July 23, 2009

Racist BNP teenager pushed girl, 14, to the brink of suicide

The BNP: racist, violent thugs, as always
A teenage BNP supporter who drove a classmate to the brink of suicide has been convicted of racial harassment in a landmark legal case

The youth, 15, subjected his female victim to months of racist abuse, on one occasion telling her: 'Go back to your own country, you don't belong here.'

A court heard the 14-year-old girl - who had already moved schools once to avoid racist abuse - was also called 'wog, coon, nigger, gorilla and golliwog' by her tormentor. He taunted her with chants of 'white, white, white is right, kick them out, fight, fight, fight' - taken from a film about football hooliganism.

But the girl feared reporting the abuse would make him become violent and instead suffered in silence, the court was told. The victim, who has mixed white English and black African heritage, endured the abuse for four months before she attempted suicide in January this year.

A source close to the case said the teenager, who, like his victim, cannot be named for legal reasons, was a BNP supporter who had actively tried to enlist other youths. Raymond Wildsmith, prosecuting, told Lincoln Youth Court the insults happened 'again and again and again' - anything up to four times a week. But the girl only revealed her torment after she tried to kill herself. She took a mixture of stress pills and painkillers in January before writing a note telling her family that she did not want a 'sad funeral'.

Giving evidence by video link, the girl told a police officer the abuse made her 'want to die'. She added: 'I wanted to die because of everything that was happening at school. I thought, "Do I want to do this?" And then I thought, "Yes, I don't want to be here".

Last night, her mother described her daughter's tormentor as 'evil'. She said: 'He seemed to mimic everything his father did and became a ringleader of a violent set of boys at the school.' She told how her daughter left a suicide note requesting that nobody wore black at her funeral. She said: 'My world fell apart. I had no idea that there was anything wrong with her. At home she put on a brave face and seemed totally normal.'

The teenager was hospitalised and then sectioned in a psychiatric hospital for several weeks. She has been out of school virtually ever since but is due to start at a new school in a different part of the country in September. The mother reported the girl's ordeal to the school and police, but said she had a 'long hard fight to get justice for my daughter'.

She added: 'When I first informed the school, they as good as called me a liar. I then had a long battle convincing the police to take this seriously. They were desperately slow and interviewed 25 people before they seemed to appreciate the seriousness of it.' The court was told that the girl had only been in the Lincoln area for a year before the abuse started.

Her 15-year-old tormentor, who denied the charge, was convicted of racially aggravated harassment. He will be sentenced on August 13. A second 15-year-old was cleared of the same charge.

The Crown Prosecution Service confirmed it was the first successful prosecution of a schoolchild for racial abuse in the UK. Jaswant Narwal, Chief Crown Prosecutor for Lincolnshire said: 'We would like to thank the victim for her courage in coming forward and strongly encourage other young people in the same situation to report to the police when they have been targets of campaign of racial bullying.'

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Anonymous said...

And they wonder why we call them scum.....

Anonymous said...

One needs to stop and take a good look at the child (although he probably thinks he is not) who perpetrated this evil. I am prepared to bet that he comes from a home where his parents have influenced and brain washed him. You also need to ask what this has done to him, what sort of person he has become and how his future is limited and destroyed by the views that he has been brought up with. Not only is he a scared and threatened person with a twisted view of life but he also believes that he is in some way entitled because of his white skin - he is bound to a disappointing and disgruntled life.

Again I refer you to Arthur Kemp's son and his postings on this blog which gave the most candid opinion of this yet- this boy went through all sorts of torment thanks to the views that his father forced on him - remember when you start to be brainwashed in this manner from birth it is very difficult to suddenly have a different view.

Bringing children up to be what this boy is amounts to child abuse - in sentencing this boy the social services should be called in to assess exactly why he is like he is - in the final analysis it is the parents of this boy who should be sentenced for what they have done to both these children.

Why do we continue to recognize other forms of child abuse but not this? Why do w continue to let the BNP run camps for children etc?

BB said...

"I then had a long battle convincing the police to take this seriously."

I bet. They seem to show a curious reluctance to act on any crime that involves racism.

Pete Green said...

"Why do w continue to let the BNP run camps for children etc?"

That's a damn good question but you could easily extend it to ask why the BNP is allowed to exist at all given that its sole raison d'etre is its racism. And to hell with 'it's a democracy and it's a legitimate political party', the BNP is about as far away from a legitimate party as it's possible to get.

Atreus said...

Another future member of BNP Security?

The girl's mother mentions the boy's father. Seems to me that's where the blame starts.

I hope if it ever comes out that that cretin is in the BNP Lancaster Unity will join Norfolk Unity in ignoring the courts and making sure everybody damned well knows about it.

ernee said...

One can only imagine how much Dicky Bumbrook's evil racist parents must have brainwashed him with racist gunk during his childhood.

elaine said...

One of the most sinister aspects of the BNP's brainwashing of little kids is their pseudo-religious conditioning of young, impressionable disillusioned minds with racist cult Odinism.

Lee Barnes, Green Arrow and Red Squirrel publish an Odinist publication called "The Strider" which is hundreds of times more deadly than the rantings of Al Qaida.

The BNP like their worldwide white pride supremacists believe they can make the most progress by hijacking Paganism, and the Norse gods with their revisionistic doctrine that Odin will destroy all non-white citizens of Planet Earth.

If you don't believe how Widespread Odinism is in neo-nazi politics circles, simply click on Stormfront after a scumnag BNP, BPP or NF member dies, and discover many euclogies about the dead man going to "Valhalla!" as Odin's reward for being racist.

The BNP adult with the long hair and the white cross on the last thread was a classic Odinist worshipper with a sacrifical white flower on his outfit.

Like all religious extremism, hate murder and political control stem from a warped twisting of traditional religious beliefs into a (a)moral divine justification for hating your fellow man and woman.

At the Red, White and Blue Nazifest, there is Odin worship on public display.

I hope the News Of The World and the Sun focus in on this sham religion called Odinism before more kids like this one are indoctrinated with hardcore hate!

beedle said...

Wander if the culprit's sordid cunt of a dad was an Odin worshipper who preached pseudo-religious hate to him?

The BNP kiddies summer camps are rife with theological programming, just like the Hitler Youth did back in the 30s and 40s, with their Volk Programme.

Kiwi Colin said...

Funny you Brits are mentioning the use of the Occult in programming young people with a lure for neo-Nazi politics.

Similar things have been happening in New Zealand where both Odinism and Satanism have been subverted to get young people into white nationalist politics by Kerry Bolton, a man who has been immersed in New Zealand's Nationalist/neo-Nazi movement since the early 1970s, such an increasingly political orientation


Secretary of the National Front - New Zealand, Bolton is also the Director of Renaissance Press, which publishes an antisemitic, conspiracy-driven catalogue of publications. He is on the record denying the Holocaust. His more recent targets have included US President Elect Barak Obama.

Unfortunately this award-winning thesis published above cataloging Bolton's use of the occult to draw young peolple into organised racism was removed from the shelves of the library at the University of Waikato last October after Bolton objected to the expose focusing on how neo-Nazi thought was re-packaged for a younger generation.

As traditional religion dies a slow death, all Western societies must keep an eye on the far right's hijacking of traditional beliefs.

That Lee Barnes lunatic in the UK sounds very much like Kerry Bolton, using Paganism to hook kids into hate!

grannie smythes said...

Whenever racial Odinism is attacked in this blog, Loony Lee Barnes's cage is well and truly rattled.

How come, when the BNP were supposed to be a party upholding britain's supposed Christian heritage, what with the wannabe Wako cult leader fake vicar Robert West with his Mickey Mouse dog collar.

Is Lee Barnes a wacky self-styled cultist Christian or an insane Thurl-Society-style Odinist???

Jillie said...

The fact this racist child was trying to recruit kids into the young BNP suggests he had most surely received far more psychological programming such as Stornfront, VNN and Odinist world views than the sharing of a racist vocabulary over the breakfast table.

There does most surely seem to be something sinister going on with the boy's father, just as with Kemp (senior).

Indeed this is child abuse to the extreme, and almost resulted in a racist-induced suicide which would have been in-effect, bloody murder, something Simon Darby's legion pro-BNP Daily Mail trolls won't allow the public to contemplate, by purposely playing down the racist aspect in this horrific hate crime against this innocent young girl!

Social Worker said...

Quite right indeed, that "Strider" magazine edited by Lee Barnes does seem to be targetted at kids as a means of pseduo-religious racist indoctrination to disaffected young people.

Also, a search of the BNP site has revealed references to an official BNP Odin Study groups for under 16s.

Strange how a supposed pro-political party engages in organising religious study groups.

The study of Odin has fuck all with how a BNP goverment would deal with the BNS, the national debt, or global warming, and everything to do with child abuse and indoctrination.

Nick Griffin should quit his political charade and admit he doesn't give a shit about the ballot box. If he gives any of his Euro money back to the BNP coffers, watch it go into Odinist publications such as the Strider, youth training camps, and other stealthy means of brainwashing vulnerable young people.

Anonymous said...

A chilling reminder of why this isn't a game that we are involved in. The very existence of the BNP creates an environment which allows mindless bigotry like this to thrive.

And while it might be the case in this instance, it isn't always the parents' fault. I joined the National Front at about the age this kid is and my parents were not particularly racist.

lara said...


BBC Love BNP said...

Why the hell didn't the story make the BBC's Six O' Clock News, which a great deal of BNP voters watch?

Answers on the back of a postcard.

paul m said...

Young members of Hitler Youth were actively encouraged to bully Jewish and Roma Gypsy kids in German schools in exactly the same way.

The youth wing of the bnp needs to be investigated by the police, newspapers and television.

Sadly the licence-fee-wasting BBC loves Nick Griffin and since making that documentary that resulted in the Nick Griffin trial, have disgustingly handled the BNP with kid gloves.