July 28, 2009

BNP leader extends sick pledge to capsize refugee boats

Griffin talking crap again - and looking even more pig-like than usual
When I came face to face with BNP leader Nick Griffin on his first day at the European Parliament in Strasbourg I thought he might find urgent business elsewhere in the building.

After all, this was a rare occasion when he didn't have burly minders at his side to intimidate interviewers who dare ask awkward questions. And he would have been only too well aware of the Mirror's anti-BNP Hope not Hate campaign in the run-up to the European elections. But, in fairness to Griffin, he was only too happy to air his views on, for example, global warming ("a man-made myth").

I gave him an opportunity to back down on his comment that Europe should sink boats transporting illegal immigrants from the coast of North Africa.

"Do you regret making that statement?" I asked.

True to form Griffin replied that he only had one regret: that he did not extend his murderous scheme to vessels transporting refugees to those in the Adriatic and Atlantic. It was exactly the kind of nakedly racist response that makes it impossible to take seriously the BNP's claims to being proper politicial contenders.

I would bet that Griffin would not have considered Save The Children's recent report into the condition of youngsters trying to get from Libya into Italy. Had he done so he would notice that most of the children on the barely seaworthy boats being turned back from Europe have fled war in countries like Somalia and Eritrea.

As Fosca Nomis, spokesperson for Save the Children, said: "Many of the children on the boats from Libya had been forced to travel thousands of miles, often alone, to escape conflict and poverty in countries such as Somalia, Eritrea and Nigeria. In ten months we received over 2,000 children entitled to receive protection in Italy. They were often exhausted, hungry, severely dehydrated and terrified after the journey. Many children have recounted harrowing stories, of rape and of having to see dead family members thrown out of the boat.

"Many of the child migrants had been locked up in adult detention centres before boarding the boats for Italy, and we are afraid they may be returned there when they arrive in Libya. Conditions are notoriously bad. Human rights organisations have persistently reported allegations of torture and ill-treatment at the centres in a country which has not signed the Geneva Refugee Convention."

This is the kind of inconvenient truth that gets in the way of Griffin's deliberately controversial - but totally hollow - soundbites.



toad i' t'ole vendor said...

Why does The Cyclops Griffin, like Dickhead Bumbrook, always tilt his head back and open his mouth with wild eyes, when going off into a 365 degree racist rant?

Longing for a cheesy portion of Peedo Boy Collett's "Toad In The Hole"??? lol lol lol

Not that Mark Collett's miniscule chiploata will do much of a job tickling his inflamed neo-nazi tonsils?

It's important to remember, the Cyclops has, after all, like Bumbrook, a secret gay past that he doesn't want anybody to know about.

Oink said...

"looking even more pig-like than usual"

Um, that really is frighteningly true, especially if you click on the picture to see it full size.

Anonymous said...

Can't that fat twat afford a new tie yet?

G-MEX said...

It is indeed true, Gri££in is trying his hardest to look like Dicky Bumbrook with the gormless mouth open look.

What's he been up to???

postie pete said...

What a complete and absolute tinpot tosser Herr Griffin looks!

Great photo!!!

robbo said...

Gri££in is much camper than you think in the pub after a few shandies, believe me!

I know.

lee barnes llb hons said...

It has just been announced on the news that house prices have risen for the first time in 18 months. Economists are predicting we are showing signs of recovering from the recession.
Do you fools not see the coincidence? Since Griffin and Brons have come into power Great Britain in now on the road to recovery.

so come on patriots stop acting like marxist commie reds socialist do gooders politically correct lesbos or gaybos Join the only show in town ...the BNP

sue said...

Bumbrook is gay, Griffo is an ugly bisexual pig and Mark Collett has a tiny willy.

Doesn't say much for the genetic perpetuation of the master race, lol

Gay Darr Analysis said...

I'm a gay man and although I totally hate the homophobic and racist BNP, like Bumbrooke, Griffo defo scores highly on the gaydar when he opens his mouth like that!

Antifascist said...

'Do you fools not see the coincidence? Since Griffin and Brons have come into power Great Britain in now on the road to recovery.'


Sorry, people. I had to allow that one through just for its outrageous stupidity value. It's a classic!

Grasshoppery person said...

He has the views of a pig and now he is clearly turning into one. There is balance in all things.

Dave T. said...


I'll join you. Bizarre or what???

Anonymous said...

Actually Porky looks like he's having a seizure of some kind. Hooray. :)

I'll attach the limpet mines said...

How about we put the whole of the BNP on a boat (with Cap'n Lardarse in charge of course) then sink THAT one instead?

Jeeeeez said...

'Do you fools not see the coincidence? Since Griffin and Brons have come into power Great Britain in now on the road to recovery.'

What a crock. Piss off, you moron.

Mr P.G. Tipps said...

"I only charge a quid for a blowjob darling."

Oh sorry, I thought it was a caption competition. ;)

irishtony said...

'Do you fools not see the coincidence? Since Griffin and Brons have come into power Great Britain in now on the road to recovery.'

keep up chaps

Look who wrote it


martin webster said...

If open-mouthed bisexual Gri££in gave cheap blowjobs to his followers, his big gob might finally have a use.

passmore said...

At least even the nazi trolls on here are getting funnier, Ketlan!

Anonymous said...

Is Griffin getting fatter or is he wearing a bullet-proof vest, as I read somewhere else recently?

Anonymous said...

There seems to be a lot of horrible homophobia amoung so-called 'anti-facists'.

Barnbrook and griffin are scum because they are fascists, not because they may or may not be gay or bi.

The Green Arrow said...

Green Arrow would like to put his fun size mars bar in Mr Griffin's filthy gob.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how Darby is going to try to spin this story.

"Nick was obviously still referring to completely empty boats"?

Think I might out in a complaint to the PCC and force the Mirror to release the tape. LOL.

Nick's "sink the boats" line will only appeal to the people he's already lost with his "no-one wants an all-white Britain" line.

What an inept, racist moron.


Fight BNP Hypocrites said...

I don't believe the anti-fascist posters are homophobes. They seem to be taking pot shots at the deadly hypocrisy of Griffin, Barnbrook etc that people are attacking. Haider was openly homophobic whilst gay at the same time, which was such a terrible travesty.

Didn't Haider die after crashing his car on the way home from a gay club?

Haider was a friend of Griffo.

Kev Scott loves The Jam said...

"There seems to be a lot of horrible homophobia amoung so-called 'anti-facists'.

Barnbrook and griffin are scum because they are fascists, not because they may or may not be gay or bi.

True.......... but even funnier as they seem to have a pathological hatred of both.......... its not a dink at gay, lesbian or bisexual folk just a wind up that seems to inflame the most homophobic 'political' party going!

Go with the flow :-)

Ashley said...

Very good point about the remarks about BNP leaders being gay. There is no place for homophobia in the anti-fascist movement. I myself aren't gay but my best friend is.

Sadly I have witnessed homophobia in the supposedly anti-fascist anarcho rock and punk scenes, and in alternative music venues.

I live in Liverpool and that's improving. Manchester is probably the best with it's wonderful (and highly enjoyable, thanks!) pride festival, the one where the National Front marched against this year.

Yorkshire, particularly Leeds sadly isn't as enlightened, especially in anarchist/alternative circles.

When visiting my cousin in Leeds last year who's studying media studies we popped into this cellar bar in Leeds City Centre for a quick drink or two.

The venue was near the Infirmary and was called Carp Diem and was popular with musicians and students, where you get live music, etc, for a free Monday night open-mic gig.

The crowd were alternative, anarchist multiracial (majority middle class), including a handful of black and Asian punters alongside anarchist punks, acosutic guitarists, and poets, etc.

There was socially conscious poetry and lyrics about Iraq, Afganistan America, Chavez, and wars etc, so we were settling in, expecting an elcnightened music and spoken word night when suddenly a rather amateur act came on stage, and everyone started chating homophobic remarks, with the staff at the bar joining in, baracking this poor lad with hate speech labelling him a "gay boy", queer etc!.

It wasn't so-called "ironic" abuse like you might get at comedy clubs. It was sadly for real.

We walked out in absolute disgust, but we were the only ones. The rest of them, even types people who looked like they normally joined in anti-BNP demos, were joining in the abuse.

Really surprising and upsetting. It really made me wonder, does the male-dominated underground leftish-leaning supposedly educated student-friendly "anti-fascist" anarchist scene really give a shit about homophobia and gay and lesbian and gender issues?

There needs to be a frank analysis of some motivations of people heavily involved with anarchist punk and "enlightened" leftwing acoustic music scenes but yet are old-style homophobic bigots.

Homophobia is just as serious a problem as racism, and many people amongst our own ranks need to be made aware of gender and sexuality issues.

cranny said...

Many people in Haider's party still refuse to accept their dead neo-nazi leader was gay, even though his ex-boyfriend came out some time ago!

Anonymous said...

a terrible travesty LOL

Sprichst du Deutsch?


Anonymous said...

Wow - this picture should carry a health warning - swine flu will now spread to the EU parliament as clearly there is a pig in their midst!

Kev Scott loves The Jam said...

Lol.... I see that the bnp keyboard knob jockeys have been getting their well reasoned arguments onto the Mirror comments boards.(see story link)

Doing the bidding of Simpleton Bennett...wanting members to spread the word..."I am a weapons builder, you guys need to use them. I am only one man"

Blind delusional halfwits!

Pete Green said...

If you ever have another fugly competition, that picture of Nick Griffin will win it hands down, or should I say trotters down!

Green Gordon said...

Pretty sure the Lee Barnes comment was a joke...

Kev Scott loves The Jam said...

I see prick has spoken to the great unwashed... in Leigh:
"Mr Griffin stressed the need for a special effort for as many people as possible to attend this year’s RWB to prove that the banning of caravans on site would not deflect attendance.

“A donor has promised £1,000 to pay out compensation to anyone who has had to pay to use an alternative camping site,” Mr Mather said. “Individual caravan owners will be able to claim £20 off the cost of the fee of entering the RWB site if they produce proof of caravan parking fees,” he said, adding that full details would be made available shortly."

Lol... I hope that the cops will be breathalysing the muppets who leave, having consumed 20 cans of out of date wife beater (£2 a can to you sir, all profits to 'funds')!

A quick google of "caravan sites codnor" might tell you where their good nights sleep may be interrupted ;-)