July 06, 2009

Anti Muslim protestors demo in Brum

Dozens of far right anti-Muslim protestors disrupted shoppers in the shadow of Birmingham’s Bull Ring shopping centre on Saturday afternoon, but were contained by a sizeable police presence. The hatemongers are promising to return on August 8 to whip up more ill will.

The protest appears to have been organised by – and certainly involved members of – the English Defence League which was also occupied with another demo on the same day in London’s cosmopolitan Whitechapel district.

This shadowy group first emerged on the streets of Britain last month when they turned up on in Luton to register their disapproval at the barracking of homecoming British troops by a small number of local Muslims.

There’s also a linked Facebook called the English and Welsh Defence League which – like the EDL - claims to have no political affiliation, but nevertheless claims that “Labour have done a fine job destroying our country”.

They make the the curious claim that “racism will not be tolerated in this group”.

In distinct contrast to the BNP’s attempt to give fascism a moderate face, these supposedly peaceful protestors have the look of hooligan boot boys – and indeed there have been suggestions of links with football gangs.

Chants of “No Surrender To The IRA”, “We Want Our Country Back”, “Allah Is A Christian”, “We Want Muslims Out”, and “Lets Go Fucking Mental” do nothing to dispel the image of a few footy firms coming together to cause mayhem in the close season.

The Facebook group is now advertising a further “meeting” in Birmingham on August 8 at 6pm.

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ban the fascist wankers said...

Why didn't the police ban this march?

Surely on grounds of public safety, the next one ought to be banned by the cops and the council.

dave said...

Why the hell did the council and the police allow the march to go ahead?

There needs to be a petition to Birmingham City Council and the Chief Constable of the West Midlands to ban these neo-nazi thugs from visiting the city.

When the far right caused race riots in northern cities all those years ago, the politicians and police forces stood bye and allowed the nazi agitators to freely enter town.

Now they are trying to do similar things in the Midlands and the powers that be are turning a similar blind eye.

Institutional racism or what?

the pigs suck said...

Racial and religious incitement is a serious criminal offence. The racist hooligans should have been bundled en-masse into the back of police vans, and dumped off safely into the nearest bridewell.

They weren't.

Why not?

Who's protecting who, when a ragtag bunch of fascists are allowed to slip a supposedly heavily fortified police cordon.

punkrocka said...

The Islamic demonstrators from the Luton anti-war protest were arrested and treated firmly by the long arm of the law. Why are the scumbag Luton racist soccer hooligans allowed to get off scot-free when they use blatant racially-offensive language in a major UK city centre???????????????????????????????????????

Chief Constable, give us the bloody answers, and quick!

peewee percy said...

Funny how the well-trained police allowed the facsists to slip the police cordon.

Are they a "serious crime squad" or what?

woodsy said...

The West Midlands Squad have a softly-softly approach towards football hooliganism.

willi said...

Police football intelligence know who these thugs are, but somebody somewhere has ordered them not to act.

And people wander why there are conspiracy theories.

Watch the fascists being given secret state permission to cause a bloody race riot in August.

julie said...

Why do police forces have far right sympathies?

facebook sucks! said...

Facebook are a fascist-freindly organisation, and they allow many other white supremacy groups space to organise their racism and homophobia.

stop the war fan said...

If the scumbags shouting "Muslims Out" had instead been Muslims shouting "White British Out!", they would have been featured on the front page of the neo-conserative Murdoch rag, the Sun, and they would have been on BBC News24.

The War On Terror lives on, and the powers that be, allow neo-nazis to shore up the war in terror by allowing such fascist groups free reign to instill fear amongst British populations.

And people wander why (a small number of) alienated British Muslims went to fight for Taliban forces.

It's as if the alienation and Islamophobia is state-sanctioned to prevent proper political debates about such important issues as ID cards and the war in afganistan.

ban all nazi marches said...

I agree serious questions need to be asked.

And the August march needs to be banned.

. said...

The police are told what to do and what not to do by the home secretary.

linksman said...

Here's a touching story on a similar theme about an alienated British Muslim who learnt about how brave people from Pakistan fought with Britain in the war, and were not given the credit they deserved by the history books.


Please visit the link and publish this touching story from Reuters on your blog Ketlan/Denise.


Anonymous said...

A tip:

Look for BNP links with these guys; they're usually hidden, a la David Copeland, but they're there. They share the same ideology and goal but distance themselves for practical reasons. One well embedded BNP informant should be able to demolish this shower of scum.

Anonymous said...

Some nice information:


Anonymous said...

Nothing like a nice long lens.

"We have the places, now we have the faces."

I have no doubt if the Nutzies thought they were being photoed for circulation to the managemernt of football clubs and "supporters associations" with the suggestion that they be banned for life due to the high probability of thier involved in racist chanting and violence they would sh*t themselves !

Old Sailor.

Deja vu said...

Well, I suppose someone on the Left had to say it eventually - the ideology of Islam, like that of New Labour, is part of the problem:

"Islamic fundamentalist terrorism has been a gift to racists and xenophobes of every kind" from
'Re-Arming the Left' in 'Socialist Resistance' .

The dominant presence of Islam among Asian immigrants has opened the floodgates to a torrent of invective which would not have been possible if the Asians had been members of a less aggressive and supremacist faith such as Buddhism.

The main flood of xenophobic public discourse is overwhelmingly Islamophobic, which is perceived as OK because Islam is not a race.

But as this flood sweeps the inhibitions to religious criticism before it, it also removes the inhibitions to true racism, thus setting the clock back thirty or forty years. Alf Garnett would feel more at home in New Labour's Britain than he would at any time since the late seventies. It's only a short step from shouting 'Muslims out!' to 'Wogs out!'

bronby beech said...

Islam is a peace loving faith practiced in the mainbstream sense as is Christianity. You cannot get more extreme than the Christian crusades which murdered Jews as well as Christian people, so I must take exception to the last Islamophobic-by-stealth comment that maybe the work of a troll!

Anonymous said...

All this talk of England being a Christian country....I do wonder how many of the nutzis actually go to church.....

Edmund Standing said...

The BFF boneheads were there: