July 20, 2008

Lancaster anti-fascists see BNP off again

A cheerful bunch of far-right loons in Lancaster. We know Jefferson (holding his phone up) but IDs on the rest of them would be appreciated.
The fascist BNP were sent packing from Lancaster town centre after they set up a stall. A spontaneous demonstration surrounded the BNP fascists and prevented them from handing out leaflets. They were shouted down and jeered and a passer by emptied two cans of fizzy pop on their stall. Unable to operate they packed up and left town completely demoralised. Thanks to our mate N for the report.

Some good news from Lancaster. The BNP set up a stall today in the town centre. It seems that the small gathering of pond life came from Carlisle. The BNP have no official presence in Lancaster since their previous organiser, Chris Hill, resigned his position following the party split in January. The out of town BNP members set up a small table just near the Museum. It had been kicked over within minutes by a lone woman passing by!

Initially undeterred the fash re-assembled their stall and continued to hand out leaflets. Within half an hour there was a spontaneous response from local concerned people who gathered quickly and surrounded the BNP stall. Standing in front of the stall with anti-fascist leaflets the local people made sure the fascists were unable to distribute their filth. A passer by also emptied two cans of fizzy pop all over the BNP leaflets. People shouted “keep the racists out of Lancaster”, and eventually a mega phone turned up to get the message across!

Clive Jefferson and his car (with illegal numberplate). Under the dodgy number, it says 'Non-compliant and defiant'. See you in court, Clive.
Unable to continue leafleting the pond life got fed up and packed up their stall. The cops arrived to add a bit of extra tension into proceedings. But funnily enough the fascists were in a car with an illegal number plate. Some on our side pointed this out, and the cops spent another ten minutes taking their details. Totally dejected they eventually drove off to cheers and jeers and were told not to come back!

Hopefully the fascists had such a bad day that they won’t return. But if they do let’s make sure they are not given an inch. Fortunately the other market traders were very good at opposing them. The stall holder next to the BNP refused to let anyone in his gazebo with a BNP leaflet! And the fascists were reported for not having a license. However, we can’t just rely on council bureaucracy to see off these fascists. We saw today that it is possible to stop them peddling their hatred in this tolerant town of ours, by taking direct action!! Direct action on a bigger scale can have the same results come the BNP’s “Red White & Blue” racist festival in August.


Anonymous said...

Jefferson's a real piece of work. It'll be nice to see him done, the arrogant shit.

Well done to everyone who took part in this.

Anonymous said...

And heres the bullshit and lies from Jeffersons own blog

"Dedicated Nationalists.

Lancaster was the venue for a most enjoyable and productive day, it is a city
with far more potential than I expected. The day went exactly as planned,
leafleters were active all through the day, covering large residential areas and
a few of us set up a paper sale in the city centre to cover the 11am - 1pm

We had the great pleasure of meeting a city councillor who came right over to
introduce himself. Its actually comical how a certain type of elected official,
upon encountering us for the first time, actually believe they can come over,
declare their title and stop us distributing political literature. Bizarre when
you think about it, but unfortunately for these fascist types, we - as a legal,
democratic, political party, in Britain, have the right to distribute political
literature "without interference". Never mind Cllr.

Also comically predictable, the eventual arrival of, I must say, some of the
dimmest and defiantly the toughest left wing drop outs, seen to date. (So tough
in fact - they needed to put huddies up and have scarf's round their faces to
pull off the classic terrorist tactic - of throwing and missing....with some
lemonade - it made our day) I have mixed feelings about the lefties in such
situations - yes they are a pathetic bunch, noisy at times, with generally poor
personal hygiene with social skills to mach and using those attributes alone are
reasonably successful in getting decent people to give them a wide berth. but On
the other hand, in all seriousness, nothing is a better vote winner than people
seeing us ....and them, in the same vicinity. Also its guaranteed that people
became members, active members, because of such encounters, people that would,
in some cases, never become involved otherwise. (two such people today actually)
So its six of one half a dozen of the other. Anyhow we packed up and left on
schedule and the Lancaster police, who turned up as we were leaving, were very
congenial. I have, of course, some footage of the day, which will be going up on
you tube very soon.

A very interesting and successful day. Lancaster - a pleasant surprise."

BB said...

Bloody well done to everyone who could make it at absolutely no notice. The BNP needs to be shown that Lancaster has no tolerance for its racism.

Atreus said...

Right. In the top photo the big chap with the stains on his t-shirt is Stig of the Dump's dad, and that's Stig's Mum at bottom right.

Stig doesn't like to talk about his parents.

Kirklees Unity said...

Lad in white BNP polo shirt looks like Mike Ashburner from Barrow

midlander said...

Well done Lancaster. Seems to me that Jefferson is protesting rather too much.

ex-bnp said...

Looks as though that charlie dealing scumbag should get himself and his mates off the streets and into a gym the fat slobs.

Anonymous said...

Lee Barnes is telling lies on Sormfront about yesterday as usual. Like he'd ever get off his fat arse and go anywhere.

Bamboo Gascoin said...

The guy in the stained white T-shirt is definitely Mike Ashburner from Barrow. Is that happy-looking ginger woman really his partner? And are they really something to do with Stig of the Dump (by which I assume you mean Keith Jayne)?

Bamboo Gascoin said...

Clive Jefferson is nearly as good a lier as Lee Barnes but he never will be. You have to be intelligent to lie properly and Lee Barnes has an O level (or something). All CJ has is a crap old car with a dodgy numberplate.

Anonymous said...

"Clive Jefferson and his car (with illegal numberplate). Under the dodgy number, it says 'Non-compliant and defiant'. See you in court, Clive."

LOL Very good.

Anonymous said...

Who is the tough guy on the left of the picture?

Antifascist said...

'Lad in white BNP polo shirt looks like Mike Ashburner from Barrow'

It is, of course. I couldn't see further than the dubious stains on his T-shirt. Last time I saw him, he was in a very tight suit being roundly trounced by Barrow voters. Oh yes, and the time before that, too.

Anonymous said...

Has that woman been eating lemons?

Anonymous said...

Another group of neo-Nazi British fascists blessed with the ugly stick.

It's funny how BNP/BPP nazis look so freakshowish.

To steal the thunder from eugenicists - the uglyiness must be in Ayran white supreamcist genes.

Anonymous said...

I bet the police will be under orders not to charge Jefferson fr having fake numberplates, as we all know the BNP are state-protected.

A warning is probably all the BNP neo-nazis got, whereas if it had been some joyriding teenager, they would hav thrown the book at him.

Anonymous said...

Taking the feckin piss out of BNP loons is an excellent tactic as they cannot take a joke!!!

So much for free speech, lol.

Anonymous said...

I trust the two cans of fizzy pop duped over the Nutzies stall were imbibed first !

Old Sailor

Anonymous said...

Is this the same Clive Jefferson who threatened the ex-BNP Scottish Organiser in December at his house? What a brave man for threatening to smash down the door where a heavily pregnant woman was living. Although he was spoken to by the police for threatening behaviour he was never arrested and charged, how odd is that? Special friends in high places perhaps? I wouldnt count on the thug being hauled into court on a registration plate offence.

vote poll please said...

Can Lancaster Unity please do a Top-Ten Most Ugly British neo-Nazis.

Allow a vote to decide who looks the most scary, allowing such monsters as Collett, Watmough, Sid and Eddy to be voted upon, plus Jefferson and anyone else in the British far right considered less than attractive.

Antifascist said...

'Can Lancaster Unity please do a Top-Ten Most Ugly British neo-Nazis.

Allow a vote to decide who looks the most scary, allowing such monsters as Collett, Watmough, Sid and Eddy to be voted upon, plus Jefferson and anyone else in the British far right considered less than attractive.'

That's a good idea. :-D

Anonymous said...

One of them was called Glen. Could it be Glen Gardner from Carlisle?

I don't think this sad bunch of losers will come back to our tolerant city. But if they do, they know what to expect. We'll send them packing everytime they show their ugly faces.

Even a cop said as these fascists left town, "don't shout abuse at them - you've already won the battle today"

Anonymous said...

Is the guy in the cheap suit, Exley?

Anonymous said...

Yep, I think the guy in the white t-shirt is Mike (Ashburner) from Barrow. I thought he was going to burst into tears yesterday!

Anonymous said...

Off thread and maybe NFP, how long before word gets around about the LIVE chat facility


here where anything goes and anti-racists bring it to a standstill? Just a thought?

Anonymous said...

Jefferson has put a video up YouTube showing the start of the demo. By the time it got under way, about 25 had turned up.

booker-tea said...

Can I vote for that Marlene from Rotherham, or is the Ugly Contest going to just target male fascists?

Anonymous said...

the racist comments that follow anything bnp on youtube are vile and sickening as youtube refuse to censor offensive content

Anonymous said...

Sid Williamson has to be the minger of mingers in the mingin' vote, folks.

trashcan sinatra said...


According to Richard Chadfield on the "Challenge For Leadership" blog which is still going strong, following an online altercation between the CfL people and hardline Griffinist twats, Richard reveals that Roy Goodwin uses Russian dating agencies.

"From the language of this post we see the standard and character (and desperation) of the daily deminishing BNP memnbership. Who would want to be a member of an organisation which has such individuals within it's ranks?
By the way is this the same Roy from the North West who uses Russian dating agencies? Please clarify this point for me Roy.
I have spent thirty years in the nationalist struggle and posters such as Roy from Blackpool represent the antithesis of everything Nationalists aspire to.
Richard Chadfield"

If Richard is right, Roy Goodwin must have forgoten that Adolf Hitler called Russian people "racially impure!"

If so, Roy has been extremely hypocritical as a National Socialist, and must face the music no doubt on Scumfront.

mail order bride scandal said...

The roy godwin russian mail order bride post is on the following link:


Kirklees Unity said...

Is the guy in the cheap suit, Exley?

Certainly not Exley.

He is far too busy in the BNP fuck up that is Kirklees at the minute

Anonymous said...

Tash sucks lemons. What a sour face that is.

Anonymous said...

A personalised numberplate? How sad is that?

GBH said...

LOL Chris Hill has been left out of the loop for this one. He posted on the Challenge for leadership blog

"There was a day of action in Lancaster city centre yesterday, followed by a mass leafleting session according to Clive Jefferson. Lancaster BNP says well done Mr Jefferson, but would it not have been an idea to inform the local membership about this first?

I phoned up the last remaining couple of members we have in Lancaster, including the lady who is currently acting as the areas contact, and no one had heard anything about it. And we're told that there's nothing wrong with the party's middle management.

Chris Hill

You're dead and buried Hill. The BNP doesn't consider you one of theirs anymore. You'll be thrown out soon.

Anonymous said...

Clive Jefferson's nose was dribbling just before he had to pack up his stall and leave Lancaster with his tail between his legs. Yet on his You Tube video he accuses an anti-fascist of "shaking like a leaf". What a nerve!

Can anyone else comment it, because I think I've now been blocked?



Anonymous said...

Fantastic! I was in Lancaster on Saturday, but obviously at the wrong time, as I didn't see the stall. It makes me very proud of the people of my local town, though, and of the market-traders, to learn that they just wouldn't put up with these idiots!

youtubesucks said...


I'd just like to say this, it's absolutely one-sided how so-called "free speech" allows neo-nazis and white supremacists to post comments about wanting to see black people and Muslims lynched on YouTube, and escape censure, but anti-fascists poking mild fun at the BNP are removed from YouTube with a life ban forthwith.

Who's modding fuckin' YouTube anyway?

Scumfront moderators?????????

Anonymous said...

YouTube does show a comfirmed pro-racist and pro-nazi bias.

Why the hell???

ralphy said...

Is this true about Roy Goodwin, Ketlan and Denise???

Anonymous said...

BNP members should love their griffin or be spanked on the bottom like naughty boys.

Anonymous said...

Is Roy Goodwin indeed now to be known as "Mail Order Roy"?

Antifascist said...

'Is this true about Roy Goodwin, Ketlan and Denise???'

Denise may know something but I really have no idea if it's true or not.

Dark Poet said...

The master race? God help us all....

Well done for driving this shower of shité off the streets again

Anonymous said...

I see it is reported in the Lancaster Citizen that Clive got a fine for this wasted day out for the BNP!Also even Citizen Smith describes the BNP as ugly and loathsome! He is wrong about one thing - that it was just "vegetarians" protesting against the BNP. The guy in the meat stall next door banned anyone from his Gazebo if they had a BNP leaflet and gave out free sausages to anti fascists!

Clive's You Tube video has been pulled for "terms of use violations". Someone received a threat from a BNP supporter with the You Tube profile name "destroyblackvermin" (says it all) after they were mistakenly IDed from Clive's nasty You Tube video of anti fash protestors in Lancaster. You'd think with the Whittle and Shepperd case in the news that Jefferson would know better!


Anonymous said...

By the way, Jefferson got a fixed penalty fine for the dodgy number plate!

Anonymous said...

My boyfriend told me he'd seen the BNP stall in the town centre. The thought of them being there really depressed me, so it's heartening to find this site and see what happened. Take heed BNP - Lancaster doesn't want you.

Anonymous said...

I think I have an ID for you. Unless I am very much mistaken, the big bloke in the BNP polo shirt is Mongo from The Goonies

Anonymous said...

We have to face the facts, the BNP got two MEP's elected. We failed! We have become impotent,to be honest, we have come across as a joke lobby. I am joining the G.A. sorry folks it has been fun!!