July 07, 2009

Protestors - "Brit Muslims are all extremists"

The far right group responsible for Saturday’s demo against Islamic extremism in Birmingham has revealed its opposition to all Muslims practising their faith in Britain. In an interview with Stirrer editor Adrian Goldberg on Talksport last night, spokesman Paul Ray also admitted their links with the BNP.

As we revealed yesterday, the protest was organised by the English (and Welsh) Defence League.

Despite the group’s claim to be non-political, it’s emerged on Indymedia that their website was set up by Chris Renton, a BNP activist who lives in Weston-super-Mare.

When EDL spokesman Ray was quizzed about this, he acknowledged Renton’s involvement, but insisted, “people’s political views are their own affair.”

During the course of the interview, it became apparent that Ray’s own view of Islamic extremism isn’t limited to suicide bombers and hook handed preachers of hate.

He argued that the Qu’ran teaches all its advocates to wage jihad or holy war in non-Muslim countries, and acknowledged that on this basis, all devout or practising Muslims in Britain, are – in his words – “at war with our country.”

When pressed, he said: “They’re ultimately engaged in converting our country to an Islamic state…that is the religious mandate of the Qu’ran that all Muslims must adhere too.”

So what of Muslims living here? Should they be banned from practising their faith – or would be they be deported?

“That’s a question for the politicians…” replied Ray, who was once investigated for 18 months by police in Bedford for allegedly inciting racial hatred on his blog Lionheart – although he was never formally charged.

He boasted that the Birmingham demonstration – and a similar event in London’s Whitechapel on the same day – marked the beginning of a new movement.

“This is only the start of people coming together to fight back against Islamic extremists on the streets”.

With the group planning a further visit to Brum on August 8, it will be interesting to see what action – if any – the Police take.

Inciting religious hatred is, of course, a crime – and an organisation which claims that every active member of a mainstream religion is waging a battle against their own country is, at best, flirting with the limits of free speech.

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truth campaigner said...

The police will take no action as the presence of Islamophobic protestors on the streets shores up the governments supposed "War On Terror".

This ain't a crackpot half-baked conspiracy, folks. It's the truth!

Anonymous said...

If the council and the police refuse to ban the march and arrest the football hooligan troublemakers as they enter town (they mostly travel up from Luton on the same coach, hint, hint, Mista Plod), the anti-racist majority of Birmingham will sadly feel like they have no choice but to take the law into their own hands.



GBH said...

So much for the BNP denying they were responsible for causing the race riots in 2001, the lying cunts!

pigs suck! said...

Birmingham City Council could step in to ban the march, but they will most probably not because they want to see a race riot in their town.

The same goes for the police, the same force as the once notoriously racist West Midlands Serious Crimes Squad who forced confesssions out of the Birmingham Six.

demi said...

Its no coincidence that the Combat18 nazi soccer nutjobs shouted slogans about the IRA this being Birmingham and all that. Nazis hate Irish people as much as they hate Muslims. Remember the signs "No Blacks, No Dogs, No Irish!"

antifash216 said...

a petition needs to be sent to Birmingham City Council to ban the next EDL neo-nazi march.

It's illegal, it's inciting race riots, and therefore it must be banned.

inspector wotson said...

The cops and the city council in birmingham must be thick as pigshit if they allow the march to go ahead, and both will lose the trust of all of birmingham's multicultural populations.

Damage caused to businesses and public property would run into millions of pounds, and the fascist hooligans would start the trouble because thats what they do on the football firm scene.

Worst of all will be the damage caused to community relations.

If the march does happen and a riot follows, the next Lord Scarman-style enquiry will have to put both the council and the cops to blame as they have both been warned to ban this march and arrest the known troublemakers before they travel.

This will ultimately mean the sacking of Birmingham's Chief Constable, and the resignation of the councillors who allowed the nazis to march freely in the city of birmingham.

The British Transport Police's Football Intelligence Unit...

No shit, sherlock!

opp said...

Police do your thing.

Ban this gathering of hardcore racist hooligans before the shit flies back in your face.

GeorgeX said...

There is a simple way for the Police Service to prevent the footy hoolies from travelling


Why do members of the far right identified anbd witnessed making racist slogans go before the courts like what invariably happens to the Islamic extremists?

The racists making comments about getting rid of Asians from Britain in the last march got off scot-free thanks to the incompetance of the British Police Service who stand back to allow the thugs to slip the police cordon.

How much damage has to be done to Birminghams race relations before the boys in blue paid for by taxes from all people including Muslim taxpayers, earn a little decorum by preventing the neo-nazi EDL from marching in Birmingham, or anywhere else for that matter.

People do not pay their hard-earned taxes for the Police Service to stand back and allow race riots to happen.

The march is planned for four and a half weeks time which is ample time to ban it.

It is shameful and absolutely disgusting why the authorities allow racist outsider agitators to travel around willynilly without being locked up.

shellie said...

The leaders of the EDL should be jailed for long sentences as being the ringleaders of a fascist street gang intent upon causing violence and thuggery.

They are a poisonous mixture of the BNP, Combat18 and the KKK

mini driver said...

Old Plod will do nothing.

We know what they are like.

RT said...

Black and Asian people still get stopped and searched lots of times by racist police.

We know they won't ban this march.

606 said...

If the police dont ban these evil racist thugs from gathering this will be a public relations disaster for the local squad.

pennydropz said...

These racist violent hooligans need to be banged up in jail!!!