraine match which would have attracted thousands of England suppoters to the bars and pubs of Manchester, whom the EDL had hoped would join in their orgy of neo-nazi violence is now NOT GOING TO BE SHOWN ON THE TELLY!

It is INTERNET ONLY with no TV screenings, meaning England fans will have to become net nerds, staying home and not getting caught up in the EDL Casuals violence.


NewsHound said...

Rangers fans who attend the forthcoming EDL Casuals so-called "Scottish Defence League" (false flag front) riot will be breaking the law and could receive life bans from Rangers: -


Griffo deserves a pay rise said...

The BNP freephone number is 0800 0086191. Every call costs us money so don't abuse it by, say, leaving it off the hook from a payphone.

Anonymous said...

We need to stop that Question Time from being broadcast.

Antifascist said...

"Is that Nicholarse Griffin's dad?"

It is. And Nicky's mummy is currently running the Trafalgar Club, that mysterious entity whose money seems to disappear into thin air as soon as it's handed over to the BNP.

Jamie The Antifascist said...

Didn't cyclops also say something about the R.A.F? about them being mass-murderer's or something?