July 13, 2009

Accrington BNP supporter spared jail after targeting Asian family

A man who made his Asian next door neighbours’ lives a misery with his anti-social and racist conduct was spared immediate jail.

Burnley Crown Court heard how Nigel Hesmondhalgh, 36, who had a British National Party sticker in the window of his Accrington home, was abusive and insulting to the couple, repeatedly picking on the wife. He piled dog dirt up in the alley outside their home and told them: “It’s a white country, not a Muslim state.”

Hesmondhalgh, said to be the carer for his brother, who has learning difficulties, told the husband of the couple he should be scared and shouted support for the BNP.

The couple had lived in their home for 14 years before he moved in. The defendant, who has since moved but wants to go back to the property on Higher Antley Street, had earlier admitted racially aggravated intentional harassment, alarm or distress.

Hesmondhalgh, who has almost 90 previous convictions and has been flouting the law since he was 11, had struck while on bail for similar allegations which were left to lie on the file. He kept his freedom but his hostile and anti-social conduct was slammed by a judge, who warned the courts would not tolerate it.

The defendant, of Stanley Street, Accrington, was given 36 weeks in custody, suspended for two years, with 18 months supervision and the Thinking Skills programme.

Martin Hackett, defending, said the offence was unpleasant. Hesmondhalgh had been very close to his mother who died last July and he may have been adjusting.

Lancashire Telegraph


Anonymous said...

Griffin outside Leeds Crown Court after escaping yet another incitement charge: 'We are not against any ethnic minority group, but we are against successive Governments for allowing them in in the first place'

Bullshit, Griffin.

Anonymous said...

Hesmondhalgh, who has almost 90 previous convictions and has been flouting the law since he was 11....

I'm sure the BNP, being the law and order party, are delighted to have his support!

Anonymous said...

Look up 'Nigel Hesmondhalgh' on Bebo.com

You'll find a lot of genocidal racism from this guy combined with some fairly awful spelling.

The true face of the BNP.

Chris Benner said...

Unbelievable. This man has been a nasty piece of work for years, and is still allowed to get away with it.

A Cunning Plan said...

The British state secretly sponsoring the bnp's rise as a diversionary tactic to keep social radicals preoccupied.

I don't care what sceptics say - the BNP are stealthily favoured by the powers that be, including the government, the CPS, and the BBC.

The presence of fascists in the equation keeps anarchists, socialists and social reformers busy and unable to spend time and effort scrutinising civil service sleaze and unpopular wars in Asia and the Middle Easy.

Everyone knows anti-racism is always the number one priority, leaving other issues secondarily, thus if the state allows fascist parties to prosper (despite public gestures of displeasure) as a summary diversion, this is the ideal means of limiting anticapitalist, civil rights and environmental protests that would otherwise be scrutinising the governments every move.

When the cats are at bay, the mice can't play!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

While an out-and-out Asian hating racist 'our' Nigel lists, on his Bebo.com profile, his comedic heroes as Richard Pryor, Chris Rock and Eddie Murphy and fave music as 'USA for Africa'!....Weird....and he's been let down by a string of women in the past....ahhh, poor luv!

He's currently single so form an orderly queue girls!

@ said...

i agree with a cunning plan - the BNP are useful idiots for the state, providing an outlet for working class people concerned with immigration (and ultimately any other issue, anti social behaviour on working class estates for example)to vent their frustration at being ignored, sidelined and basically treated like dog dirt by the government in a way which does not directly threaten the state/status quo in any meaningful way. its a classic case of divide and rule, and why not, it works beautifully! all that said, it is still important to counter the rubbish the bnp consistently spout, but vital as well, to provide a real alternative for working class communities to their empty rhetoric and outright lies.