July 19, 2009

Casuals United: the next generation of British fascists

Recently, on my Facebook account, I received some rather bizarre threats. This in itself is nothing new, as I receive rambling threats from neo-Nazi goons on a semi-regular basis, usually threatening to put me on Redwatch or some similar action. That putting my face on an internet site won't be too daunting a prospect for somebody who uses Facebook in the first place is a concept that seems utterly lost on some people.

However, the threats I'm referring to here were of a somewhat different flavour. After a brief exchange on a Facebook discussion board for the activist group No Borders, wherein I suggested that somebody claiming that the UK was 20% too overcrowded had "pulled the figures out your arse," I received the following message;
you've insulted a member of Hur al'Ayn
Between You and Sakinah Malik

Sakinah Malik
17 July at 00:19
Report message
please take it back, on the board. you have to speak to us as you would if were speaking in person.
yours sincerely
Although bemused, I thought nothing of it until I received a similar response on the No Borders group, to which I responded that "I'll speak to anyone however I please, that's one of the beauties of free speech, so please don't fucking PM me about this trifling shit again cause I'll ignore it." To which I received the following reply from a like-minded Facebook troll;
OK here's another PM
Between You and Lady Terror

Lady Terror
17 July at 16:44
Report message
I'm not a troll, I'm a member of the Hur al-Ayn and you should show people a bit more respect. you're only being rude coz ur 200 miles away behind a keyboard. Apaologise to Charlotte or face the consequences.
Aside from the obvious irony of somebody calling themselves "Lady Terror" and claiming to be of the "Hur al-Ayn" (Maidens of Paradise, the Islamic "72 virgins") whilst simultaneously insisting that they are not a troll, there is also somehing sinister in the phrase "or face the consequences." Sure enough, a member of Lancaster Unity who was also a member of the No Borders group alerted me to a group titled "Uk[sic] Casuals United;"

On which I have my own particular claim to fame;

The "Charlie Wadia" in question is the one whom "Sakinah Malik" and "Lady Terror" were "defending" by sending me personal messages and weak threats.

This group was set up after a similar group, "Hooligan Central," was hijacked. I wrote about this earlier incarnation in the article "Riots in Luton and media apologism for fascist violence," about the fascist ties and thuggish antics of the groups who marched through Luton in opposition to earlier Muslim demonstrations at an armed forces homecoming parade. The Casuals United homepage confirms that "Casuals from around the UK started coming together in protest at these hatemongers, and the way the police arrested two people who were rightly outraged by their disgusting protest" but insist that they are "non political, non racist, non violent protest groups."

However, the fact that their stated purpose is to "stop the enemy within," namely "these people, whos [sic] agenda is to dominate Britain, and make it an Islamic State," and the "politically correct traitors ... who have brought us to this terrible state of affairs," says otherwise. Such rhetoric is transparently fascist in origin, as are the doctrinal precepts which underlie it. This is not to mention, of course, that posting up the details of opponents - I am not the only one to receive such treatment on that particular group - has obvious echoes of sites such as Redwatch.

Groups such as Casuals United, and the affiliated English Defence League, represent a new strain of fascism. They are as virulent as traditional groups such as the BNP, the National Front, or the Orange Lodge, and antifascists need to organise physical resistance to them as they try to bring fascist violence back to our streets.

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Anonymous said...

These "Hur al-Ayn" girls are the same people who harassed Tim Ireland of bloggerheads.com after he exposed Glen Jenvey as a sockpuppet on an islamic forum after he posted threatening messages to target british jews and then selling the story to the Sun newspaper.

Anonymous said...

These sound like the same kind of wankers that are in the BNP to me.

Anonymous said...

More on 'Casuals' and the BNP-EDL link here:


They are planning a march in Birmingham in August 6th. Members of Stormfront have take note and plan to be there too.

Anonymous said...

Correct me if I'm wrong but the BNP haven't had a 'point a to point b' march since 94. Lecomber announced at a press conference just before the local elections in that year, "no more marches, no more punch-ups...because it's not what the British public want".

I reckon that with the fascists new found confidence that they may start edging away from that and they may see the activities by groups like the English Defence League as sort of testing the waters or a trial run.

Anonymous said...

I have it on good authority the EDL are planning on mixing in with us and then attacking us. It has been posted on facebook

Anonymous said...

hold on- the Hur al-Ayn are anti-fascist, and most definitely anti-BNP! What did you do to piss them off Phil?

Beenie Man