October 07, 2009

Chelsea to ban antisemitic football chants

Chelsea FC have pledged to find and ban supporters filmed singing antisemitic songs about rivals Tottenham at a match last month.

Clips of fans chanting in a concourse at Stoke City’s Britannia Stadium were posted on YouTube, leading Spurs to complain to the west London club. They can be heard singing "Spurs are on their way to Auschwitz" while beer bottles are thrown around.

Chelsea, owned by Roman Abramovich, said they had passed the clips to police who are now investigating. In a statement, the club said: “Chelsea utterly condemns all forms of discrimination, including antisemitic chanting, as we are sure do the vast majority of our fans. If we are provided with evidence that season ticket-holders or members have engaged in such activity we will take the strongest possible action, including supporting criminal prosecution.”

It is thought the Football Association could ask Stoke to hand over CCTV footage from inside the stadium. A number of fans’ faces are visible in the clips. Chelsea have previously banned supporters from singing antisemitic songs at its Stamford Bridge ground.



Joe Chapman said...

Correct me if I'm wrong but I think under the data protection act anyone who could be on the CCTV has a legal right to request a copy of footage. This can be done under what is called a "subject access request". The request must be in writing and stipulate certain things on it.

Just in case it might be of use.

Anonymous said...

West Ham fans do it as well. Their fanbase is full of racist antisemitic berks, think Barking and Dagenham.

Anonymous said...

"West Ham fans do it as well. Their fanbase is full of racist antisemitic berks, think Barking and Dagenham."

All football clubs have idiots - singling out a particular club's fans is dumb and counter-productive.

I remember the NF had a presence at Tottenham Hotspur in the 80's and there's a photo of Tottenham fans who used National Front stickers to spell out the letters 'THFC' on a coach window. I understand today the EDL are campaigning at both QPR and Arsenal - clubs long regarded as being multiracial.

Anonymous said...

Evil bastards!

Leeds United Service Crew hooligans (allied to the National Front and now the BNP) have also done this when they used to play in the premier league.

The Service Crew are going to be part of the EDL Casuals' visit to Leeds at the end of the month, the evil c*nts!