October 03, 2009

Muslim graves smashed by vandals

Up to 20 Muslim graves have been targeted and vandalised at a cemetery in south Manchester.

The vandals struck at the Southern Cemetery on Barlow Moor Road overnight on Thursday. Staff found the Muslim section of the cemetery littered with broken headstones on Friday morning.

Det Con Rob Southern said: "Sadly, we are treating this as a hate crime. This sort of mindless, racist behaviour must be utterly condemned."

Police appealed to anyone who has information to come forward. Det Con Southern added: "This is the worst sort of vandalism imaginable. The graves of your loved ones should be a place where they can rest peacefully and that is absolutely sacrosanct. I'm sure the whole community will be outraged.

"The families of those whose graves have been vandalised will be rightly traumatised and deeply upset. If we do catch the people who committed these atrocious acts, then they should be made to see the grief and pain they have caused."



Michelle said...

If the BBC are genuinely sick of racist violence and graves desicration, they should stop giving the BNP over exposure. When the BNP and the EDL get exposure, racist criminals take a license to engage in more and more acts of this nature!

Very possibly this sick and despicable act was a forrerunner to next weekends' EDL Casuals neo-Nazi riot!

NewsHound said...



Shame about all of the dozens of neo-Nazi trolls from Stormfront who have published racist bullshit after this warning article from the local newspaper.

One extreme remark said that Muslims should convert to Christianity.


Real Football Supporter said...

The Football Association should help assist the government in getting every club in England and Wales to publish letters in their local newspapers openly condemning the EDL Casuals and asking real supporters to keep away from them, and inform of their actions to the police!

jj said...

Racists are most definately growing in confidence, which is why everybody from Lancaster, Manchester, Oldham, Blackpool, Salford, Cheshire, and Cumbria should gather in Manchester at 5pm next Saturday to oppose the EDL casuals.

The larger the size of the peaceful protest, the less likely the racist football hooligans will be able to unleash violence and chaos in the centre of Manchester!

Will Lancaster Unity be there as part of the anti-Nazi protest?

Hope so!!!!!

Labour Suck said...

How come the government wouldn't ban the EDL from marching in Manchester, when the local council had asked for a ban to be put in place?

What's wrong with New Labour all of a sudden and its commitment to antiracism, when many members grew up as anti-Apartheid activists?

For merry fuck's sake!!!

Anonymous said...

I hope there are more than a thousand anti-nazi protestors in Piccadilly Gardens for the protest next Saturday, to outnumber the violent facsist scumbags 20:1

Anonymous said...

well i do hope ketlan finally gets his fat arse off his chair and away from his computer , gets himself to manchester as my stanley knife needs his face badly

Tom said...

whos ketlan? and why does his face need to meet your stanley knife?

Antifascist said...

'whos ketlan?'


'and why does his face need to meet your stanley knife?'

Because he's a freak whose inevitable response to opposition is violence.

Anonymous said...

The death threats just go to show that the EDL are just as hardcore neo-Nazis as Combat 18 or the BPP.