August 18, 2009

Of crap sharks, DoSsers, deserts and life

Well well, good news for a change. Great White Records is back. There, I knew that'd make you happy. The downside is that the master of incompetence Dave Hannam, Mark Collett's schoolgirl-hunting mate, has got the boot. A real pity, as Hannam is almost as good a target for utter stupidity as the idiotic Dicky Barnbrook.

There are consolations though because the manager of the new and squeaky-clean GWR is the young and squeaky-voiced Joey Smith, who is such a moron that he might prove to be even more amusing than Hannam. Let's hope that he can better Hannam's stupendous record, at least. Great White Records was formed in 2005, submitted its only set of accounts in 2006 and finally dissolved as a company because of almost non-existent takings in June of this year.

The 'nationalist' music scene isn't exactly setting the world on fire, is it.

Was it a 'DoS' attack or just a disgruntled schoolboy taking his ball home in a sulk? The latter, it seems. Simon Bennett, the 'webmaster' and James Bond-wannabe who took the BNP's simple but usable website and changed it into the terminally slow and gaudy rubbish that it is today, was apparently sacked by Nick Griffin just before the Red, White and Blue boozefest.

Bennett promptly locked the party out, being the petulant child that he is, but was persuaded to hand back the keys by South African white supremacist Arthur Kemp and it's intended that control of the website will pass back into the hands of one of the other South Africans in the party, school-bomber and former BNP webmaster Lambertus Nieuwhof.

There was, according to all the information we can gather, NO DoS attack. But then, we never thought there had been.

The Red, White and Blue was a failure. Attended by something between five and seven hundred people (including kids), the whole thing was a washout from beginning to end, surprisingly, for this was the tenth anniversary of the RWB.

If you take a look at the images (link provided by the ever-vigilant irishtony) you can see precisely what the RWB was - a car boot sale set up in tents on a very big field. All that was on sale was tat from the BNP's rubbishy Excalibur scam. Of course, if you got bored, you could always go and take a look at the mock-graveyard. A fine way to entertain the kids over the weekend.

Remember those old cowboy films with the sagebrush being blown across the desert at the edge of the town? The soundtrack always featured a dog howling off in the distance and someone blowing listlessly on a harmonica, as the camera focused on on the distant figure of the stranger as he rode wearily into the outskirts, not entirely sure of what to expect, only certain that none of it would be good. That was last weekend's RWB.

And so we come to Nick Griffin's ever-more desperate attempts to make money while carefully avoiding giving away even a penny of his own - or not to the BNP at least. Yes, the gullible and long-suffering members of the BNP are being asked to cough-up some more cash but this time there's something of a twist that might prove to be of interest a year or two down the line.

A paid membership of any organisation, particularly something as long-term and stable as a political party, provides a regular and guaranteed income, within limits of course. Core membership will, after several years, become apparent, and the money from those members can be used as the basic budget for the party. There are plenty of people who will join for a year and never be seen again but the core money is always there and always reliable.

The new Life Membership scheme, in which the member pays a lump sum (£395 at the moment but rumoured to be going up to £800) looks, on the face of it, like a good idea for those who wish to show some commitment to this party of thieves, but is it just a typically short-sighted attempt to grab money now at the expense of not having it tomorrow? Well, yes. The BNP, as we all know, is teetering on the edge of bankruptcy. The Euro elections - fought solely so that Nick Griffin could get a well-paid sinecure before the party collapsed altogether - were rumoured to have cost the BNP around £400,000, leaving absolutely nothing in the piggy bank for the General Election, which will probably have to take place in May next year.

Donation fatigue is setting in with a vengeance. The constant stream of begging letters from Welshpool is annoying even the long-term loyalists within the party, who see no return for their cash and continuously find themselves having to ignore that fact that they are being conned all along the line. Hence the life membership gamble - and it IS a gamble. With a reasonable take-up, the party might survive and get over the present financial hump but I can't imagine many people have £400 to throw away and those who do are not going to be paying their regular £30 membership fee for years, possibly decades.

The life membership scheme smacks of a last gasp - a game of Russian Roulette, where the risk is huge but the rewards could possibly be enough to get through the current mess. But what about the next mess, and the one after that? Because with the BNP, you can always guarantee that there will be a financial disaster just around the corner.


Antifascist said...

Bugger - I just accidentally rejected the three most recent comments. If you've made a sensible comment and you're wondering where it is, blame me (and send it in again). Sorry. :-(

Anonymous said...

"Yu can see precisely what the RWB was - a car boot sale set up in tents on a very big field."

Hate to say it but thats about right. Must have made many people wander why theyd waited so long to get in and those who risked the oppo must have felt short changed to get so little in return.

10th anniversay celebration? More of a wake. RIP RWB.

Wont be going again.

webeatthebnp said...

Life membership of a political party is a VERY, VERY, VERY, VERY, VERY, VERY bad idea [so perhaps no surprise that Griffin should do it !].

Reason? Because however much of a nuisance the person becomes you can't get shot of them.

We gave "life membership" to somebody because they stumped up the election deposit and half the campaign funding way back. Years later they would turn up to the occasional meeting, lecture us all on how we were doing it wrong, and p***ing off all the active members.

Oh sorry - just realised. This is the BNP. NG will take the money, leave it a year or two, and then expel them!!! And then offer a special rate for rejoining!

Anonymous said...

"the manager of the new and squeaky-clean GWR is the young and squeaky-voiced Joey Smith"


Anonymous said...

Shocked by the ammount of young kids in those photos. As far as I'm concerned it's child abuse. Looks like we're going to have these nutters for a while yet.

Anonymous said...

"There are consolations though because the manager of the new and squeaky-clean GWR is the young and squeaky-voiced Joey Smith"

This sounds about right. He has been seen close to Gri££in on lots of occasions and it is just like the one eyed ars*hole to give a paid job to someone he likes, not someone who deserves a job.

very recent ex-AC member said...

Even for those people like myself who you regard as nasty fascists and racists (the truth is very distant from your terminology - we just want a future for our kids without having an Islamic theocracy or an EU dictatorship thrust upon them) this article has summed up just what the BNP is all about - a source of income for that rogue Griffin.

I cant say for certain but he most likely is in the top ten for income of BNP members.

I earn £24,000 a year and have a family to support. That's apparently the national average. SO Griffin is earning more than double my income and some, plus his expenses. I have to pay for the fuel to drive to work and home again. That parasite gets everything paid just to get to his place of work in Brussels or his constituency office. Remember the one eyed snake doesnt even live in his constituency. He lives in mid wales a good 90mins drive from his NW England constituency. That fat pig had the audacity to send me a begging email a few weeks ago asking me to donate to HIS security team. WTF? His income is something I could in some circumstances only envy (but I am too mature to do so). He has the f'ing gall to ask me for money to pay for his security.

Ive been a BNP candidate on many occasion. Idiots left threatening messages on my answerphone (brave that!) but one thing I will say I have never FELT threatened. I never felt the need to ask for assistance from the goons who are the BNP security. I can look after myself and with the help of neighbours and family we have been OK. Griffin lives in a world where he believes he will be the next Pym Fortune(?) or Theo Van Gogh - gunned down by a supposed Pakistani jihadist when he fills his car up at the petrol station.

The BNP is nothing to do with securing a future for one section of the British population which the Labour Party has ignored, that is the aspiring working class who dont want to spend the rest of our lives in hock or in fear. It is all to do with making sure that one eyed Cambridge toff and work shy ba5tard Griffin gets a nice income and pension thanks to mugs like me.

Angry.......yes very but with the man and the people around him I thought were colleagues and friends.......what a bunch of complete scroundrels.

MYOB said...

The BNP is going to get at most a dozen lifetime members mostly the likes of Paul and Linda Cromie, Alby Walker and so on. None of the rank and file will go for it. And what happens if one of them gets sacked? Look at Sadie. Flavour of the month one day and traitor the next. I can just see that fat bastard giving out refunds to those he's expelled. What a fucking fraud.

Anonymous said...

Griffin is about to get shafted.....the weak need December rebels have had a helping hand this week. A sacked member of the Treasury Dept is going to submit to Court an affidavit that she was sacked because she refused to use a stolen membership list from a former UKIP member who sold the list to James Dowson for £1000. Dowson persuaded Griffin to sack her for being disloyal (whatever that means?). Dowson is a con man.

His villa in Spain is a charitable property but has never been used for any charitable purpose. Its supposed to be a refuge for battered wives and women. The only wives and women have been those wedded to loyalist paramilitaries, gullible Catholic community spokesmen and bizarrely the female members of the BNP's Advisory Committee.

Dowson is not what he seems. You could do well to dig a bit deeper.

Antifascist said...

"Dowson is not what he seems. You could do well to dig a bit deeper."

We will, and I know other people are, too. If you have something worth knowing but not for everyone's eyes, you could email it to us. Use a fake GMail account and you'll stay anonymous too.

Anonymous said...

Smith's real name is Barber, if he runs Griffin's record company like he writes songs, it will be finished by Christmas! Griffin's latest begging letter to the idiot members : "We get 17,000 Euros per month for staff wages and 4,000 Euros for our offices each month, but we can't use in on the party, we are bankrupt and need your money now, please send to P.O Box 14, Welshpool."

Shiny Fred said...

I notice it no longer says it's an "independent" record label. Whys that I wonder?

Puzzled said...

"Great White Records was formed in 2005, submitted its only set of accounts in 2006 and finally dissolved as a company because of almost non-existent takings in June of this year."

If the company was dissolved in June, how can it be legal to run it as a company now?

Anonymous said...

Whats a DoS attack?

Anonymous said...

The cretin Smith was the one who dressed up in a soldiers uniform and stood next to Griffin during his Battle of Britain roadshow, Smith is a disgrace to all who dead during the wars! He should be put up against a wall?

Anonymous said...

"If the company was dissolved in June, how can it be legal to run it as a company now?"

I dare say Hannam was running it as a sole trader and maybe sold the company name on?

Antifascist said...

'If the company was dissolved in June, how can it be legal to run it as a company now?'

As far as I know, all that was dissolved was its status as a limited company (which protects company directors in the event of collapse. Most directors set a limit on liabilities of £1). If it's not a limited company and Smith/Barber is the only director, he could end up being liable for all the debts if it goes under. Personally, I thing Smith's been suckered.

'Whats a DoS attack?'

A Denial of Service attack is where a computer or series of computers make so many simultaneous requests for a web page that the server collapses.

Barbara said...

It's been puzzling me for some time why BNP members tolerate such a constant stream of begging letters, appeals, inflated dues, fund-raisers, various money-making schemes and the equivalent of car-boot sales of real tat at inflated prices.
The long-suffering rank-and-file BNP supporter is beginning to cut a pitiful and exploited figure. When will the penny drop?
It's VERY interesting to read comments from BNP members or ex-BNP members here. You are obviously beginning to cotton on to the cynical way BNP leadership is feathering its own nest at the expense of poor BNP members.
The BNP leadership should be held to account for daylight robbery.

Jamie The Antifascist said...

Ah, Griffin & his infamous begging letters, dying to know as to what happened to all that cash he raised for the MEP elections, because it certainly didn't gain them anymore voters nor did win the "Battle of Britain"...

Anonymous said...

"If the company was dissolved in June, how can it be legal to run it as a company now?"

Apparently it is no longer a limited company but is a fundraising arm of the bnp just like excalibur was

Landale said...

Life membership is a double edged sword - sure you pay once (if all goes well) but you could pay twice.... If I understand correctly from my life membership of a village club.

If the organisation you're in is wound up you could be, would be, unless it is a company limited by guarantee, be liable for it's debts in their entirety - if they can't get a bit from everyone they get as much as they can from whoever they can!

Cyclops will make sure he isn't a member and those who don't move fast enough, the least able, pay the lot, with their houses etc etc if that is what the debt collectors decide.

If the current financial state of the party is as we believe then this current life membership sale is a good way out - it might raise the cash to solve the immediate problem, but in the long term provides an escape route.

The after a short break Cyclops starts a new party......

Am I a cynical bastard?

iristony said...

'If the company was dissolved in June, how can it be legal to run it as a company now?'

Limited companies are dissolved and restarted on a regular basis. Simply changing one word on the registered name and a change of directors and its job done.

Limited liabilities restricts the liability of the company to its paid up share capital which is not worth the legal cost of pursuing ie £1.00 or £10.00

However if the directors are seen to be irresponsible or if there is any preferential trading practise then the directors can be held personally liable.

An example of this would be if GWR's knew they were insolvent but continued to pay preferred suppliers, (bnp??) than the directors would be seen as trading illegally and could be held personally liable.

Chances are illegal trading did take place but it would be very hard to prove. I do however suspect that the initial directors will not be allowed to register as directors again if anything untoward took place. That should nicely fuck up Hamman. Well worth further investigation..

One last thing my comment on a previous item was marked as anonymous ??? but I will repeat

Anonymous said...

If I joined the BNP (not that I would!), I'd use a false name and pretend to be poor. I'd give my time but not my money - there's too many rip-off merchants in all parties but you can bet they'd make you feel guilty for not coughing up. There's a real 'cultish' feel to a lot of these extremist parties.

We know that many of the establishment parties have big business bakers. Have any small to medium sized companies declared their support for the BNP and donating money? You would think that some would.

Anonymous said...

Just looked through the RWB photos - That looks like a really shite weekend - The whole event looks cheap and low rent and no surprise to see KKK style confederate flags flying. Everybody, without exception, is fat and ugly and the blokes nearly all have shaven heads to mask their creeping baldness.

Real dregs.

Anonymous said...

As a former BNP member that is the best piece of journalism and truth i have read in a long time.Well done the truth hurts but i will be sending that to quite a few people.

Anonymous said...

Was talking to a mate of mine who has just left the party and did a lot of work,stood for elections etc for 7 years.He reckons the party is on the brink of going under.Now as someone who worked in accountancy,business advice and insolvency i would say he is not far wrong.

Anonymous said...

Interesting - I continually read the site but have tried not to antagonize the beast by posting but have to say that in May this year when I contacted Bep and Lindsey Nieuhof to ask them why they allowed Arthur Kemp to access my e-mail, server hosted by them (or whatever - not very technical thus the problem in the first place) Lindsey cried and told me that she and Bep no longer had anything to do with the BNP and he had lost countless jobs through is association with the BNP and her children were victimized at school etc. Apparently all they wanted to do was be left in peace and no longer have anything to do with the horrible BNP.

I never really believed it as both of them and Arthur quickly then invented a whole bunch of lies about me and Bep's forged police clearance and put it up on the web. Arthur proceeded to take various e-mails of mine and change them and put them up on his blog.

All I can say is that someone who is this desperate must be scared of the fact that I may be believed in what I say about the whole lot of them. This is a case of desperation.

Karen Mills (ex Kemp)

ralph said...

"Bep's forged police clearance"???????????????????????????????

Does this mean criminal offences have been committed in the UK because of this?

Doug said...

Their is absolutely no enthusiasm in the BNP for a record company.

That's why there are only 17 comments on their website about the label.

BNP people are anti music so this is a complete waste of time.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Sharon E is plaaning to stand in the general election:

I myself am standing against Sion Simon in the Erdington constituency.

Anonymous said...

the lifetime membership idea seems totally crazy however you look at it, a short term fix with a disastrous effect in the long term. I can't see any reason to do it unless you know that a "lifetime membership" in the bnp is only good for a few months anyway -- and that someone is getting ready to do one with the money.

don't worry, I gathered some information on the ddos attack. I remember even The Register saying "theres no evidence it ever happened" last time around but then in the followup they quoted a security researcher as saying it was targeted by at least one botnet and got hit by at least 600mbit attack traffic. I think the initial attack this weekend really happened but think the 3 or 4 days downtime was just down to retardedness or something.

friday, I noticed at about 16:45 ish the site 'stopped working', which on closer inspection was major packet loss, and high latency on any packets that made it through. the server's switch port was probably maxxed out by attack traffic coming in, but from some earlier testing of download speeds during on/off-peak times I think thats only 10mbit so it would only need a small botnet to bring that down.

interesting though was that the isp's other customers on nearby ip addresses had packet loss too, but *not* latency. that wouldn't happen if the bnp server was just overloaded with genune traffic. this is still difficult for me to get my head around but I think the isp's switch's uplink port must have been maxxed out too for it to have that effect on other servers. its uplink may be something a little higher like 20 to 100mbit and its conceivable the attack traffic was strong enough to reach that.

things changed around 17:00 when the bnp server went completely dead (not just packet loss, but total loss of connectivity). I guess the isp got sick of them and didn't want to be a target any more so they kept the site down all weekend to avoid getting hit again. when the server came back online, the http server wasn't running (connection refused). that must have been to let simon bennett log in and move stuff to another server (apparently a midphase data centre in texas).

unfortunately it looks like he didn't get fired after all as he is still posting retarded comments on the main website. I don't think anyone would want the job of impersonating him as a coverup so I say that was all wishful thinking.

by monday I think was pointing at the new server but it was still showing a cpanel holding page. they must have screwed something up and it took another few hours to get it working (but still no forums by the look of things, and the donations pages have only just come back online after some ssl problem). when it finally came back online it seemed to be slower than ever but he was saying on his intensedebate comments that the attack was still going on. that sounds like bollocks. he probably just hasn't set the new server up properly. and I bet this server will go down in an attack even easier than the old one. hell I think more than 5 people on the website at a time would crash it.

so I just noticed the financial appeal on the homepage. is the money supposed to be to pay for this new 'indestructable' web hosting? because I think they're going to be disappointed again. the suggestion about a serious lawsuit coming up sounds more believable. things could get very interesting soon.

Annoyed in Essex said...

Is there anything we can do about the piss taking nazi Dave Stricken.

He keeps posting anti fascist bands on his piss taking blog and its starting to get on me nerves now.

Can't the bands force him to remove there stuff from his site.

I know I shouldn't go on there but it's so flaming annoyin.

Anonymous said...

"Their is absolutely no enthusiasm in the BNP for a record company.

BNP people are anti music "

Dont think for one minute thats true. The problem the BNP has is that anyone who forked out for the Wset Wind CD wont do so again so readily on anymore Great White product.

Even the BNP seem to think the only good CD they've ever made was the Time to Make A Stand one, it was tracks of that which were played at this years RW&B. Including All Stand Together.

Strange really as it was sung by Sam Joyce partner to the exiled BNP dissident Shaun Headly who now languishes on the NWN forum.

Joey Smith/Barber must be really crap if the BNP played chose to play music by purged flounced former members over his more recent stuff.

(Stuff is used advisedly).

EX- Beds BNP said...

"the suggestion about a serious lawsuit coming up sounds more believable."

I have heard two recently sacked members of the Admin/Treasury departments are taking the BNP to employment tribunals for unfair dismissal for refusing to use a stolen UKIP membership list which Griffin bought for £1500. Not sure if this is equal to a lawsuit but Griffin seems to be peeing off a lot of his former associates and allies.

Anonymous said...

GWR latest single released, quick pass me the ear plugs!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

"Even the BNP seem to think the only good CD they've ever made was the Time to Make A Stand one, it was tracks of that which were played at this years RW&B. Including All Stand Together.

Strange really as it was sung by Sam Joyce partner to the exiled BNP dissident Shaun Headly who now languishes on the NWN forum."

According to the CD cover this song was also written by Lee Hagan. Wasn't he also one of the rebels who opposed Gri££in and left the BNP?

(BTW No I didn't buy it - I 'obtained' a copy)

Anonymous said...

Just saw the pix - yeah looked like a real success!

All those happy faces!

Every motley branch were there showing their cheap wares for the suckers to add to the party coffers but where were the Jock Nazi's?