July 09, 2009

Demo against 'growing threat' of BNP

A wave of protest against the British National Party is to culminate in a protest march in Lincoln.

Lincoln and District Trades' Council organised the march following the election of two BNP members to the European Union. The group is keen to highlight what it feels are the real policies and background of the BNP.

Secretary of the Lincoln and District Trade Union Council Graham Peck said: "Lincoln and District Trades' Council is bitterly disappointed with the recent election of two British National Party members to the European Parliament. In the light of this growing threat in the county, and the election on our doorstep of Andrew Brons for Yorkshire and Humberside region, the Trades' Council has decided to call a demonstration to oppose the rise of the racist BNP."

The far right organisation had 23 candidates standing in the Lincolnshire County Council elections, but did not make any gains in the area. Boston is currently the only place in the county with a BNP councillor.

The rally is due to be held on Saturday, meeting outside the University of Lincoln at 11.30am before leaving at noon and heading up Wigford Way, along Guildhall Street and down High Street.

East Midlands regional organiser for the BNP Geoff Dickens said: "Irrespective of what people like to think, different communities do not get on well together. Some of the more established communities of immigrants from the 60s and 70s are as much in despair of the new groups and the state of the country as the BNP."

Lincolnshire Echo

Full details from L&DTUC:

The assembly point is in front of Lincoln uni, and we will be congregating at 11.30 to leave at 12, marching up Brayford Wharf East, along Wigford Way, turning left down Guildhall Street and right on to the High Street before stopping for a rally in front of the former Tourist Information centre

L&DTUC Facebook page


doctor demmy said...

Funny how, when pushed, the British Nazi Party goes into Divide-And-Conquer mode, and starts "speaking" for second generation immigrants, while the BNP still refuses to allow non-Aryan people to join the party, the bloody hypocrites

Wiki Wonders said...

Somebody ought to add the latest gaffe statements about murdering asylum seekers to Nick Griffin's wikipedia entry, so everybody researching the BNP won't forget about it in a hurry!

Pete said...

Nick Griffin's article on Wikipedia seems to have been "cleaned up", the sanitising process playing down his anti-semitism, and removing quotes about "Jewish brainwashing!".

It's sad how old cyclops and his supporters manages to revise Wikipedia as well as the Holocaust, the bastards!

Sanitory Janitor said...

Excuse me? A march in Lincoln against the election in Yorkshire and the North West of two BNP members to the European parliament?

I'm afraid it's not the 70's and 80's anymore, people. If you do not want more BNP members elected in Lincoln then you'll have to do the hard work, which ain't marching.

If anything, this just gives more oxygen to the BNP and shows how powerless we are to do anything actually constructive in the face of the them. The BNP aren't marching,they're putting in the hard work almost under this radar. Wake Up!!

If they announce a "gig" in the near future too, we'll know for sure that Lincoln has given up the ghost entirely.

Anonymous said...

Actually through the disguise of the EDL, the BNP ARE MARCHING!

Nick said...

As one of the joint organisers of Saturday's demonstration in Lincoln, I'd like to reply to Sanitory Janitor regarding their criticism of our campaign.

I think their comments reveal a healthy degree of cynicism about the campaign and betray their ignorance about the area.

The BNP stood their first candidate in Lincoln in 2006. In every subsequent election in which they have stood, anti-fascists have "put the hard work" in by delivering tens of thousands of leaflets and speaking to thousands of people.

This has included public meetings with scores of attendees, stalls on the High Street, at the football ground, door-to-door canvassing, etc. We have organised stalls metres away from BNP stalls on several occasions to directly confront them and offer the public a pole of opposition.

In December 2006, we organised a march of 200 people to try and deter them from continuing their public stalls. In the subsequent 2 1/2 years, they have done 2 or 3 stalls (from every week).

We recognise that no tactic on its own is going to stop the BNP forever. This can only be achieved (in my opinion) by building a party committed to improving conditions for working people.

For the time being, it's summer, and the elections have been and gone. April, May and early June was when we were "doing the hard work" and knocking on doors and talking to people. Now is the time for a public demonstration that unity is strength.