July 16, 2009

Secrecy row as BNP man attends a party at the Palace

Buckingham Palace and the Greater London Authority are under pressure to explain why a BNP member was last week allowed to attend a garden party hosted by the Queen.

The original invite to Richard Barnbrook, a member of the London Assembly for the far-right group, caused a storm of controversy but he had been expected to attend one of the Queen's annual gatherings next week. Yesterday, however, it emerged he attended last week's party at the Palace, sipping tea on the lawn within feet of the monarch.

Questions were raised yesterday over whether officials had misled the public to avoid further embarrassment, following the scandal that erupted when Barnbrook invited BNP leader Nick Griffin as his guest. Mr Griffin later decided not to attend.

Both the Palace and the Assembly allowed reports giving the incorrect date of Mr Barnbook's visit to be published.

Mr Barnbrook last night expressed surprise the occasion had passed without press interest, saying: 'I can only assume that the GLA and others wanted to try to keep my attendance under wraps.'

A spokesman for anti-fascist group Searchlight said: 'We were surprised to hear Richard Barnbrook's attendance at the garden party was kept so quiet. On a positive note, it appears Barnbrook has been sidelined by the BNP who clearly decided their attempts to make political capital out of the invitation in the first place backfired so heavily on them.'

Mail Online


Anonymous said...

Dicky, in that photo, looks as though is wasn't only 'tea' that he was enjoying at the garden party.

@ said...

sorry ollie!

Anonymous said...

I see he did not turn up in his butt-jouster outfit!

Anonymous said...

While it is true that the date was moved from 21st to the 7th that has been on the electronic ether for some while.

And please remember back to that date, the heavens opened and London had one of the worst storms in history floods everywhere.

And to top it all the Garden Party was abandoned, now if that wasnt Divine intervention I dont know what is.


Anonymous said...

Dickie's such a good advert for the nazzers, being about as camp as Bruno Baron Cohen.