December 28, 2007

Late Christmas present for us here at Lancaster UAF - Chris Hill resigns

Christmas Day has come and gone and we thought all the presents had been unwrapped then, surprise-surprise, we find another one buried in among the pine needles at the back of the tree. Yes, Chris Hill, Lancaster's one-man BNP band, has thrown in the towel, resigning his posts as Preston and Lancaster organiser (which he was crap at anyway) and, oddly, as Chorley contact too.

Readers may recall that Hill was one of the first to make a statement supporting Sadie Graham and co when the rebellion began a few weeks back but hurriedly withdrew his support after a stiff talking-to by the burly Clive Jefferson, one of the BNP's more obvious minders. Following this swift and embarrassing reversal, the creepy Griffin-sycophant Green Arrow lavished fulsome praise upon him, no doubt in the mistaken belief that this would cheer Hill up. Apparently it didn't work.

Hill's resignation letter, posted on his tedious and rarely updated blog, follows the formulaic resignation letters of the entire dissident camp, and is partly reprinted below:

'As you know there has, since mid December, been a bitter struggle going on within the party between two groups, one of which wants to continue the modernisation of the party, which has been responsible for the electoral success we have had over the last few years. While the other, at least in my opinion, wants to hold the party back for their own selfish ends.

I will not go into great detail about the dispute, but will just say the first group is led by Cllr Sadie Graham: a hard working district councillor, and much respected & well liked lady, with exactly the sort of image needed if our party is to become truly electable in the eyes of the voting public. While the other camp is backing Mark Collett of ‘Young Nazi and Proud’ fame, as the next leader of the party when our current chairman steps down. Unfortunately Mr Griffin has aligned himself squarely with this last group, and it is alleged that he has been prepared to break the law, by bugging phones and intercepting and altering personal emails, in order to discredit anyone who opposes that group.

Unfortunately it is not only Mark Collett’s image that is holding back the party, although that does hang like a millstone around the necks of all our members, he has also caused chaos within the senior management echelons of the party. And it is this situation, rather than his image, that has led directly to this current crisis...The essence of this dispute is whether the party can prosper without a capable management team, and with a millstone like Mark Collett around the neck of every one of our candidates at election times. How many of us can really say, with our hands on our heart, that the name Mark Collett does not come up whenever we mention the British National Party in a conversation...'

Surprisingly, and presumably to give himself what he thinks is an opt-out clause to allow him back into the hierarchy of the ailing British National Party when the problems are finally resolved one way or the other, Hill then goes on to say;

'I still hope one day to be, once again, the local Chairman of a truly electable British National Party branch, but unless we win this current struggle to modernise our party that will I’m afraid remain just a dream.'

It'll be even more of a dream if Green Arrow has anything to do with it. His hissy-fit response to the resignation was as unequivocal as it was entirely expected.

'Chris, I expected better from you. As far as I am concerned you have deserted your post. Please remove the Green Arrow Links for I shall certainly remove yours.'

Nice to see Green Arrow full of the seasonal spirit. :-)


Lancaster Lad said...

Happy looking sod isn't he. Good riddance.

Spick said...

Green Arrow is the biggest cliche Griffin-loyalist in the BNP. Maybe he's Mark Collet

JD said...

Great news for you guys in Lancaster. Another BNP creep gone and yet more chaos in the party!

The Green Arrow said...

He's probably a Muslim.

The Village People said...

If Green Arrow really does exist, and was a sailor as he claimed, I wonder what he got up to "in the navy"?

Anonymous said...

Besides buggery with the cabin boy?

Green Arrow's Anal Dildo said...

The aquisition of Chris Hill to the rebel camp hardly adds any impetus to the rebellion, as this twat is only a half-hearted rebel who couldn't even mae his mind us if he was a rebel til yesterday, thanks to his on-and-off toadiness towards Griffin and Collett.

Gemma said...

I imagine nobody wants Chris Hill in their camp, rebels or Griffinites, 'cos the man's such a loser.

Anonymous said...

Someone said there's a spoof blog taking the piss from Green Arrow, written as a blogspot. Does anybody know the web address?

True Love Ways said...

Made his mind up has he?

Just one thing, why give publicity to the attention seeker Green Arrow. Even his own side know he's a great big joke who just sits on a keyboard telling them how to do what the wanker won't do himself.

Denise G said...

I tend to agree that Green Arrow has probably been given far more attention than he deserves.

He's been pulled up regularly on Stormfront and somebody is having a pop on Chris Hill's blog.

Green Arrow? Windbag the Sailor more like.

john p said...

He thrives on attention. Don't give him any.

greenarrow'sarailwaylocoreally said...

How on earth could anybody spoof Green Arrow?

The man (I use the term loosely) is a walking parody of himself in any case!

iliacus said...

So Chris Hill could be Preston & Lancaster Organiser (presumably that's organiser as in p***-ups and breweries?), AND Chorley contact?

Does that mean listing Chorley as a "Contact" in the annual report means "we don't have a single member there, but somebody living within 30 miles is willing to be a point of contact"?

That places an even bigger question mark against the reality of the claimed growth in branches/ contacts identified in the 2006 annual report.

For more comment refer back to the excellent article by .... er, iliacus.

Old Sailor said...

I can only asumne that "Green Arsehole" went in for kissing the golden rivet.

Not that real Norsemen and followers of Odin would stoop to these funny practices - as the world is aware each long ship had a row of oars.

Anonymous said...

There is a hilarious posting by Chris Hill on the ‘St Albans Observer’ website on 5th December 2007, in which he states: “the real point of the debate, [is] the very sensible and reasoned policies of the British National Party”.


Given Chris Hill then resigns from the BNP within a couple of weeks of that posting, can we conclude that Chris Hill is not very sensible and unreasoned? LOL

Marianne said...

anonymous said...
"Someone said there's a spoof blog taking the piss from Green Arrow, written as a blogspot. Does anybody know the web address?"

The spoof Green Arrow can be reached from the name on the fourth comment down on this page, but it's very childish.

Pizza Boy said...

"...The spoof Green Arrow can be reached from the name on the fourth comment down on this page, but it's very childish."

i dunno. Its not that much different to the rubbish on the "proper" one!

Anonymous said...

Another dippy posting by Chris Hill in response to the investigation of the alleged breach of a music licence by the nazi BNP at their Denby piss-up aka festival:

“Lancaster's UAF trying to stir up trouble again. British people and their families, enjoying themselves in their own land, what a great event. It's our land and we're taking it back! Chris Hill, Lancaster”


Well, Chris, if the BNP festival was such “a great event”, why did you resign from the BNP? I guess a nutzi such as yourself realised the BNP wasn’t such as ‘great event’ after all. But, I suspect you have just jumped on the latest fascist/racist bandwagon in your resignation.

Anonymous said...

Chris Hill is such a twat and ignoramus. I just read his shitty blog, where he states in one his retarded musings that if Kier Hardie, the founder of the Labour Party, was alive today he’d support the BNP! What shit!! Chris Hill knows nothing about Kier Hardie:

•Kier Hardie campaigned to end racial segregation/apartheid in South Africa, whilst the BNP supported it. We all know the South African racist bombers and ex-members of the old South African apartheid regime that hang out in the BNP.

•Kier Hardie was a socialist. If Keir Hardie were alive today, the BNP and the rest of the nutzi fringe would be screaming ‘red scum’ at Kier Hardie.

•Kier Hardie gave a parliamentary speech attacking the monarchy, whilst the BNP are fanatical pro-monarchs (Kier Hardie gave his anti-monarch speech following the 1894 explosion at the Pontypridd colliery which killed 251 miners. He asked that a message of condolence to the relatives of the victims be added to an address of congratulations on the birth of a royal heir [the future Edward VIII]. The request was refused and Hardie made a speech attacking the monarchy). Given the BNP belief in class hierarchy and blind obedience to irrational social status, they are natural supporters of the monarchy (despite, the majority of BNP members coming from classes the royals would never dare touch).

Don’t let fascist scum like Chris Hill and his remaining nazi comrades in the BNP subvert our collective political heritage!

Lee barnes leagle chaffinch said...

Lee is great.

I was suffered an accident at work where I lost all my limbs due to the firm I was working for employing a drug addict fork lift driver without any licence. Even after he had knocked down three other employees they kept him on, ebven after being taken to court by health and safty and ordered to to get rid of him.

The multi million profit company I used to work for ignored all court orders and health and safety laws.

I was on the path around our yard when the driver heavily intoxicated with heroin mounted the pavement and mowed me down. I have lost my wife, job, and all my limbs, but crawling around like a slug is not too bad.

Lee Barnes managed to secure me £22.50 in respect of my damaged jacket. I think he is brill and Nick Griffin would do well to hold on to this would be Dr Mengle

Anonymous said...

Kier Hardie was also opposed to immigration on the grounds that immigrants undercut the pay of British workers.

Troll Hataz said...

The last troll comment about Kier Hardie was most probably posted by Green Arrow.

Anonymous said...

Will someone tell the trolls to kindly fornicate themselves and return to Scumfront.

doris said...

yuo fukkers can have him