August 12, 2009

Anti-fascist protesters threaten to ‘kettle’ crowd at BNP festival

Anti-fascist groups are planning to “kettle” members of the British National Party at their annual gathering in a Derbyshire village, despite a heavy police presence.

Protesters, angered at the BNP’s success in the recent European elections, told The Times that they would attempt to trap the far-Right party’s political supporters inside the Red, White and Blue Festival.

Anindya Bhattacharyya, a spokesman for Unite Against Fascism (UAF), said that the plan to “kettle” the BNP — corral its members within a diminishing area — would show that most Britons were against the party’s position on race and immigration. He said: “We will be attempting to get as close as possible and make it clear, by the large number of people [protesting], that the BNP are the minority. We’ll kettle the BNP.”

Violence at last year’s event, held in the tiny village of Denby, resulted in more than 30 arrests — primarily because of clashes between police and protesters. Even greater disruption is expected this year after the BNP won two European Parliament seats, including the North West for the party leader, Nick Griffin.

Up to a thousand police officers, equipped with a radio-controlled aircraft to monitor crowds, are to be stationed in Denby for the three-day festival. A collaboration of anti-fascist groups, including trade unions and the UAF, will descend on the village on Saturday. They expect thousands of supporters. The protesters have been warned that they will be heavily restricted by the police, who will put roadblocks in place to prevent them from getting too close to the BNP event.

The organisers have discouraged protesters from becoming violent. Mr Bhattacharyya said that the UAF did not advocate violence and wanted only to make its “political presence” felt.

Simon Darby, the deputy leader of the BNP, said that the kettling tactic was “ironic” considering that left-wing groups had criticised police for using it during the G20 protests in London this year. “Besides, they would need tens of thousands of people to do that. The violent Left are always attacking us. I think this is all a bit of frustration [at the BNP’s election success]. They will cause trouble and we will get the blame for it.”

The party advertises the festival as a family outing to celebrate British heritage with a fireworks display and historical re-enactments. Residents, however, have complained in the past about violence and loud music.

Derbyshire Constabulary said that its operation was unprecedented and that all rest days for officers had been cancelled, a measure usually restricted to the policing of big football matches. A spokesman said: “Our main concern is to try as much as possible to minimise the disruption to local people who get caught up in all this.”

The festival, which is in its tenth year, was moved from Lancashire to Derbyshire three years ago. It will be held on a 34-acre property owned by Alan Warner, a local BNP member. The BNP has not applied for a liquor or entertainment licence but festival-goers are encouraged to bring their own alcohol.

Times Online


Dave T said...

Personally I don't think this is a good idea. Even if we had 5000 protestors, we'd be spread too thin, making ourselves targets for the violent thugs in the BNP. Kettling or not, I'll be there.

Anonymous said...

"The violent Left are always attacking us."

A lie, stated as a fact and constantly repeated by the media. The BNP might be a bunch of nazi shits but they certainly know about propoganda.

Anonymous said...

"The BNP has not applied for a liquor or entertainment licence but festival-goers are encouraged to bring their own alcohol."

They wouldn't get a licence because the police would object but what's the bloody point anyway if they're allowed to bring masses of booze with them. Racist scum.

Kev Scott loves The Jam said...

No liqour licesne... then no live 'music' licence.... then just no licence at all :-)

Best prepare for the next venue... this one is going down the pan!

Brummie said...

Hardly what one would call a family day out, this RWB! I went to both the Birmingham Mela and Gay Pride and I had a fantastic day out despite not being either Muslim or gay! Both of these events were open to all of the community to attend and to enjoy, and the freedom is there to stay away if you don't wish to go.

But RWB! Only white heterosexual Aryans are invited, and only those in the BNP at that! The whole point of RWB is not to 'celebrate' British heritage as, say a historical reinactment or a Morris dance where all sections of the community are invited to see our heritage in a positive light - oh no! It is to incite racial hatred. We've seen it in the past at RWB with the SS marching songs and the loutishness of scores of drunken Blood and Honourists disrupting the peace of the Derbyshire countryside and its residents for three days.

Would any British parents want to take their children within a million miles of this Nazifest? I would as a pacifist go along with a candle and hold a vigil for every single British person attacked persecuted and even killed (Stephen Lawrence) for the colour of their skin sexuality religion (Ireland) and political beliefs.

The BNP are on the attack, which means us anti fascists have got them riled, and with their constant disregard for our law the veneer is cracking and the true nature of the BNP is being slowly exposed, remember they've lost two by elections in BNP-active areas in the region where Griffin represents at Strasbourg - since he and Brons got elected.

We Shall Overcome said...

Go on anti fascists. You should know what we Brits do is a crisis, WE PUT THE KETTLE ON!!!

Anonymous said...

"No liqour licesne... then no live 'music' licence.... then just no licence at all :-)

Best prepare for the next venue... this one is going down the pan!"

Music/sounds come from the fairground rides, that is how they got round it last year. In previous years they have sold a beer glass for a couple of pounds, complete with "free beer", although that was not done last year.

Anonymous said...

You'd need about 20,000 people to 'kettle' the RWB. I really don't know what UAF are going on about.

Anonymous said...

Why are the State backing and protecting Griffin, do they use him and his cronies as a pressure valve?

Anonymous said...

"You'd need about 20,000 people to 'kettle' the RWB. I really don't know what UAF are going on about."

Me neither, it/they are already "kettled" of their own free will, in a fenced in field.

Kev Scott loves The Jam said...

What someone needs to do is to spread about 20 tonnes of human excerment over the fields about 2 days before.... should make them feel really at home ;-)