August 27, 2009

BNP propagandist Shane Sinclair says “we are anti-Catholicism”

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Anti-Catholic propaganda par excellence

In our fifth article on anti-Catholic bigotry within the BNP we introduce readers to anti-Catholic BNP propaganda maestro Shane Sinclair, described by BNP leader Nick Griffin as:
“the nationalist movement's best ever propagandist”
And, being the BNP’s ‘best ever propagandist’, Shane Sinclair published on his now defunct Swansea Loyalist website the anti-Catholic article, The Five Protestant Bishops Whom Rome Burned. The following is an extract from that article:
“There is as you would expect from a Unionist/Loyalist website a Protestant slant ... we are anti-Catholicism as a religion ... if anything we feel sorry for Catholics and hope one day that they believe in the real word of God….the Bible. This section highlights the lives of Five Protestant Bishops who were burned at the stake by the forces of Rome.”
Shane Sinclair’s violent past

Shane Sinclair (whose real name is Shane Whalley) was once a leading member of a violent Swansea-based outfit of pro-BNP football hooligans. But, Shane Sinclair never really broke with his violent past. With not just a criminal conviction for threatening behaviour, a drunken Shane Sinclair also attacked a member of the public who challenged him on his vandalism to public property in Cambridge. In light of his violent tendencies, it is interesting to learn that Shane Sinclair was once responsible for developing the BNP’s political strategy, taught leading BNP officials the tactics of community politics and helped establish the BNP’s Swansea branch.

Shane Sinclair’s anti-Catholic history of Wales

In another anti-Catholic article published by Shane Sinclair, How come Wales is Loyalist?, it is claimed that:
“I have had a lot of mail from republicans who are none too happy that there are Loyalists in Wales. Wales is a Protestant country and while we acknowledge there are republicans here (mainly Plaid supporters,) let us give you a few reasons why we are Loyalist...........Wales has historically been "THE" Protestant stronghold of Great Britain. During the glorious revolution, King William himself, formed both the Royal Welsh Fusillers and "The Royal Cheshire Regiment". Both regiments followed him to the "Boyne", and fought to preserve their religion. Of all the great battles, the Royal Welsh Fusillers have fought in since, none have been so important”
We very much doubt that the vast, vast majority of Welsh people agree with this bigoted anti-Catholic reading of the history of Wales promoted by Shane Sinclair. But, then again the BNP regularly distorts and deforms history to promote its racist and sectarian ideological agenda. After all, Shane Sinclair is the BNP’s ‘best ever propagandist’.

Shane Sinclair’s double life and support for anti-Catholic Loyalist terrorist groups

As with many BNP officials and members, Shane Sinclair was quite open about his support for anti-Catholic terrorist groups. Shane Sinclair’s website also carried articles in support of Merseyside-based members of the anti-Catholic terrorist group Ulster Volunteer Force arrested for smuggling illegal guns to their Belfast counterparts. The Swansea Loyalist website also attracted messages of support from Loyalist terrorist groups and neo-nazi terrorist groups such as Combat 18 (founded by the BNP in the 1990s) and Blood and Honour.

Interestingly and somewhat paradoxically, Shane Sinclair once stood as the Liberal Democrat’s parliamentary candidate for Swansea East. However, he was expelled from the Liberal Democrats after it was discovered that Shane Sinclair was secretly posting offensive messages on an extremist Loyalist website that carried a hit-list of alleged enemies of the loyalist movement. The website was operated by a supporter of the anti-Catholic terrorist group the Loyalist Volunteer Force. Shane Sinclair was condemned by Welsh Assembly Liberal Democrat representative Peter Black as leading a “double life”. Peter Black also said that:
“By exposing Mr. Sinclair in this way the Welsh Liberal Democrats are sending out a positive signal, that we are a party that will not tolerate racism and bigotry at any level. I am relieved that Shane Sinclair's double life has been found out and I congratulate the media for their part in bringing this to our attention”
We definitely share Peter Black’s sentiments.

Shane Sinclair and the British Ulster Alliance link

Writing as ‘Swansea Loyalist’ on the Protestant Unionist Loyalist Social Education website, Shane Sinclair, pejoratively calling non-Whites “ethnics”, boasted of fellow Swansea-based football hooligans attending racist BNP meetings. Indeed, Shane Sinclair, at one point, sat at the heart of a three-way nexus between the BNP, the BNP-linked British Ulster Alliance (BUA) and the Swansea Loyalist website (which later changed its name to BUA South Wales). It therefore comes as no surprise to read on the BUA’s website open support for the racist BNP:
“Similarly, the BNP and NF cannot defeat the IRA. The correct remedy must be applied, in this case Loyalism. And likewise, Loyalist groups cannot stop uncontrolled immigration into Britain. But political groups like the BNP can.”
According to the Derry Journal’s article, British Nationalist Group Set To Visit Fountain (published 24 February 2004):
“The British Ulster Alliance was officially formed in October 1999 by loyalists, patriots and British nationalists in England. The group said: "From its inception the Alliance has vehemently opposed the 'Peace Process', viewing it as an addition to the 'Anglo-Irish Agreement' and other similar pro-'united Ireland' initiatives introduced by successive British governments. Their website goes on to say: "The Alliance sincerely believes that the surrender of loyalist weapons would rapidly accelerate the sell-out of Ulster””
It is claimed that the BUA is a front group for the anti-Catholic terrorist group, the Ulster Defence Association (UDA) (aka the Ulster Freedom Fighters (UFF)), which murdered hundreds of Catholic civilians in Northern Ireland/Ulster over a thirty year period. BUA leader Frank Portinari was jailed in 1993 for smuggling guns to the UDA/UFF. In October 2002 the BUA organised a rally outside 10 Downing Street calling for the release of UFF anti-Catholic murderer Johnny Adair (who has been praised by senior BNP official Mark Collett). Flying UFF banners, the BUA protest was attended by members of the BNP, Combat 18 and the National Front. Further BNP links to the BUA were revealed by BBC News in the form of Loughborough-based BNP candidate Warren Glass and BNP activist Dave Hill.

Shane Sinclair’s Swedish odyssey

The irony is this – Shane Sinclair is now eking out a living as an economic immigrant in Sweden! Last time I heard, Shane Sinclair was whining on about his work status as a non-Swedish national being potentially threatened if the Swedish Left Party is elected to power and enacts its threat to withdraw Sweden from the European Union. LOL.

Hopefully, this article, along with the other articles in this series, can contribute to not just exposing the BNP’s residual anti-Catholicism but also its appalling racism, anti-Semitism, sexism and homophobia. In light of Shane Sinclair’s racist and sectarian nonsense, can anyone with an adult, rational and sane mind ever contemplate voting for the BNP? For our previous articles on BNP anti-Catholicism, we refer the interested reader to the following:

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¡No Pasarán!


Anonymous said...

And to think Roman Catholics actually vote BNP.

Turkeys and Christmas!

KH said...

An interesting set of articles thank you.

Anonymous said...

It's a pity this wasn't shown to voters in Liverpool and Manchester before June 4th, it may have put off a lot of Griffin's support in the Irish communties? Remember he was only elected on a very slim margin of 1,500 votes.

Barbara said...

Good research here. The BNP seems to have been envigorated by the new members self-exiled from S. Africa, and by the new Ulstermen, each bringing their own murderous prekjudices to the party.

Anonymous said...

Shane Sinclair (real name Shane Whaley) now lives in Sweden where he runs a website named and presents himself as an honourable expat.

Anonymous said...

I'm actually scared - i know thuis man and knew nothing about his past at all. He is now living in American and doing well for himself. I never ever knew this about him...