July 31, 2009

The strange world of Lee John Barnes

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Those of us who fancy a laugh in the anti-fascist movement tend to look no further than the blog of Mr Barnes, who holds a first degree in law. Here is a guy who likes to blog about conspiracy theories, some bizarre belief in a Norse God, and of course his beloved nationalist cause (he seems to have fallen out with the BNP recently – he has had his BNP email addy removed).

For some time the stuff he posts kept me amused at just how batty the guy actually was. His “logic” was so hard to follow at times it really did make you wonder if it came from a sane person or not. Recently after reading several posts I decided to check on the facts he presented. Around the time of the BNP website problems, which the party and others put down to some pinko-leftie denial of service attack Barnes blogged that he had:
“On sunday morning I contacted the Counter-Terrorism Unit, Scotland Yard and MI5 to inform them that one of the largest DOS attacks in British electronic warfare history was underway against the BNP”.
So I first emailed all concerned and waited and waited. I got replies from both stating that they couldn’t answer if that was true due to freedom of information rules. Mmmm, he wasn’t getting away that easily – so I decided to phone the press offices of those organisations. CTU wouldn’t entertain giving me any kind of answer, but I got interesting replies from both M15 and the Met/Scotland Yard (I treated Scotland Yard and the CTU separately phoning both switchboards in turn). The replies were as expected until a very nice lady in the Met mentioned that she couldn’t answer my questions unless I was phoning to support an earlier report. So I decided to do just that, support Mr Barnes concern about the BNP website being down, so she checked the computer – guess what? – computer said no – there had been no contact recorded on the subject. She assured me that it would appear on the system, and in her words “even the nuttier stuff is logged”. So armed with the new method I tried Scotland Yard who repeated the process – but this time the guy some information, “oh wait he said these are complaints 'about' the BNP, not by them”. He confirmed there were no reports, as did M15, but they took a while and asked me so many questions I think they may have started a file on me now.

A short time later Barnes alleged on his blog:
“Image - members of the same coalition as the UAF demonstrating for free speech and exercising their right of protest in order to kill a police horse and murder a policeman”.
With the following photo

So again this set my non LLB refined miss-speaking alarms off. So I first contacted Getty who confirmed that the photo was taken in London at a demo in early 2009. So I phoned the Met, who couldn’t answer the question there and then, but pointed me in the direction of the inquiry form and suggested I try that. So I did, after a while I received a request for more information from the Head of the Mets Mounted Division. After supplying the information requested the Chief Inspector replied that:
“As the Head of the Metropolitan Police Mounted Branch I can confirm the following:

The leaflet '21st Century British Nationalism' dated 9th June 2009 shows a picture of a police officers and horses at a demonstration. In the picture it is Metropolitan Police officers and horses; the photograph was taken at a demonstration in London very early in 2009. The leaflet reports an officer and police horse were killed; neither horse or officer were killed. The report that both were fatally injured is completely inaccurate”.
The Chief Inspector used the term leaflet because the screen shot I had sent did appear to be a leaflet in hindsight – I have also supplied him with the URL since for his info – at his request.

So to be fair I gave Barnes the chance to reply, I asked him where he got the info from, I had several posts in threads comments section asking him to reply – but he never did – I wonder why?

Now I have only checked on two subjects from the Barnes blog to date – but both of them have proved to be false – is he just miss-speaking, to borrow Hilary Clinton's excuse or is a symptom of something more? For that I will leave you to decide.


Anonymous said...

So what it boils down to is that Barnes, the BNP's legal officer who is always talking about the honesty and integrity of the BNP, deliberately lied on his public blog to mislead the public.

Anonymous said...

The picture is perfect. Pure arrogance.

DF said...

Is that Lee Barnes? I thought he was fat for some reason.

Wes said...

Misspoke ;P

John P said...

Lee Barnes
If you can keep your head when all about you
Are losing theirs and blaming it on Zionsim
If you can trust yourself when Jack black doubts you,
But make allowance for his doubting too;
If you can wait for sharon ebanks to follow though on her threats and not be tired by waiting,
Or being lied about, don't deal in lies,
Or being hated, don't give way to Melanie Phillips in the Spectator
And yet don't look too good in your Pony tail and leather jacket, nor talk too wise:

If you can dream -of a breakfast snack circle in shape slightly toasted with cream cheese and not make dreams your master
If you can think - and not make thoughts your aim;
If you can meet with matt single n sadie graham by day and UFO's by nightfall
And treat those two impostors just the same;
If you can bear to hear the truth you've spoken
Twisted by Luaf to make a trap for mistaken hardliners,
Or watch the things you gave your life to, almost broken by the Red luaf/stormfront crank Axis
And stoop and build 'em up again with your 6'2 spine of white nationalist steel

If you can make one heap of all your fire n brimstone columns

And risk it on one turn of pitch-and-toss
And lose, and start again at your beginnings with your own blog
And never breathe a word about what happened on the bnp forum that bank holiday
If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew
To serve your turn long after they are gone,
And so hold on when there is nothing in you
Except the Will which says to them: 'Stop sending out fake emails in my name steve blake!'

If you can talk at RWB and keep your virtue,
'Or walk with LLB hons on your chest in Gravesend- and not lose the common touch,
if neither pete doherty and uaf nor loving friends can hurt you,
If all men count with you, but none too much;
If you can fill the unforgiving minute
With sixty seconds' worth of rant,
Yours is the Legal department and everything that's in it,
And - which is more - you'll be a Griffinite, my son

Jacob Cobain aged 13 years 9 months

Pete Green said...

Thanks Wes. Wish I could write. :(

Anonymous said...

Is that what the great Lee Barnes looks like now, I only have a lasting memory of him being dragged away in a straight jacket and could only see him from the back.

Still hopefully will see him in person on the 12th August when he is due to defend Dicky on his Standards charges.


Antifascist said...

Thanks for the article, Wes. Reader's articles are always welcome. :-)

Antifascist said...

'Jacob Cobain aged 13 years 9 months'

I thought he/she/it was supposed to be 16 - or maybe that's the IQ.

Anonymous said...

Can i just change the subject for a minute please have just picked this up of the London Patriot website. Perhaps some phone calls to the LSE need to be made.

BNP London Organiser invited to address students at London School of Economics
Posted on July 30th, 2009 by Bob Bailey
Cllr Robert Bailey also the London Organiser has been invited to address students at the prestigious London School of Economics (LSE). Cllr Bailey will be addressing young disadvantaged students on an affirmative action programme about the destructive nature of multiculturalism and what it means for the indigenous population of Great Britain. The lecture by Cllr Bailey is due to go ahead on the 18th of August 1115 am at the LSE.


Denise said...

16 years old (17 now, I would imagine)) 6ft tall, and a Scotsman.

Perhaps Roald Dahl created him?

Antifascist said...

'BNP London Organiser invited to address students at London School of Economics
Posted on July 30th, 2009 by Bob Bailey
Cllr Robert Bailey also the London Organiser has been invited to address students at the prestigious London School of Economics (LSE). Cllr Bailey will be addressing young disadvantaged students on an affirmative action programme about the destructive nature of multiculturalism and what it means for the indigenous population of Great Britain. The lecture by Cllr Bailey is due to go ahead on the 18th of August 1115 am at the LSE.'

Thanks for the info, tulip. We'll spread it around.

Anonymous said...

Whens Bailley being done for drink driving?

Anonymous said...

"disadvantaged students"? At the LSE?

John P said...

How many students are going to be there in the middle of August?

peewee said...

The neo-Nazi BNP will o lecture young disadvantaged students on an affirmative action programme (i.e.black, Asian and overseas non-white students) about the supposed dangers of "affirmative action".

Will the "lecture" involve threats of BNP-allied football hooligans breaking legs of these non-white students who fail to heed the BNP's advice to "voluntary repatriate" themselves from "Albion"?

Perhaps if the students are lucky, they will get to see some of the weapons the BNP's so-called "Security Team" or "defence league" or whatever they call themselves, will threaten to unleash upon them, if they fail to heed the advice of the Gri££inesque Guestapo.

Ted Stale said...

Asian, Black and overseas students on scholarships would be stark raving mad if they went of their own accord to face a talk from racist criminal thugs who hate their guts.

Uncle Toms are few and far between, even if Dicky Bumbrook offers his body for non-Aryans to adopt white supremacism, in a divide and conquer stylie.

bonkersbnp said...

Why would overseas students turn up for a lecture by racists?

It's like praticising Christians giving Satanism a try.

haas said...

The only students who will be on-campus after the term ends will be students from Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

I guess Barnbrook and his butch bullyboy racist chums will stalk black students around the university premises, threatening them with murder, rape or whatever they're into.

Enlightened Lee Barnes (LLB HONS) said...

The fact that you dont know what I know is because you are not gifted with my wisdom to link with the ancients and transubstantiate the physical to the transcendial. Only last week I unlocked the entire cosmoslogy of the ancient Egyptians. It took me just 2 days spent intensively searching for clues which apparently lesser beings had spent their lives looking at, staring them in their pathetic faces. It was my genuius alone which helped take the BNP from a rag-bag of football loving Hitler fans or do I mean Hitler loving football fans under the stewardship of a failed old and now deceased neo-Nazi to the enlightened ethno-nationalist movement that is successful in Europe. It was my genius and skill with the lexicon of popular politics that coined the term Ethno-nationalism. My endeavours to get Wikipedia to acknowledge my creation will soon pay off. I have petitioned long and hard to get off on wiki to recognise this term as my unique term and one of many phrases I have delivered to the realms of politics, philosophy, law and many other fields of human endeavour.

I am a genius and my talents are not just limited to cosmology, politics and philosophy. The fact that I am a brilliant communicator, can absorb facts like a fine tuned data acquisition computer, analyse those facts and then synthesise a solution, often within hours, sometimes as quick as Odin's two ravens to a 5 minute phone call to the Chairman who still regards me as his most gifted adviser and most trusted member of the inner circle of trusted advisers means I am the genius that pulled the failed neo-nazi nationalist movement into a success of a ethno-nationalist movement. And if Steve Blake tries impersonating me ever again I will just remind the world that he was caught with his fingers on the mouse, hacking in and stealing private BNP emails. I have not had my BNP email address and BNP mobile phone terminated whoever said that was lying. I was the victim of a vendetta against me by the BNP IT department who are part of the unenlightened dinosaur regime which the Chairman will address soon. As soon as I can top up my new super-duper Aldi mobile phone I will be phoning the Chairman in his Brussels hotel to put the record straight. I will have my record straightened but it is not bent in the first place just in case you get the wrong idea. I was never in London when the photographer murdered that horse and slit the throat of the mounted copper who was riding on the horse. I dont know what you are talking about and I think you have got me confused with Barnes Wallace who created the bouncing bomb. I am the great Lee John Barnes with a bag of bouncing balls.

No I mean I am juggling my balls, a load of balls to be honest.

So there you leftie cowards!

PS. That's not my picture. I am much more handsome than that Greek looking guy. Every time I walk through the Medway towns girls fall into a faint just yards in front of me. I enquired and it doesnt surprise me to have discovered that I have myth-like status here, girls are afraid of looking directly at me fearing they will go blind and are being advised to just look at me in a carefully concealed hand mirror instead. That's what comes of being recognised as a genuis, pure talent doenst go unrecognised but comes with its own fears and legendary building mythos.

andi said...

The Speakers at this "student lecture" won't be physically attacking people, but whenever the BNP are "in the area", so too will be the hangers-on such as the violent football hooligans and steroidal football hooligan thugs lurking menacingly in the shadows using supposed self-defence against UAF/Antifa etc. to justify their carrying of conceiled weapons, and use of boots/fists etc.

In Blackpool, these thugs appeared as if by magic from the BNP's party conference to fight with protestors, so anti-fascists must turn in up numbers to protect overseas students from racial attacks.

notimpressed! said...

If I was a black man or woman on an "afirmative action scheme" if such things truly exist, why would I attend a talk by the BNP, for fuck's sake?

This really doesn't make sense.

What are the BNP really up to?

Are the neo-nazi BNP hoping to honeytrap anti-fascist activists into attending a non-event, to draw them into a massive scuffle so Bumbrook and co. can make them seem like Victims as these wimps love to do.

That will be me LJB (LLB HONS) again said...

The fact that I am currently highlighting the hidden secret of white men in US jails being butty butted by African-Americans is nothing to do with those silly and baseless allegations that when I was a student at Kent University I had an affair, a very physical friendship, with a fellow male student of African origin.

The fact that I have a girlfriend in Solihull is 100% proof that I am not a left wing Commie gaylord but I do often ponder how Magagkwe is doing, perhaps he has now been called to the Kenyan Bar? He had high aspirations and I think I gave him a very helping hand on many occasion to get him rising up that ladder a little step at a time. A man with dignity, pride, a finely chiseled jaw and the most amazing white teeth I have ever seen.

Peter said...

Being black and British myself, what I imagine really pissed-off the neonazi BNP, is when the 6'o clock news a few months ago announced that poor black GCSE and A-level boys as well as girls outperformed poor white pupils from similar backgrounds.

No-longer can the instutional elected lunatic racist fringe continue the barmy belief that the brains of Afican-Carribeans are lesser developed than their white counterparts, as white supremacists have procaimed since the days of slavery and Empire.

By hoping to put off minority black communities from the UK and overseas from attending university (not that they will achive this with this stupid talk of theirs), the white supremacist bnp are obviously hoping to limit the social mobility of ethnic minorities.

The words "pissing" and "wind" thankfully come to mind, lol

The stable door has already opened, and no-longer can nazi types in suits call black people "brainless monkeys".

A black man won Mastermind, a black man won Formula One, you see young minority achievers on The Apprentice, and now there's Obama.

For god sake, their eugenic arguments hold no water whatsoever outside of the neonazi forums like Stormfront.

The BNP and the KKK have no future in society and one day before too long they will thankfully cease to exist.

It is about time the BNP are made illegal, just like Al Qaeda, and the "preachers of race hate" can be locked up along with dangerous religious extremists.

Denise said...

You know, it really won't do to post a comment in one name then post another quoting directly from it in another name a few minutes later, especially when both comments are still in the moderation queue.

It's not very clever, but it's very BNP.

John P said...

bonkersbnp said...

Why would overseas students turn up for a lecture by racists?

It's like praticising Christians giving Satanism a try.

10:00 PM, July 31, 2009
The BNP have links to many world wide racist organisations, you only have to look at their facebook groups to see who they link up with and gather support from from all areas of the world.

Anonymous said...

He looks like a failed magician.

LU Supporter said...

Nice detective work Wes.

Anonymous said...

I will check out when Little Bob is due back in court, but from memory it is sometime in August.

As for Dicky showing up at this event please dont forget he is off sick at the moment with stress HaHa but is due to face the Standards Board hearing on the afternoon of the 12th August


lee barnes LLb Hons said...

Bike for sale £110.00 Chain is not working

Anonymous said...

Lee looks very gay to me.

Anonymous said...

If he really is mentally ill, is it right to make fun of him?

Antifascist said...

'If he really is mentally ill, is it right to make fun of him?'

If he wasn't a vile, lying, racist piece of shit who is quite happy to target anyone for a shot of his venom, we wouldn't bother. But he is, so the answer is yes.

Anonymous said...

"If he really is mentally ill, is it right to make fun of him?"

If he's Lee Barnes, yes.