July 14, 2009

Centre for Social Cohesion reveals BNP's online fascist network

On the day that two leading British National Party (BNP) members take their seats in the European Parliament, a new Centre for Social Cohesion report reveals that members and supporters of the BNP and its online activists display significant ideological affinity with key tenets of the neo-Nazi ideology. This included: support for violence; antisemitism and an admiration of the Third Reich; extreme racist views; and Holocaust denial.

The BNP and the Online Fascistm Network shows blogs run by members and self-professed supporters of the BNP continue to host, and link to, material that is pro-Nazi, racist, antisemitic, and homophobic. The BNP continues to sell books produced by neo-Nazi publishing houses on its website.

Support for violence:
  • Lee Barnes – leading member and head of the BNP legal team – supports the National Front on his blog. He refers to the group as a valid ‘nationalist’ organization and suggests that they operate as a street force for the BNP.
  • Barnes advocates the downfall of western civilization: ‘The West deserves all it gets. The faster the fools that run the West destroy the West the better.’
  • The BNP supporting blog Britain Awake praises Combat 18 and supports violent attacks on Muslim women. Britain Awake is hosted by a self-described member of the BNP who claims to have attended the party’s exclusive Red, White and Blue festival.
Antisemitism and an admiration of the Third Reich:
  • The official BNP YouTube account and the official YouTube accounts of the Thurrock and Burnley BNP branches show close links with neo-Nazi and antisemitic activists and organizations, as do the users who have been accepted as ‘friends’ of these channels.
  • Blogs run by members and self-professed supporters of the BNP continue to host, and offer links to, material that is pro-Nazi, racist, antisemitic, and homophobic.
  • A member of the Covert Tactics blog, strongly linked with the BNP, refers to Jews as ‘greedy subhuman scum’. One member, Tommy Williams, is a neo-Nazi whose name appeared on the leaked list of BNP members. The blog expresses admiration for Hitler and has on a number of occasions denied or trivialised the Holocaust.
Extreme racist views:
  • So-called patriotic concerns of the BNP mask an underlying fear of racial ‘dissolution’ and a commitment to ’soft’ ethnic cleansing in the form of policies attempting to coerce non-white Britons into leaving the UK.
  • Material found on BNP supporting YouTube accounts, blogs, and internet forums contravenes the Racial and Religious Hatred Act 2006.
Holocaust denial:
  • The BNP website promotes books by neo-Nazi publishing houses which are dedicated to rehabilitating Nazism and denying the Holocaust.
Edmund Standing, author of the report, says:
“The report shows that the BNP is a party dedicated to promoting racism, and continues to attract and empower adherents to neo-Nazi ideology, whose supporters include admirers of Adolf Hitler.”

Douglas Murray, Director of the CSC, says:
“This report shows that members and supporters of the BNP continue to hold and express the vilest racist, antisemitic, homophobic and sexist views - shocking even to those of us who thought our opinion of the BNP could never be lower.”

Alexander Meleagrou-Hitchens, Research Fellow at the CSC, says:
“The BNP leadership insist that they are a mainstream political organisation, yet this report demonstrates how abhorrent their views truly are."

For a pdf of the full report, click here.

Centre for Social Cohesion


Odinn Sucks! said...

They forgot to also mention Lunatic Lee Barnes's fixation with nosnensical nonexistant racist "gods" such as Odin.

Anonymous said...

Looking at the cover, how did the BNP manage to appropriate the Celtic Cross - an ancient symbol of British Christianity - as their distinctive trademark?

OK, I know the swastika was similarly knicked off the Buddhists, but you can't go to an old churchyard in Scotland or Ireland, or read a Celtic history book, without getting a subliminal 'folkish' message.

Sticking this symbol on the front only re-inforces the association.

Maybe the Christian churches should reclaim their symbol before it is entrely lost.

Pete Green said...

To be honest, the report doesn't tell us anything we don't already know, though it's useful to have it stashed away as a single document to send off to people who know nothing about the BNP except what the party wants them to know. I have to say though that Lee Barnes seems to have serious problems - the report certainly shows that up nicely.

Anonymous said...

"Lee Barnes seems to have serious problems"

Barnes is a useless nutter and always has been.

larrythelampost said...

Isn't that also called "Odin's Cross", or am I thinking of something else???

The whole Norse God thing shows the BNP up as religious as well as racial lunatics.

Doesn't Lee Barnes, Red Squirrel and Green Arrow edit an dangerous brainwashing online Odinist newspaper for kids called The Strider?

IS this true????

Anonymous said...


glad someone takes notice

Anonymous said...

Hm. What is the offfical BNP channel? I've seen several that they link to but never an official one.

Anonymous said...

your all mad i tell you mad

Anonymous said...

There are nasty pieces of work who support the other parties and there is not much they can do about it.

Anonymous said...

The Britain Awake (sic) blog mentioned in the CSC report seems to have been closed down already, and the BNPrenaissance channel on You Tube has been through his friends list removing most of the obviously Nazi contacts exposed in the report.

However, despite these damage limitation exercises there are plenty of other blogs and You Tube channels that prove the BNP's Nazism as described in the report.

Yes the report doesn't say much we don't know already but it's a question of who it says this TO - as, to a large extent, the mainstream have been willfully ignorant of how the racist right use the internet to spread their message.

It's importantly not not only KNOW but to FIGHT BACK - in the same territory as where the BNP are achieving their PR successes, ie - on You Tube etc... and NOW (not later).

Anonymous said...

The glaring omission http://www.pickledpolitics.com/archives/5160

Anonymous said...

I see that Bev Kerry has taken down here odinsgal88 blog, though she can't do much about the cached version.

I suppose now she's out leafleting for the BNP in Erewash she wants to minimise embarrassment.

Wait till they find out she's a feminist, Odinist hunt saboteur!